Color guard: one of the best in state

State color guard competition just happened on Saturday, the 2nd of April. They had a successful tournament and got 4th place. The performance went great and they’re very happy with how they did.

The color guard team was at the competition all day. At the competitions, the team watch other teams until they perform later that night. The teams are divided into divisions of skill level. Davis color guard is one of the more advanced teams that were at the competition, which perform later at night. To prepare before they went on stage, they warmed up and got into costume.

They worked really hard for state this year. The team had practice every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for the past few weeks, working on getting the routine uniform and clean. The routine they did is called “We Believe”. It’s about a girl that is lonely, and throughout the routine she makes friends. The team uses different types of equipment in the routine, like flags, sabers and rifles. The team is proud of how they did even though they had a smaller team compared to other years.

Color guard is an under appreciated sport that is a mix of theater and physical activity. The people on the teams work really hard to be able to use different pieces of equipment. A lot of the girls that are on the team now have been on the team for years even before high school. The color guard team should be supported more especially after their impressive win.

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Sophomores take a a test

This year, the Davis school district has decided to give a writing test to both sophomores and freshman to see how well our students improve in writing. The Davis school district is the only district in the state to choose this format, this year. The writing test used to be a part of the sage testing, and was for many years, until they decided to switch.

The same people that run the ACT, run this writing test. Now that there is a mandatory writing section in the ACT the school decided to use their format to help students, hoping it will help them prepare for the written ACT test later.

The ACT version is hand written, but this written test, like the old sage test, is on the computer. The test is either an argumentative essay or an informative one. Each student is given the same passage, and with the information given they will either choose a side or produce information from what is given. This essay is designed to be a 3-6 paragraph essay, depending on the format.

These tests are being taken during the English class of each students, so as to not disturb the schedule of the school like The ACT does. Some of last week and part of this week are when it is being taken, so as all of the students finish it up, the school will learn how well their kids are learning, hoping that one year of English will make it better. I am pretty sure that it will, but you never know.

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Have Past Artists Influenced Modern Music?

Every few years artists find new ways to coax fans into their music, leading a revolution of change in the music industry. An industry that will go to the depths of someones mind, and haunt the artists that find those catchy sounds and trends. Leading them to decide whether or not they want to descend the down whirl spiral of fame.

We live in an age where the theme of trans-realism has seeped within modern day arts and utilized by experienced and upcoming music artists. Trans-realism is the movement in where people want to escape reality due to abnormally high depression rates, arts use science fiction and fantastical elements to give a feelings of beings lost within an alternate reality. Which means anything from drug use to burring your face into a self phone could be considered as such.

Artists who have become popular over the years all have something in common. Artists that stick out, tend to travel lands untouched by the music industry. They develop a controversial image by talking about taboo topics and unearthing the uncomfortable. As well as drawing the listener into an alternate reality using those unique sounds and tones. These sounds and tones are not always from the norm’ but is what keeps you coming back for more.

Each decade has had artists follow this criteria. Leading the psychedelic movement in the 60’s was The Grateful Dead. This group sang popular songs like “Box of Rain”, “Friend of the Devil”, “Uncle Johns Bands’, and “Touch of Grey”. Although the sounds within the songs were recognized by most, songs like “Fire On the Mountain”, “Dark Star”, and “Unbroken Chain” gave fans a taste of what music could be. While being consumed by the chimes from”Unbroken Chain”, surrounded by products of Woodstock 69, and an agent from the psychedelic world gave people the ability to fully travel into that different reality.

Following the 70’s came bands like The Doors and Pink Floyd. Each explored their own sounds and men like Jim Moresen found that the strange shouldn’t always be shunned. As The Doors whaled on the organ creating songs like “The End” and “People of Strange” it gave an eerie feeling of the shadows of society. However Pink Floyd used sounds of the world in songs like “Breathe (Air)” and “Money”. The whirls of wind added into the back ground and the clanking of money and cash registers allowed fans to relate to their music, to their modern lives.

As the 80’s were coming to the end, rock, pop, and white pants were just not cutting it for some and a new form of music had begun to pry its way into musical culture. Without knowing it, the rap group N.W.A changed musical culture forever. Songs like “Straight Outta Compton”, exposed the dark truth of growing up in Compton and places like it. As many listened in dis-belief, the harsh language and bluntness used in their music angered many. For most  were not ready to accept the controversy of the outside world.

Generations passed and the world became more accustom as generations pass. Legends like Curt Cobain and the rest of Nirvana came out with songs like “Smells Like Teen Spirit” that went along the lines of teenage life. Discussing teenage years during the grunge age. Artists like Kid Cudi dug deep into their self conscious to give us beats from another world. A great example is Travis Scott. His brand new album, “Astroworld” allows you to take a ride in a torn down amusement park in Texas.

Music has changed throughout the years but in some ways has stayed the same. The beauty of the matter, is music can take you away from reality. You can get lost within distant memories tied to the artists music and find clarity in the world we live in.





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Music in our lives

Music. Is it not such a common word? To begin with, music plays an important role in shaping one’s identity. Without it, one would not be a whole person. Music has helped several people shape their personality and has made them take control of the person they want to become. Since the ancient cultures and until nowadays music has played a major role in influencing multiple societies and cultures around the globe. It has become difficult to escape from because we are not only exposed to music via the radio, but also tapes, CD’s, television programs, cinema films, as well as being an integral part of television advertising. Music has intruded more and more into public spaces, such as supermarkets, shops, waiting rooms, buses, taxis, aircraft, bars, restaurants, cafes, from the passing “ghetto-blaster” car, and not to mention the bombardment of uninvited musical sounds. Today, most six to seven year old children have probably come into contact with more music than those people living before the age of electronic media did in their whole lives. The numerous amount of music exposure that has intruded in today’s society has influenced several youngsters, including myself, and probably you, to have different personalities and behaviors.

Just for you to have and idea, music and history had always came up together, being part of a lot of people’s nowadays, with a great advantage that makes us addicted to it, because of what it makes us feel, and with the disadvantage that makes people so close to it that they become farther from society. But, music is identity, and our identities are not made by ourselves, but build by people around us, just like music.

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Davis High’s got talent

On March 20, 2019 Davis High presented our yearly talent show. There were nine amazing performances, all diverse and saturated with immense talent. So lets take a look at these astounding performers.

The first act of the day displayed the amazing drumming skills of Ambree and Ellison. The second they stepped on the stage with their snare drums, they brought a whole new element to the auditorium. Their performance was upbeat, lively, and lots of fun. Not only did they bring the audience joy, but they themselves were radiating with joviality.

The next act was presented by Hyrum Frank. There is no mistake that he has the vocal chords of a professional singer. His performance of “Stone Cold” by Demi Lovato filled the audience with astonishment. He accompanied his vocal presentation with the acoustic guitar and mesmerized the audience with his skills.

Mary Oldem then performed a beautiful piano piece that displayed her perplexing skills. As her fingers flew across the keys, the audience watched in bewilderment of the majestic melody she bestowed.

If you didn’t recognize Asher Layton before, you definitely will now. After his vocal and guitar performance, Davis High fell in love with him and his talent.

The amazing “Skater Boi” act thrilled the audience as Tayden Webb started dancing and doing jumps and flips with roller skates on. Obviously skilled in his department, Webb took advantage of the surprise of the audience and kept giving them more stunts and dance moves.

Isabel Rogers stepped on stage and captured the attention with her song about love





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Prom is right around the corner

The end of school is drawing nearer and nearer.  What does that mean? Prom is right around the corner. Davis Prom is a big deal around here. Students are getting excited for the Dance, along with a buzz going around with it.

To some students Prom is a pretty big deal. Will Ferrin, student at Davis high missed last years Prom and says he excited for the opportunity provided by the school to go and enjoy his fellow classmates presence at the dance one last time.

Zoe Jacobs said,

“I think the Prom is a great opportunity to be with friends and to dress up.”

Margaret Brown said,

“I think that it’s a good social experience to meet new people and it is overall just a fine time.”

When asked about some of the expectations for Prom, Braden Wilding said,

“Prom is awesome, I’m expecting for it to be an overall good time.”

Davis High D’ette Cali Stephenson added,

“Prom’s better than all the other dances. I’m hoping for some good music, some good dinner, and a good time with my group and date.”

At the end of the day Prom is an awesome time. It will be a great time to hangout with your friends and to have a lot of fun.

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Student Spotlight: Margaret Brown, mountain biking machine!

Margaret Brown is a talented mountain biking senior here at Davis High. Her hobbies include mountain biking, journalism, skiing, enjoying the outdoors, and playing with her dogs Hazel and Scarlett.

During the mountain biking season she spends a large amount of time on the trails, she stated she rides 6 days a week when the weather allows it.

Currently Margaret’s dad, Gardner, is the Mountain biking club’s coach. Her favorite places to go mountain biking are Moab, Sun Valley, Deer Valley, and Saint George. Margaret and her team travel all around the state visiting many cool trails to compete at.

Margaret has a passion for mountain biking. She says,

“It is a really amazing sport that allows me to be outside and see more of the world. More girls should join the team! The sport is growing and is always in need of girls!”

Davis Highs Mountain Bike Club has been around for about 6 years. The first team was made up of barely 10 students. Now, there are 50 plus students and is growing rapidly every year. Utah Cycling League is also growing and has almost 3,000 racers at each venue.

Davis High has done very well at state the past two years. The 2018 year season, Davis got 3rd in the state. That is an amazing accomplishment for this growing sport.

Margaret Brown is an awesome person and a great friend to everyone and if you have not met her before, I recommend that you do!


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Sam Pontillo (aka Snam Pontillus)

Davis High has many different clubs & groups. One of these clubs is stage crew (Audio Visual Team or Stage Craft if you’re interested in taking the class next year;)) & in stage crew you’ll find the iconic Sam Pontillo. Sam is an intelligent, passionate, hard-working, & hilarious being. Anyone who is lucky enough to know him (& his awesome girlfriend, Audra Leslie) knows what an opportunity it is to be graced with his presence.

A little about Sam:

  • he is a junior at DHS
  • he often goes by his last name, Pontillo
  • participates in stage crew
  • loves spending time with his friends & girlfriend
  • loves video games like Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Dark Souls, Legend of Zelda, etc.
  • plays the piano very well (even though he’ll say he doesn’t)
  • also can sing VERY well (but pretends he can’t)

Pontillo spends a lot of time in the DHS auditorium. Even though he is extremely talented in all aspects of stage crew, he has an exceptional capability when it comes to lights. He can often be found in the DHS auditorium hanging lights, focusing them, & fixing things no one else would have had the eye to notice.

Sam has contributed to many of the beautiful light designs in our productions this year: Shakespeare, Newsies, One Acts, You Can’t Take it With You, & the upcoming Dance Company concert, titled She.

The nickname “Snam” came about this most recent September during Night O’ Shakespeare. Thanks to his great talent, & admirable commitment, he came to each rehearsal & performance when he could have spent his time doing other things. As we were all tired & worn out, Sam started putting an “n” into words. Fnood (food), Cnam, (a friend named Cam), & soon after, Snam Pontillus was born.

Meme knowledge, great taste in music, & humility are just some of the traits that make up Sam Pontillo. A more funny, caring, talented, & relatable soul has not existed. Incredibly humble, talented, & a fantastic friend, Sam Pontillo is the greatest gift Davis High has ever received.


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Mrs. Bennett: Queen of Teaching

Mrs. Bennett, one of the teachers at Davis High, teaches quite a bit of the available classes here at Davis: AP world, psych, history of film, and study skills. She has been a teacher now for 14 years.

Mrs. Bennett started teaching in California where she is originally from. She taught there for 2 years, moved to Utah and taught at Syracuse Jr High for 3, Syracuse High for 5 years, and continues to teach here and has been for the past 4 years. She is an amazing teacher who has great value for what she lectures on, and cares about all of her students.

Teaching is no easy task,

“I do sometimes hate it, but at the end of the day I can’t imagine doing anything else.”

She didn’t always think that she would be a teacher,

“I thought I was going to be rescue swimmer for the coast guard, and a fire fighter.”

Her biggest pet peeve that goes on in her class room are cell phones. She says that she could get behind a no cell phone policy. It is easier to focus and do things in class without one. One of her biggest goals with teaching is,

“If I can make a difference in one student’s life, then it’s all been worth it.”

She is such an amazing teacher, we are all lucky to have her here at Davis.


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Owning what you have and who you are

Everyone here on this earth deals with flaws and/or long lasting diversity, whether it’s a mental or physical disorder, or a chronic disease. Everyone has flaws, but instead of being ashamed, scared, or sad about them, we should be proud.

I personally have been diagnosed with high functioning level 1 autism, which used to be called Asperger’s syndrome. Instead of that being a setback, it has been a blessing. Diagnosed when I was much younger, my family and doctors thought that I wouldn’t be very social, and that I wouldn’t even have friends.

However, through medication and therapy, I’m one of the most social people at this high school. Due to the way my brain is wired I’m known as one of the funniest people around.

Though making people laugh is great, what is more important is opening the Overton window. The way I found happiness was being open, and accepting my limitations.

Though it may not work for everyone there is proof it has worked before. Nick Vujicic is a man who has not a single limb. This led to him being bullied by the the other students there. This put him in a great depression. Though this story may have gone very bad, Nick realized that he could use this for his advantage. He is now a comedian and a motivational speaker, who is spreading this word more a lot more effectively than I am.

Our journalism teacher, Mr. Frey recommended a quote to me from Game of Thrones that says “Never forget what you are. The rest of the world will not. Wear it like armor, and it can never be used to hurt you.”

Our flaws, or coming over them, can be the greatest strengths you have. So use them like armor. Use them as a strength. Use them as a way to make others laugh.

Accepting our flaws will teach others to do the same, which will make our society more accepting of one another, which in turn will lead to being closer, which may help us get one step closer to peace. Instead of saying one group is better than another, realize that nobody is better than the other, because we are all flawed in our own ways.

Opening the Overton window and setting an example is what I am asking you to do. I was a junior high student at the time, so I know you can do it to.

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