The best places to ski and snowboard

Skiing and snowboarding is a big deal in Utah; with 15 major ski resorts scattered around the state, it’s something that a lot of Utahns do.

With the Rocky Mountains running through the state, it makes for a lot of fantastic places to put a ski resort. There are 10 world-class ski resorts within an hour of Salt Lake Airport, which makes Utah a dream location to a skier or snowboarder.

In a random poll of 100 people, Snowbasin, located near Huntsville, was the number one location that skiers and snowboarders prefer to go. Snowbasin has over 100 runs and about 3000 ski-able acres, with 11 lifts that service it all. It is easy to see why this was selected as number one, because of the sheer size and accessibility, it truly is a resort.

“Snowbasin hands down because of the food and how easy it is to get there,” said Dallin Nelson.

Coming in at number 2 is Powder Mountain. Powder Mountain is the largest ski resort in the entire US, just slightly less accessible than Snowbasin, making it come in second place. It has over 150 runs, more than 8,000 ski-able acres, and 9 lifts that service it all. Day ticket prices are typically cheaper here than Snowbasin, but it is a longer drive to get to it, so it only gets second place.

And at number 3: Nordic Valley. This resort is quite a bit smaller, with only 23 runs and only about 150 ski-able acres, it also only has 3 lifts. This resort, however, runs the night skiing business, closing at 8 o’clock pm. It is the latest closing ski resort in Utah and all of the runs are lit up until closing.

“I love skiing at Nordic because it’s open into the night,” commented Shay Baker.

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Tips to do well on the ACT

So many people stress about taking the ACT and how to get a good score, and there is no sure way to do perfect, but there are some tips to help.

First off, choose your ‘letter of the day’, which is basically just the letter that you pick when you have absolutely no idea what the answer is. It’s important to choose just one letter because it will give you greater probability of getting it right. Statistically speaking, B and C are the most common correct answer.

Second, make sure that you have eaten all meals up until that point. Your brain is able to think more clearly when you’re not worrying about eating. And also bring snacks with you to eat during the break.

Next, Get a good night’s sleep. It sounds like a cliche but it really is important to be well-rested when taking the test.

Don’t go back and change answers. More often than not, your first guess will be better than your second. Unless you are 100% sure that you know the correct answer, don’t second guess anything.

Next, pace yourself. This one is pretty obvious because it is a timed test. In order to get the highest score possible, fill out every question, even if you have to guess. At about 5 minutes to the end of each section, fill out the rest of the questions that are unanswered with your ‘letter of the day’, very lightly with your pencil, but continue working.

Most importantly, stay calm and don’t spend too long on a single question. Move on if you don’t know something. As for the essay section, mainly focus on your intro and conclusion, because of the way it is graded, these paragraphs will benefit you the most if you do well on them.

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Symbolism in music

Sometimes when I listen to music, I really have to ask myself what it means. Most of the time, songs have an interesting, apparent meaning. Some songs though, have some of the deepest meanings there are. Sometimes it depends on the listener to interpret the meaning in their own way. ALONE, PART 3 is a song by XXXTENTACION, a rap artist who died almost 2 years ago now. This song in particular means a lot to me and it radiates so much meaning in just two minutes. ALONE, PART 3 contains the symbol of sadness as well as passion and power.

To start off, depression is a very serious issue so before you think that I am identifying it with nothing but the title, just let me explain. The title says a lot of things about a song and can mean even more. X talks about not being able to find anyone at the beginning of the song when he says, “I can’t seem to find someone’s shoulder… who will I rely on when it’s over?” He clearly struggles with the thought of being alone but then goes on to say, “Better on my own when it’s all over.” It is almost like he has accepted the fact of being alone which suggests that he has perhaps given up. Being alone can be healthy to some extent but this is killing him to the point of just not caring anymore.

Next, some of the most powerful phrases in songs are questions. They really make you think from a different perspective. He asks lots of questions in this song that are somewhat rhetorical questions that he thinks to himself, but never answers. The most moving question in this song for me is “What is my worth?” he is so broken inside because he doesn’t know himself and doesn’t know what to do. Throughout the song, he asks, “so when I’m weak, who do I call?” and then “What do I do? Do I run?” and finally, “What is my worth?” the first two questions are basically saying that he doesn’t know who he can turn to for help and he gets confused, and maybe even a little panicked and just wants to run. Finally, when he says, “What is my worth?”, he says it twice. This just emphasizes the importance and power of this question. It is a plea for help, meaning, and closure for his questions.

X shows us the severity of his depression by saying what has happened to him both physically and mentally. His mind and soul are restless, and he is just torn down by everything. He says, “I’m tired of hate, I’m tired of love”. He is just done with loving and hating and feeling at all. It has gotten so bad that he says, “I’ve dug my nails into my arms”.

X’s music has a powerful meaning and can help you cope with your pain by relating to others. He sings about things that are real and things that matter, and most importantly, he sings with passion and power. Music is powerful, and music can heal and save lives.

“I advise you to not hide your feelings, don’t pretend to be okay when you’re not okay, don’t pretend to be happy when you’re sad, it’ll only lead to your misery,” commented Jahseh Onfroy.

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Procrastination: I’ll do it later

Everybody does it, and there seems to be no way around it for most people.

Procrastination is a horrible thing, don’t get me wrong, but some people really do better when they’re pressured rather than over time. It’s kind of a “heat of the moment type thing” where the best performance is the one that is actually improvised.

The necessity of getting something done right away and then actually getting it done is definitely a rush… it’s a rush that comes after the massive surge of stress placed upon you when you remember that you still need to do it. Over 75% of students admit to procrastinating from time to time.

“I procrastinate so badly, and it’s really terrible at the end of the term. But during the middle of the term, I’m relatively stress-free,” said Mary Hayden.

That’s the golden side of procrastination, there is little to no stress during most of the year and then it’s just placed on you all at once, so it makes it seem a lot lesser in the grand scheme of things.

Most people just wait till the end of each term to do all of their big projects, or at least till the end of the due date. Most teachers always say that an essay cannot be completed in one day, and then on standardized tests, that all changes. On the ACT, for example, you are asked to complete a full essay in just a couple of minutes. Good thing procrastination trained us to be able to do it in one day.

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Do viral trends play too big a role in our society

Through the last ten years there have been a lot of trends to come and go especially during the rise of social media. People find it imperative to preform trends they see on social media, video it and then proceed to put it back on social media there in hence making it viral. Some of these trends include the bottle flip, ALS ice bucket challenge, Mannequin challenge, the bird box challenge, the cinnamon challenge, kylie Jenner lips, tide pods, the running man challenge the drake car dance challenge and many, many more unnamed challenges.

These challenges and viral trends have shaped modern pop culture through the influence of social media. “ the ALS ice bucket challenge changed my life because my grandma was diagnosed with ALS and it helped her with her trials- Devin forester” any kid with an active social media account is aware of the current trends and challenges taking place in the world.

Are some of these challenges hurting society though? Last year a movie off Netflix became very popular called “birdbox” the movie requires people to remain blindfolded or they will die. This hit social media as the “birdbox challenge” people were attempting to do things blindfolded. One girl even went as far to drive blindfolded and ended up totaling her car. Thankfully no one was injured in the event, but this is just a prime example of how social media trends can influence our lives greatly, some even being dangerous. Most are harmless however and very enjoyable and I don’t expect them to stop any time soon.

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Journalism Personal Semester Review: A class like none other

This story, as well as the rest of the stories I’ve written this semester, are all a part of the journalism class I was randomly put into at the beginning of this year. I was confused when I saw it on my schedule at the start of the year, since I hadn’t ever signed up for it. In all honesty, the only reason I didn’t drop the class was because I saw that Mr. Frey was the teacher, and his English class sophomore year was awesome. Even though I pretty much knew nothing about journalism, I decided I would stay in the class and see what it was all about.

I soon found out that in Journalism the main task we have is writing stories to be posted on the davis high news website. I thought that was pretty cool, and got really excited when I found out that we pretty much work on our own time, and as long as we get our stories done we’re chilling. That was exactly the kind of vibe I was looking for in a class for senior year.

You don’t always get to write about whatever you want, in fact most weeks your stories are assigned to you. You write about many different things varying from school sports to teacher spotlights, dance asking ideas to movie reviews. Even if you’re not writing about something you want, it’s still super chill and it makes writing fun. I’m really glad I didn’t drop the class at the start of the year. I highly recommend taking journalism if you’ve been considering it. This is my final story, so peace out. You’re not your mistakes.

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Are You an Idiot if You Procrastinate?

Some would say it’s smart to constantly stress about your schoolwork. To always make sure you’re ahead of schedule and be extremely OCD about your grade. My philosophy is why stress for an entire term and have anxiety for months when you could just enjoy 98 percent of the term and then stress for the final week about your grades?

Plus, on top of it it’s kind of exhilarating and rush to just slip in their last second. It is interesting to see how much you can do in a limited amount of time. I know it sounds crazy and weird, but I believe people do their best thinking in crunch time.

I hate stressing about things I’ve always been a laid-back carefree type of person until its necessary than I take it seriously. I have multiple friends and relatives that have constant anxiety because they are always stressing about being on time and the next step. They don’t just stop, slow down and take a minute to enjoy life. Their lives are consumed by being perfect. So much so that they forget to enjoy life and realize that life isn’t perfect.

Life in whole is procrastinating if you really think about it. Since the moment we are born on this earth we are procrastinating that judgment day, we are getting by and living in the moment trying to avoid that final moment. Life is so precious so why not procrastinate and hang onto it until the very last moment. Procrastinate almost everything in this life, hold onto it until you can’t hold on anymore. Because honestly what’s the fun of being on time? All it means is your done with one thing now you have to find something else to stress about. Procrastinate life and enjoy life.

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Dungeons and Dragons: The Long Awaited Resurrection of the Nerds Favorite Game

“Roll for initiative” the dungeon master says, as she places down a miniature of an ancient white dragon. The table explodes in raucous yells and anxious noises as the party realizes the trouble they have stumbled in.

Dungeons and dragons has been around for a long time now, ever since the fortuitous meeting of Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson in 1972. Ever since that day, the lives of nerds have been changed forever.

However, dungeons and dragons has not always been in the good graces of society as it is now. Every wizard and barbarian of the early days of dungeons and dragons remembers the “Satanic Scare” of the 80s and 90s, when every dungeons and dragons player was considered to worship Lucifer.

Those were the dark days of dungeons and dragons, when players had to hide in basements and never mentioned their favorite past time.

Since the 2010s however, it’s as if the world has flipped their opinions on the titular role playing game. Suddenly when people look around you can see live-streamed games, Wizards of the Coast sponsored events, and people spending all their time playing this wonderful game.

Last year alone, a single group of dungeons and dragons players became so popular that when they started a Kickstarter for their own animated series about their game, they managed to raise 11.5 million dollars, breaking the record for a crowdfunded television shows.

As much as the idea of nerds has changed in the past 20 years, it is hard to say that dungeons and dragons has wallowed in its previous anonymity. So roll for initiative everyone, and be prepared for the decade of dungeons and dragons.

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Is technology ruining our youth

I will be one of the first to admit that I have an addiction to my phone and I can guarantee almost 90 percent of people will say the same thing. Its almost as if it’s extension of our bodies. Like a vital organ that we are reliant on. We become scared if its not with us and we fear what will happen if it dies.

The focus issues it has created are increasing rapidly. I notice myself checking my screen every 5 minutes hoping for a new notification to pass my time and make me feel accepted by a digital society. I can’t even Watch a full tv show or movie anymore without continuously looking at my phone. Like I said our bodies have latched onto these devices and become reliant on them like a drug we can’t live without.

I see it in the younger generations coming up. They are being raised from birth on a technological device because its easier for a parent to put an iPad in front of their children then to actually take care of them. I barely see my little sister anymore because she locks herself in her room on a tablet all day. Children are losing social skills, creativity and outdoor fun that we used to be raised on, new parents are learning bad habits to start a family, teenagers struggle with insecurities, depression, bullying, and loving their self-image more than ever before.

Society’s opinions and decisions are being influenced immensely by social media and modern technology. We idolize people through social media who are no better than us. Technology is a part of rapidly growing future that this world has. But if we don’t learn how to adapt and grow but also maintain and not forget the old qualities that make us human. I’m afraid the word human will no longer mean what it used to.

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Is music losing its meaning in today’s modern society?

Music has been around since nearly the beginning of humanity. It has brought people together, made people cry, made people scream, laugh, love, sad, dance, it has made people live and I truly believe without it our species wouldn’t be the same. It is expression and art in its purest and most elegant form. But is it dying with our new era of rap, EDM, dubstep, screamo and other genres that wouldn’t be considered quite as elegant?

In some ways I believe so, but I’m also a sucker for good lyrics and you don’t find many of those in modern popular songs now days, so I’m a little biased. Rap used to be far better in my opinion. Rappers used to have rhythm and talent and actually rhyme about things that made sense and meant something. And now I just don’t see how a rapper today making up words that rhyme with drugs, girls, cars and guns, barely being able to understand what he’s saying and then throwing a sick beat into it is art. Its catchy and I enjoy it but I don’t think its talent.

Then you have EDM and dubstep that just sounds like metal scraping against metal and children screaming. But what happened to the Billy Joel’s, Beatles, Tupac, notorious BIG, Frank Sinatra, the people that actually cared about the music they produced and not the clout they had or the money they made. Our society is ruining music by idolizing performers and entertainers and not respecting artists anymore. Real artist don’t want to make music anymore because no one will listen to them.

However, I can’t judge because I am known to listen to pop culture music as well. And like I said music is expression of one’s feelings and how someone interprets their expression. So, if it makes you happy then its art. Music will continue to change throughout time I don’t think it will ever leave us. But I think I will always believe that music was better in the past and had a lot more meaning behind its production back then, then music does now.

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