Please read carefully this adjustment in our dance policy that will affect the upcoming prom. All students will be required to have a valid current student photo ID. If you have lost your student ID, you can purchase a replacement in the office. The administration and Student Body Advisors are encouraging students to ask DHS students to the dance. If you are planning on bringing a student from a different school, you must visit with an administrator. Only students with prior administrative approval will be allowed to bring a guest from another school. These guest students will be required to complete a dance guest contract. Once again for Prom 2019 ONLY STUDENTS WITH PRIOR ADMINISTRATIVE APPROVAL WILL BE ALLOWED TO BRING A GUEST from another school. Those visiting students not preapproved by Friday April 26th WILL not admitted into the dance.
If you have questions about this policy please feel free to visit with Mr Gunn or any member of the administration.