Better than Bo: Erik Gunn

Erik Gunn is the fun, charismatic man behind many of the activities at Davis High School. He came up with the idea for the incredibly successful Fortnite, Mario Kart, & Super Smash Bros tournaments to raise money for Sub For Santa.

Mr. Gunn attended & graduated from Dear old Davis High. After graduation, he went to the University of Utah for a year, then switched to Weber State to pursue a better teaching program. With his Bachelor of Science in Social Science Composite Teaching (meaning that he can teach history, geography, psychology, sociology, political science, & economics), Mr. Gunn was ready to enter the teaching world. Only a few years of teaching at other schools, he secured a position at his own DHS.

Mr. Gunn teaches a wide variety of classes. In addition to being the student government adviser, he teaches stage crew, sociology, & sports psychology.

Mr. Gunn’s classes are very popular with students because of how he cares deeply about every student and his passion for what he teaches. The wide variety of classes he offers means there’s something for everyone. Add one (or more!) of Mr. Gunn’s classes to your schedule today, and stop by room 1801 to check out any upcoming activities at the school.

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Garrett Larson: The Davis High Gunslinger

Davis High’s football team saw a lot of success in the past season. Much of that success can be contributed to Quarterback, Garrett Larson. He Threw for 1,877 yards and 15 touchdowns in the 11 games that the Darts played. Garrett is a team player who loves the thrill of competition. Garrett is a hard worker who has seen lots of success in his years playing Quarterback.

“I contribute my success to working hard everyday. I’ve had to earn everything and I think that comes from working hard. I also have great people around me,” Larson explained, “My parents have helped me in so many ways and I couldn’t do anything without my teammates and coaches.”

Garrett Larson has had a goal to play college football for a long time and has been putting time into being recruited as a Quarterback. After many visits and a new coaching staff at Utah State, Garrett received a preferred walk on spot and committed days later.

When asked about Utah States program, Larson said, “Utah State is a place with a great program and great coaches, it has been the place I’ve wanted to go to for a long time.” He will be enrolling in the school this summer and representing Davis High for years to come.

His goals for the future include, having a successful career at USU, Learning to become a better player, and getting a quality education at one of the top notch schools in America.

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Athlete Spotlight: Cali Stephenson Davis High’s Ace of Hearts

One of the leaders of the drill team….Cali Stephenson. Cali is a senior this year and led the drill team to a great season. Cali has been dancing since she was 4 years old. She has worked super hard for a long time, has been dancing at a studio her whole life, and has made the drill team every year in high school.

“My mom has been a huge influence. She teaches dance and is a big reason I’ve made it this far. Ever since she taught me dance when I was younger, I’ve loved it.” Cali said when asked about who has influenced her the most. Her mom was a current coach on the team this year.

When asked about how she felt the team did this year, Cali said,

“This year we had a lot of girls with talent, we had strong leaders and coaches. It was super devastating last year to not make it past region, but at the same time we were determined and willing to work hard to get where we wanted to be this year.”

The drill team placed 2nd overall in region and 6th overall at state. Cali was a big part of it and put in a lot of time and effort to make it there.

“I’m going to miss competing with my best friends and the hard practices that got us to our goal. I’m going to miss our team.”

Cali wants to keep dancing in college whether it’s just taking dance classes or being on a team. She plans on going to UVU or Utah State and hopes to teach dance in the future.

Cali is not only an amazing dancer, but a great friend with a super funny and outgoing personality.





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Bo Roundy: The student favorite

When you hear, star wrestling coach and favorite history teacher, I bet your first thought is Mr. Roundy.

Mr. Bo Roundy is known to many as a favorite teacher, and a fantastic coach. He continuously inspires students to become better everyday, and we all look up to him. He has voiced that it’s important for him to be seen as a good person in the lives of his students and athletes, and we all know that it’s nearly impossible to feel any differently.

Mr. Roundy has been teaching for 15 years, with the majority of his career being at Logan High School. There, he also coached football and wrestling, leading his teams to many victories. He is just finishing his 3rd year here at Davis High. Here, we know him as a favorite history teacher, the football team’s Defensive Coordinator, but he is most commonly recognized for being the wrestling Head Coach.

We all know that Coach Roundy is incredibly passionate about coaching, shown in his long hours prepping and leading the team, and creating lasting relationships with his athletes. Roundy encourages students to join the wrestling program because its a very unique sport, based on strength and technique. Not only does it have the team aspect to it, but there are a lot of individual elements. Though it may seem overwhelming to many, its can be very rewarding.

“I witness changes in the wrestlers body as they turn into chiseled beasts from the intense workouts.” As stated by Roundy.

Well said. His wrestlers have had quite an impressive performance this year. 2 wrestlers (Parker Coffey and Heston Percival) were crowned divisional champions, and 17 wrestlers qualified for the state tournament. Impressive, right?

“I am proud of the team and their fight.” Roundy says.

Although the victories are amazing achievements, that’s not Roundy’s only goal as a teacher and coach. He’s not only trying to build their strength and skill as athletes, he’s working to build their self-esteem and character as individual people.

“I struggled as a young man in school and found success in sports, which helped me grow the self-esteem to do better in school. I feel like I need to be a champion for students in their lives and help encourage positive characteristics. I love being around young people and I feel inspired by their enthusiasm and love for life.” Roundy shared.

He works hard to maintain a balance between coaching and teaching. Along with coaching since July, he works hard to maintain an organized class and keep his gradebook up to date. He loves teaching and shared that he always tries to be energetic and encouraging while doing what he loves.

Outside of school, Mr. Roundy enjoys watching Netflix, going to the movies, mountain biking, and reading. He shared that his absolute favorite thing to do is travel.

“This year I am going to Iowa, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Puerto Rico, Haiti, St. Martin, St Kitts, California to Disneyland, just to name a few…” he said.

Well it seems that these vacations are well earned, and very much deserved. So much of his time is devoted to the students here, and his impact on students lives is hard to compare. From all of us at Davis, we say thank you Mr. Roundy, and we hope to have him around for years to come.


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Travis Frey: Former BYU Wide Receiver

“Shut up, Schwab” – Travis Frey

This isn’t the first article I’ve tried to write on Travis Frey, in fact I’ve brought the idea to his attention for the past two and a half terms. While I was shot down every time I brought it up, he went on vacation this week, so while he’s getting sunburnt, I finally get to write a spotlight on the man, the myth, the legend, Travis Frey.

Blah, blah, blah, something about humble beginnings, whats really important is the fact that Travis Frey played high school football for Viewmont high school. After high school he went on an LDS mission, where he was stationed in Veracruz, Mexico wherein he honed his Spanish speaking skills. After a brief season at Utah State University, he transferred to his dream school and played football at BYU. His skills as wide receiver were unmatched, yet came to an end early when I shoulder injury made him sit out for the season. Nevertheless he persisted and came back with a vengeance, and while he may not have had a lot of playing time, his dedication and relentless work ethic impressed those on and off the field. As his college years came to an end a new dawn was approaching, and he would have to choose what came next.

Many people have said that Frey would make a great salesman, his charisma and ability to convince others usually leads people to this conclusion, but what many don’t know is that Frey himself is aware of this, and has capitalized on his skills in the past. During his days as an alarm salesman and a seller for direct T.V. he convinced countless consumers to buy products from the companies he represented, regardless of whether or not they needed them, but hey, business is business. His foray into sales was only a pit stop on his journey to he ultimate destiny, soon Frey would be hired as a Teacher and assistant coach at Davis High School, and in his first year of teaching, second period, his life would change for the better.

Aside from being a member of the coaching staff for the highly successful football and basketball teams for Davis High, Frey would also become one of the highest rated teachers in the school when it came time to evaluate teachers based on student reviews. Typically its a great feat to have such a positive record in your teaching career, but the fact that Frey was able to get these good of reviews so early in his career just show how good of a teacher Frey was, but what many wanted to know was whether or not he could continue his teaching hot streak, or was it all just beginners luck?

One year later Travis Frey continues to be one of the most popular teachers in regards to the sheer amount of students that he has in his classes. Students still line up on class change days in order to switch into his classes, and they still cant wait for their English or Journalism class periods. Many of the students credit this to his philosophy of laid back and deeper teaching. In a school schedule full of homework and tests, his class offers an escape from the monotony of traditional English classes. A large focus is not whether or not you can memorize certain vocabulary terms or write a five paragraph essay a week, its why are we affected by certain experiences, why do certain things matter to us more than others, the study of why we value what we value. For these insights I personally cant thank him enough, he took one of the most boring subjects I and many others could have imagined and helped us learn things about ourselves, he put enjoyment into a required part of the high school experience.

Who knows what the future holds for Travis Frey, a career in teaching seems the most obvious option, but in knowing him one must always expect the unexpected.

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Michael Wright: The Man Behind The Musical

Michael Wright, is one of the many loved teachers at Davis High School. Recently he directed the School’s musical,” Newsies.” This musical was a sell out, for a week davis high students put on a play that left the audience in awe.  He is the acting teacher here at davis and he teaches his students with a lot of enthusiasm and shows the passion he has for acting.

He is in love with acting but also likes playing board games, sports, working out, and playing with his kids. He competitively played football in high school but now just enjoys watching a variety of sports. Anything that is competitive, Micheal enjoys it and wants to be involved.

Michael has been a teacher for 8 years. This year he helped direct 5 different plays, including this years “Newsies.”

“I always knew I was supposed to be a teacher but tried my hardest not to become one.” – Michael Wright

He recently transfered here from Layton Christian where he was a drama teacher. Before he was a teacher he was an actor.

As he stated in an interview the play “Newsies” chose him, he had no desire to do it at first. He was never a fan of the play until he started to direct it, and now he loves it. He wanted to bring excitement to his students and he thought “Newsies” was perfect for the job.

He loves his job because he gets to spend time with his students.

“Seeing my students succeed and excel gives me hope and joy in my life.” says Wright.

He wants to help these kids have bright futures and have an amazing experience. He truly cares for each of his students. Davis High is lucky to have him as a teacher.


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Cara Smith: A Natural Leader


Cara Smith is an amazing captain for the color guard and an innovative student. While many people may not realize it, she has worked very hard to be the head flag captain for her final year on the Davis High color guard team. Her efforts show in her performance on and off the guard floor.

Since joining the Davis team, Cara has voiced some insight on to how it has changed her for the better. The leadership experience she has gained from guard have helped her become a better manager and improve her managing skills.

As flag captain, Cara has overcome many challenges and responsibilities. Planning practices, loading floors, leading basics, and designing/teaching choreography are all part of taking on the role of captain. Cara says that if anybody else was in the spot she is, she would tell them:

“Don’t let people discourage themselves; tell them that you truly care about them.”

She helps her fellow team mates with difficult work by giving support and help where it is needed.

When she first started color guard back in St George, Cara was a very shy and reserved individual. Her friend “dragged” her to one of the practices, and that was when she started a journey that would spread all the way until now, her senior year. Her is an example of the influence color guard has had on her, “color guard in general has really made me blossom out”. Cara developed critical skills to become a confident and assertive leader for her team and for her lifestyle.







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Teacher Spotlight: Julie Laub

Mrs. Laub is one of the most qualified chemistry teachers at Davis high, after being a chemist she decided to change her profession to teaching. When asked about this, this was her response;

“This is my 7th year at DHS.

I love being a teacher.  I feel like I found my niche.

Working as an organic chemistry was super interesting and enjoyable.  I feel like it has made me a better teacher.  I am glad I had the experience of working as a chemist but I definitely would choose teaching first!”


If She didn’t teach chemistry she said she would love to be a math teacher


We certainly are grateful that she decided to give up being a chemist and share her knowledge with us! Mrs. Laub also became a teacher for other reasons as well, the main one being that it worked better being a mom as a teacher than a chemist did.



“I have 5 darling daughters.  Three of my daughters are at Davis.  Ivie and Ariel are seniors and Micah is a junior.  My 2 oldest daughters, Abi and Rachel, are both in STEM fields at WSU.”


However, these aren’t the only children of hers. She also has an adorable furry-friend.


“I have 1 dog named Beau.  He is a golden lhasa apso and just turned 13 on November 1st.”


Its clear to all of us that she loves her cute little pup, as well as her children and husband dearly! We love Mrs. Laub and feel incredibly grateful to have her here with us ad DHS!




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Whitney Walpole: The amazing runner & student

Whitney Walpole is what you call an all rounded talented person. As a sophomore at Davis High, she has fulfilled many things. From her amazing grades, to killing it in cross country season, she has done a lot! And not to mention she has the sweetest, nicest personality. Everybody who knows Whitney only say good things about her.

Some fun facts about Whitney are that she likes to run, mountain bike, go on hikes, and go on vacations. Her favorite vacation spot is southern Utah, going to St. George and Moab. Some goals she’s set for herself in the year are: to break 5:40 in the mile, and get a 4.0 GPA, which she’s on track to get. Also her favorite color is blue.

In Whitney’s spare time, she enjoys running, hanging out with friends, eating, watching movies, and running some more!

Whitney is the sweetest, happiest person! She always looks on point. Her clothes are super cute, and her hair is always perfect! She is super hard-worker, and determined person. She is super smart and is very successful in school. One of her classes is Chemistry Honors with Mrs. Laub, she has had a very good year in that class so far.

Whitney is doing indoor track right now with the first race of the season this Friday (11th Jan), distance challenge at the Olympic Oval. She’ll be racing distance races, including the 800m, 1600m, and 3200m. Not too long after she’ll be doing outdoor track in the spring, and things are looking good for her this year!

Whitney is a very kind, and friendly student at Davis High. Feel free to say hi if you see her in the hallways:)

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Mr. Fahrenbach: exercise fanatic

Raised in Rhinelander Wisconsin, Bryan Fahrenbach, a disciplined hard-worker, has taught at Davis for 22 years! Mr. Fahrenbach teaches Medical Anatomy & Physiology, and Advanced MAP. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Biology, a master’s degree in Exercise & Sport Science, and an ABD (almost PhD) in Exercise Physiology. “I have always marveled at what the body is capable of, and how it works,” he says. All throughout college, he was interested in becoming a teacher.

Fahrenbach has a marriage of 39 years, and two children. His family and friends describe him as honest, dependable, and reliant. He would say his talented at being focused and disciplined, two things that take much practice to be good at. Besides teaching, his hobbies include cycling, motorcycling, golfing, and weight training. A perfect day for him is full of productive activities: walks his dog, goes for a two-hour bike ride, goes golfing or motorcycling. He also has two other part-time jobs: a volunteer fire-fighter for Mountain Green Fire Department and works at Vivint Smart Home Arena for Jazz games and concerts.

His favorite book is The Greatest Generation, because it talks about his father’s generation, who fought in two world wars, and sacrificed for our country so we could have the lifestyle we have. Mr. Fahrenbach’s advice for Davis students is “Take advantage of all your opportunities, don’t be a slacker. A contributor to the community, an athlete, and a very knowledgeable teacher at Davis, Bryan Fahrenbach is loved by all his students.

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Mrs. Leedy Makes History

Angie Leedy is amazing at what she does. She teaches History here at Davis High. She doesn’t only teach history but walks you through the most important times in history as if you are actually there. She found a love for history while watching her father work on case in front of the supreme court.

“He got to meet a lot of historical figures like Malcolm X, and Thurgood Marshall so I just kind of fell in love with hearing his stories and it turned in to a love for history.” says Mrs. Leedy

She planned on going into law but being a junior at University of Utah she changed her mind, law wasn’t for her. She has taught here at Davis High School since 2004, she was at Layton for 2 years, and at Syracuse jr for 8 years. Each teacher has their annoyance and Leedy’s big struggle is phones.

“I think kids are so focused on their phones and the latest tweet or Instagram post.” she says.

Phones make Leedy feel like she has to babysit us to keep them away.

Every year she helps put together an assembly about the civil rights and she always finds the coolest speakers to come and teach the Junior class more about that time period. She is always amazed to see the turn out of all the students who want to come and learn.

Her influence even reaches the faculty.

“I consider Angie to have been a great mentor to me, she goes out of her way to include me and provide a stern reminder when needed. She’s been very influential in my early teaching career.” Said Travis Frey a second year teacher at Davis High School.

Her hope for all her students is to know and appreciate the events and people that helped change our history. She is loved by many of her students and colleagues. I personally learned so much in her class and i know if her student follow her guided notes and listen to her knowledge they will learn so much.

Davis High is so grateful to have Angie Leedy as a teacher here.


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Grace Banana Barker

Davis High Senior Grace Barker is an incredible person in many ways. She knows how to talk to anyone and she is extremely kind and loves sharing her music to anyone who wants it. She just turned 18 and loves being in nature, like watching sun rises with her close friend Derek Hansen.

Grace is taking classes this year trying to pursue her dream, becoming a Hollywood journalist. She is preparing herself to get this job and be ready now by taking advanced English, creative writing, and journalism.

Grace is very passionate about music and is constantly listening to all kinds of new sounds that perfectly fit her mood. She is a fragile person who is not one to do dangerous things, therefor she has never broken a bone or had stitches. Her first year of High School she attended Layton instead of Davis, but decided to switch her junior year because she had more friends and heard it was better, which she found out quickly that it was.

“The environment at Davis is very academically prioritized and challenging. That’s something that is good for me.” Says Barker.

Her current employment is at a restaurant in Morgan called “The Post” , working for her Grandmother. On the weekends if she isn’t working or with her family, she likes to be with her group of friends and take pictures outside. They always like going new places and meeting new people, always expanding their social life. Grace says her spirit animal is a bird, not always going with the wind, she chooses what she wants to do.

“I’m a non-conformist, I like to go against the grain, my teacher don’t love that but I love that about me.” States Barker

Lastly, she finds motivation and inspiration from her favorite movies and artists, along with nature. She also would advise other high school students to always be social and meet as many people as you can, talk and hang out with them, and always be nice to them. Additionally, take Frey’s Journalism Class!!!

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Garret Cisneros, the “Mob” leader

Garret Cisneros is a senior at Davis high school with many different titles, including the leader of the Davis high mob. Garret is extremely friendly and fun and always knows how to have a good time. He likes spending time with and taking his grandmother on fun dates and activities.

Garret is full of interesting facts including that hes half Mexican, he loves the snow, and enjoys the taste of burnt popcorn, he even snacks on it weekly! His favorite thing to do on the weekend is hang out with his friends, known as the “shmunks”.

This man full of wonders says his spirit animal is a sloth, which if you get to know garret, you will agree with that statement. He also works at noodles and company in station park adding his unique ideas to their meals.

Garret strives to be a successful hip hop rapper when he grows up, eventually being known as “chowder”, his rap name. He finds his inspiration to better himself through other peoples happiness and success.His advice for other high school students is “have fun, let loose,  because this time goes by quick and sooner than later it’ll be gone.”

If you see garret in the halls or at work or anywhere else be sure to say hi, because he’s always looking for new friends and people to talk to, and i promise you’ll enjoy having a conversation with him.

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Cody the Cool Crawford

Cody Crawford is a junior at Davis High School. He is a man of many faces. You will never see him in pictures and if your lucky you might just see him in real life. A sly comb over, a style that will knock your socks off. He has one of the best personalities out there.

Cody works two jobs; one, with all his homies at Hug Hes Cafe as a host and dishwasher. His second job, is a construction job that he works when needed. Whether he is going to work, partying, or a Davis football game, you can see Cody pull up in one of the flyest cars in existence, with 255 horse power his light brown 2002 Nissan Maxima is sure to give your piece of metal a run for its money in a street race.

Cody Does a lot through out the week, from working two jobs and keeping caught up on school he keeps himself pretty busy. But when he isn’t doing anything you can find him at the skate park with his friends, fulfilling his duty has being a hoodlum, or causing some trouble in your neighborhood.

Cody is also a Fortnite God with over of 30 wins and a deadshot aim that you do not want to become a target when he is looking down the barrel of his bolt action sniper.

If you are looking for an outstanding man to be yours you better cuff him quick before some one else does. Cody isn’t just a good friend but a brother as well. He takes great care of his little sister Grace.

If you need a smile or a good time just give Cody a call and you will not regret it.

“My bones hurt” Cody Crawford

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