Disney+ has beat down the doors of many homes across the world. It has rooted itself in the hearts of Disney lovers everywhere and continues to flourish as its popularity increases. Gaining over 10 million subscribers in less than 48 hours, Disney+ spreads like wildfire and spices up the entertainment world.
Disney+ takes us through the decades and ages as they provide shows from almost a century ago. A great thrill comes from scrolling through dozens of options, allowing adults to relive their childhood through the animations of their time. Bringing back the classic favorites such as Snow White, Cinderella, and Alice in Wonderland brings joy and excitement once again and allows younger generations to experience the magic. Disney+ holds the hearts of many Davis High students and teachers.

“I love it because I get to watch like all the shows that I watch all the time when I was in elementary and when I was little. And I’ll always have access to it,”

Said Hannah Lindsey, Sophomore.

“I think it’s like a trip back through time to my childhood and lightyears beyond,”

Said Mr. Frey.

Disney+ is a favorite because of the variety of shows it offers. A few students shared their opinions on their favorites.
“Literally all I use it for is the Mandalorian and Phineas and Ferb so it’s a party.”

Stated Cole Larsen

“The Mandolorian is the reason for subscribing.”

Agreed Mason Allen.

There are many favorites on this new platform. It allows students an opportunity to get excited about the shows they loved as a child and it gives the community another opportunity to talk about something they love. Disney+ will continue to be loved by all as it promotes wholesome, family entertainment and the innocence of childhood. Now sit back with your favorite blanket and a bowl of popcorn and get ready to be swept away by the wonder Disney+ has to offer.

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How Harmful are Societal Expectations?

Every society has expectations and unspoken rules that demand to be followed. Drinking coffee, tattoos, piercings, and swearing are just a few of the things that are looked down upon by society. However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There is a whole other level of other’s life that people are expected to follow, and it’s looked down upon if you don’t follow them.

“It’s so looked down upon to chase your dreams because there are all these expectations that people have on us that we will fail if we feel like we want to do our own thing,” stated Aaleiyah Laumua, dreamer and achiever.

Aaleiyah describes the expectations as a checklist. People are expected to first graduate from high school, then go on a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. If they don’t go on a mission, or if they do, they are then expected to go to college. Once that is all done, they should be married and have a successful career.

The reality is, everyone’s life is different. Some may get married later than others, some may not get married at all. Some might graduate from college in four years, some might graduate in six. No one’s life is the same, no one’s going to go through the exact same thing, therefore no one can complete the same checklist.

These expectations can become very overwhelming, taking a serious toll on a person’s mental health. It could be seen as a potential cause of depression and anxiety. Also, if these expectations are not satisfied, the reaction from others can be harmful.

“It’s definitely harmed me…I felt like I wasn’t good enough to even be put on a checklist. I wasn’t good enough to receive those expectations because I wasn’t living it. To me, that was detrimental,” shared Aaleiyah on her own experience with dealing with these expectations.

Some people can take it harder than others, so it’s better to proceed with patience and kindness.

Aaleiyah finds the cure to the negativity from these expectations in doing what she wants to do. Following her passion for teaching dance and life lessons to the kids in the community.

“I see many kids come in, and my calling in life is to empower these individuals to continue to be creative, to continue love, continue to serve, be kind, work hard, be smart. All these things the world misses, they don’t tell them that.”

However, expectations aren’t all bad, they are set in place to help us reach our full potential. People see something in us that we may not even see in ourselves, they see us hitting the bar and going beyond, so they set these expectations to help us get there. We set expectations for ourselves to help push us to become the type of person we want to be. Expectations are what motivate us to do better than our best. To stick to our goals and continue to strive to become that person that we know we can be.

When we complete these goals and fulfill those expectations, we can look back on our lives and look at how far we’ve come. How much we’ve achieved and improved as a human being. There’s a sense of pride as we realize we became the person we’ve always wanted to become.

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Attending Class and Why it is Important

Attending class, it’s something that every student dread’s, some students dread it more than others, all students enjoy some classes better than others, but everyone can relate to not wanting to attend class daily.

Although many students try to avoid class attendance as much as possible does attending these classes help you in the long run? Or even in a short-term perspective? How can something this hated to be good for students?

Yes, it is nice to not go to class and avoid the stress of class, no one can argue with that, but going to class is very important for multiple reasons. The first the most important and obvious reason being education. It is very hard to get an education or be educated without being present for the teachings or lessons. The information doesn’t just get learned, remembered at random times, or to earn an education you must be present to learn the information and absorb and learn from it.

The second reason attending school is the social interaction and learning social skills. In class you are around others interacting not only through education and tasks, but often times you can meet someone people with similar personal interests and even people who have different personal interests. This teaches students to communicate and get along with others in many different situations which is important for everyone in all times and situations.

The third and final reason for attending school is the setting. In the future students will be in a similar setting like the classroom setting for example, being at job trainings or possibly an interview. Who knows, maybe the students will be the one’s writing on the chalk board. I think the classroom setting really prepares you for future and that is the point of school I think is very important.

Although it can be hard to find the interest or motivation to go to class every day, attending school is very important and it prepares you for the future. Attending school is a part of being a good, and successful student in school.

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Bringing the Malicious Reality of Gender Inequality to the Surface

Feminism. A tricky topic to approach if you’re uneducated about its true concepts. Many misogynists have transformed this word into a negative, man-hating type of idea; when in reality it’s quite the opposite. My definition of feminism is the absolute freedom to pursue what you’re passionate about and not be tied down by the ridiculous expectations of society. Feminism is the idea that women and men are equals and should be treated as such.

Being a woman in modern times has its pros and cons. Living in the United States women are definitely more protected than other places where they kill them for leaving the house without male supervision. We’ve worked extremely hard and fought for the basic human rights and freedoms that we enjoy today. While we have earned much more respect than we’ve been shown in the past, problems like domestic abuse, assault, unfair job opportunities, and blatant sexism are still very real issues in our world today.

When asked “What makes you feel oppressed?” many teenage girls from Davis High responded:

“Social construction or expectations and toxic masculinity.” said Mikaela Ponce

“Gender roles in careers, and women not being highlighted even though they’re completely capable.” adressed Shelby White

“Men being in charge and not being able to see yourself in those positions.” stated Lexi Smith

“Men seeing you as an object and having non-achievable expectations.” added Lauren Rusnell

Toxic Masculinity is a plague that will take over the minds of every male host and destroy whatever good is left in this world. Boys, it’s okay to cry. It’s okay to enjoy watching a good chick flick. It’s okay to paint a picture of a pretty bouquet of flowers. The truth is, running away from “girly” things doesn’t make you more manly. It makes you a coward to your own deep personal inner thoughts and feelings. So shed a good tear or two, whimper if you must. But don’t bottle up all your feelings until you become desensitized to the thought of having human emotions.

Don’t even think about telling a girl she can’t do something because it’s too manly. A woman can do whatever she sets her mind to and if that irritates you I suggest you go deep into the jungle and ponder the way your brain is wired for a few long days. The next time I hear a man tell a woman “You can’t do that, that’s a man’s job…” I will not hesitate to stand up for a fellow sister.

The way children are raised has much to do with the sexism women are constantly punched in the face with. I’m sorry to burst your stereotypical, feeble-minded bubble, but women do not have to be stay at home moms. Women are ambitious, hardworking, creative, dedicated lady tigers that have dreams and goals they will accomplish. They don’t have to get married, have kids, cook, clean, wear make up, or fit a certain body standard. Women are completely capable of providing and taking care of themselves and any man who says otherwise can take their complaints to Oprah or Ellen DeGeneres.

There are many different messages in the media that tell women how to be respected and admired. Many of these messages, however, aren’t helping our case. Showing risky amounts of skin and looking as hot as we can isn’t empowering. Running down a busy street topless isn’t going to help us out sadly. When we dress a certain way to fit the expected mold of a woman, we’re not respecting ourselves. That’s just giving men exactly what they want and promoting the idea that we’re just objects to look at. Of course women should be completely comfortable and love their bodies, but wearing nearly nothing and calling it empowering isn’t going to earn you the respect you deserve.

I asked the same group of girls “What makes you feel empowered?” And they answered the following:

“Being passionate about things and doing whatever makes you happy. And doing things for yourself.”
Mikaela Ponce explained

“Proving you can do whatever a man can do! Having the same education, same jobs!” Shelby White exclaimed

“A group of girls getting hyped and supporting other women’s experiences.” said Lexi Smith

“Other powerful influential women, and education because knowledge is power.” stated Lauren Rusnell

In my experience, I feel most empowered when men don’t treat me differently just because of my gender. I feel respected when men listen to me and care about my opinions and ideas. I feel happy when they compliment a personality trait instead of a physical characteristic I have. Then I know they see me for the person I am and not the body my soul is trapped in. Looks can only take you so far. If you’re nothing but a hollow shell of worldly beauty, you’re going to feel pretty empty and dissatisfied with your life when the wrinkles kick in.

It can be incredibly hard to survive and thrive as a teenage girl in this day and age. But when you stop focusing on men’s expectations, you start to realize what YOU want and what makes YOU happy. Next time you feel helpless and unappreciated, remember what Susan B. Anthony and and Sojourner Truth did to get us this far. More importantly, think of what you can do to get us even further. YOU DON’T OWE NOBODY NOTHIN’! And I live by that.

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FRAVIS TREY Feat. (The Rubik’s Cube)

Many Davis high students have found out about Mr. Frey’s Rubik’s Cube addiction, his addiction has been seen on DTV as well as in his English classes. But what causes him to be so intrigued by this cube? It may be the fact that every time you solve the cube it is different, it may be the turning, and it may be the way that the cube behaves in your hands. What causes a vast amount of people to love this strange object? Here are some of the reasons.
The amount of permutations (ways that the cube can be scrambled) is 43 quintillion different ways (43,252,003,274,489,856,000). This is known as God’s number to the community of speed solvers around the world. The second part of God’s number is the fact that any scramble can be solved in 20 or fewer moves.
The Rubik’s cube solution is easy to learn and very user-friendly, requiring most users to learn 4-10 algorithms to use. However more advanced methods like CFOP and the keyhole method. The CFOP Method steps are Cross, first two layers, orienting the last layer, and Permuting last layer. The first two steps require intuitive knowledge to complete while the last two require 78 memorized algorithms. The CFOP method has become one of the fastest methods and now holds the world record of 3.47 seconds held by Yusheng Du.
More and more cubes have arrived since the launch of the first one. The mirror cube, Pyraminx, and sometimes the 2×2 cube can be seen in Mr. Frey’s classroom. The mirror cube is a 3×3 but with offset edges causing weird shapes when scrambled, the Pyraminx is the pyramid cube, and the 2×2 is the smaller cube.
Not only are the cubes confusing but they are a very good Fidget device and stress reliever. This is probably the reason that Frey loves these strange cubes. The only downside is that the cubes can be loud and annoying to some people, however with lubricants and modifications the cube can be silenced.
Overall the cubes are extremely fun, and the University of Utah holds a competition every year. The competitions are very fun and experience ranges from Professional to Starter. These competitions are always fun even as a spectator. Next time you see Mr. Frey with his Rubik’s cube those are the reasons why.

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43 Quintillion Feat. (The Rubik’s Cube)

Many Davis high students have found out that some people really love Rubik’s cubes, and even Mr. Frey can be seen in last year’s DTV with one. But what causes people to be so intrigued by this cube? It may be the fact that every time someone solves the cube it is different, it may be the turning, and it may be the way that the cube behaves in people’s hands. What causes a vast amount of people to love this strange object? Here are some of the reasons.

The amount of permutations (ways that the cube can be scrambled) is 43 quintillion different ways (43,252,003,274,489,856,000). This is known as God’s number to the community of speed solvers around the world. The second part of God’s number is the fact that any scramble can be solved in 20 or fewer moves.

The Rubik’s cube solution is easy to learn and very user-friendly, requiring most users to learn 4-10 algorithms to use. However more advanced methods like CFOP and the keyhole method. The CFOP Method steps are Cross, the first two layers, orienting the last layer, and Permuting the last layer. The first two steps require intuitive knowledge to complete while the last two require 78 memorized algorithms.

The CFOP method has become one of the fastest methods and now holds the world record of 3.47 seconds held by Yusheng Du.
More and more cubes have arrived since the launch of the first one. The mirror cube, Pyraminx, The 2×2, etc. The mirror cube is a 3×3 but with offset edges causing weird shapes when scrambled, the Pyraminx is the pyramid cube, and the 2×2 is the smaller cube.

Not only are the cubes confusing but they are a very good Fidget device and stress reliever. This is probably the reason that People love these strange cubes. The only downside is that the cubes can be loud and annoying to some people, however with lubricants and modifications the cube can be silenced.
Overall the cubes are extremely fun, and the University of Utah holds a competition every year. The competitions are very fun and experience ranges from Professional to Starter. These competitions are always fun even as a spectator. Next time you see someone with a Rubik’s cube those are the reasons why.

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Christmas Shoes

Christmas is the hardest time of the year to shop. But there is a need that everyone has. SHOES. Shoes are the gateway to the soul for a lot of high schoolers. Sometimes shoes are the first thing that people look at and compliment.

There are many sneakerheads in high school and all over the world. A sneakerhead is someone who lives and breathes shoes, they are always in the know when the new shoes are gonna come out and they somehow manage to get the newest and coolest shoes.

Everyone needs shoes, they are a basic necessity that we have come to love. Some just take what they wear on their feet more seriously than others. The hardcore sneakerheads only wear the highest quality shoes on the market and the most expensive.

The Off White UNC Jordan 1 is one of the most iconic shoes ever made. People would kill to own them let alone own them. The shoes are on average $15,000 to purchase and are very hard to get.

If you are looking for shoes that are a little less expensive there are a lot of options. The Jordan 11 Breds dropped a few weeks ago and are very high in demand this holiday season.

With the holidays in full swing that means basketball season is as well and there are some shoes you need to keep your eye out for. The Lebron 17’s are the best selling basketball shoe this year while Kobes are always a safe bet for high-quality shoes.

“I really like Paul George’s new shoe right now because they are light and have a good grip, making it so I can play my best on the court,” said Jake Sampson, a student here at Davis High and a High School basketball star.

There are so many great shoes out there, it is just a matter of what your style is and how much you would like to spend on some great kicks.

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The Process of Graduating Early

Graduation has been the one thing that I have dreamed of since the moment I walked through the big double doors of Davis High on my first day. But that’s not special, that’s every high school student’s dream right? What was special about my goal, was that I wanted to graduate a year early. Thanks to some amazing teachers and counselors at Davis High, my goal is going to be accomplished.

The process of getting there however, was not so glamorous. It took a lot of hard work, extra effort and time to accomplish. The first step I took towards reaching my goal was taking all academic classes. I did not take the traditional seminary and elective classes like other students. All I took were academic classes that I knew would satisfy all the credits and requirements I needed for graduation. I also took mostly concurrent enrollment classes so that I could get high school credit and college credit at the same time.

Another step I had to take was doing packets for classes outside of the ones I took at school. I did this so that I could fit more classes into my schedule, and still get the credits I needed by doing the packets. I did not figure all of this out on my own though. I needed a lot of help and guidance along the way. That is where the amazing counselors of Davis came in. At the beginning of each year I met with a counselor and outlined all the classes I would take to see how many credits I would get. We carefully planned out each year so that I would be able acquire all the credits I needed to graduate early.

A lot of people think that I am crazy for doing all of this extra work, but to me it is really important and I love putting in the hard work needed to accomplish my goals. Now thanks to all that hard work and the help of all my counselors and teachers, I am going to be able to accomplish my goal, graduate early and get a head start on college.

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Is there such thing as too much christmas spirit?

Around Kaysville as of late, there have been many complaints about folks celebrating Christmas too soon.

The minute the cold weather hits, stores start bringing out their Christmas decor. The dollar store right off of Main street, for example, started bringing out everything-from Christmas lights to Santa hats-at the beginning of October.

Many Halloween and Thanksgiving lovers are upset over these Christmas shenanigans. Seeing how hardly anybody can enjoy their Thanksgiving meals while the thought of Christmas is all that’s on their minds. Christmas is a major holiday. People all over the world celebrate the warming holiday of Christmas.

“Christmas is my favorite because there is a long break off of school, spending time with my friends and family, more shopping all around, and lots of presents.” says Ireland Dannehold.

But when does the line get drawn on having too much Christmas Spirit? One of our fellow teachers here at Davis High School, Soulyvanh Phongsavath, often called Souli, started the #savethanksgiving movement. The purpose of this purposed movement is to keep all those thanksgiving lovers from getting their holiday trampled on by its cold competitor, Christmas. Souly states that the best part of thanksgiving is the four F’s; Family, Food, Friends, and Football. The only thing you must do to help this movement is pledge that you will not listen to Christmas music before thanksgiving day, simple as that!

However, it’s a slow movement. With the world getting ready for Christmas, staying away from Christmas music and the very popular (yet same storyline) Hallmark movies is difficult for some. If you would like to become a part of the #savethanksgiving movement, you can follow it’s Instagram @savethanksgiving.

Another way to partake in the movement is buying limited #savethanksgiving merch. For $15 you can pay for a #savethanksgiving long-sleeve T-shirt. You must order the #savethanksgiving merch by November 13th to be delivered by the 20-22nd.

This movement merch comes in 4 colors:

-Black with gold text

-Black with white text

-White with gold text

-Black with white text

#savethanksgiving movement aside, how do you feel about extending Christmas to before Thanksgiving? Do you prefer the Christmas Spirt or the full stomach from Thanksgiving dinner?

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Fortnite Shutdown and Event

Players were left devastated when Fortnite suddenly shut down on October 13, 2019.

Over 3 million people watched live as a Fortnite event took down the game’s servers. 12-year olds everywhere were left with nothing to do for almost 48 hours, and it did serious things to their mental health (which is kind of pathetic). Players logged into the game just to stare at a spinning black hole in the middle of their screen.

This turned into a meme on the internet, since millions of children were shocked about their favorite pastime being destroyed in a matter of minutes.

“I just don’t know what to do with myself” said Cooper David, a distraught 13-year-old.

This was a major event for pop culture since many people had an income based on the game. People stream themselves playing the game regularly on platforms such as Twitch and YouTube, so the shutdown of the game was kind of worrying to them.

Children had also spent loads of money (from their parents’ wallets) on the game, buying various things within the game. Therefore, the shutdown angered parents who had indirectly spent lots of money on the game. Although the shutdown only lasted for about 48 hours, people were having mental breakdowns everywhere.

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Sushi and where to find it

A culinary masterpiece composed of sweet rice, seaweed and seafood of all kinds, sushi is becoming a more popular pleasantry among all. It is enjoyed by young and old and is found all over Davis County; Fuji Sushi in Centerville, Smith’s in Farmington,  Osaka Sushi in Layton and Monster Sushi in Farmington just to name a few.

According to Google, Fuji Sushi in Centerville is known as a “simple, small-strip venue serving an array of Japanese dishes plus creative sushi rolls and sashimi.” It is loved by many, especially Mr. Frey.

“Fuji Sushi not only has the greatest service, it has the greatest quality,” stated Frey.

Smith’s in Farmington is known for many things and does not get enough credit for the incredible sushi found within.

“It’s delicious! It’s very good and I like the Shaggy Dog kind,” stated Ireland Dannehold, Sophomore.

Osaka Sushi in Layton does not receive enough credit for the wondrous sushi treasures they hold.

“The April roll is by far the best one on the menu. I’ve been there dozens of times and without a doubt it’s the one I always go back to.” said Trevor Schwab, Senior.

Many especially enjoy the special of half-off Tuesday.

Another great place is Monster Sushi at Station Park in Farmington. It is hidden among many other restaurants but deserves a review of its own. It has a great variety of sushi and it is delicious. It tends to land on the more expensive side of things but the price is 100% worth it.

“The presentation is amazing and the flavor is phenomenal,” said Kainoa Sorensen, Sophomore.

Sushi is a great dish that many students and teachers here at Davis High greatly appreciate. It is delectable and will continue to be a favorite. Stop by one of these restaurants to get a taste of the abundance of sushi greatness Utah holds.

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Isis Leader Killed in Raid on Compound

Top Isis leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi killed in a lethal strike in Syria, all thanks to a special military dog.

The founder and leader of Isis was killed on October 26, 2019, after a years-long manhunt to find him. Thanks to a talented military dog, he was tracked down and killed soon after. Al-Baghdadi and 6 other Isis fighters were cornered in a compound where they were killed by US military operatives.

He died “whimpering, screaming and crying.” Donald Trump said on Sunday

The compound he was in was raided and he eventually detonated a suicide vest, killing himself and 2 of his children.

The dog, whose name is classified, injured the Isis leader and caused him to be cornered in a hole, where he detonated the vest.

The dog was only minorly injured in the raid but has since been making a good recovery.

“Our canine, I call it a dog, a beautiful dog – a talented dog – was injured and brought back,” Trump also commented.

The dog has since received much praise (and treats presumably) for his noble acts in finding the Isis leaders’ hideout. 2 detainees were also taken from the site, and the remains of al-Baghdadi have been confirmed by DNA tests.

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This Weeks Weather Causing Winter Terrors

With weather becoming worse and temperatures dropping more and more people are getting nervous. Driving to school has become more and more dangerous.

Some people have said, “I almost fishtailed driving out of my neighborhood,” or,”I slid down my driveway and hit a car!”

Temperatures have dropped to below freezing and cars are sliding more and more. How can students get to school safely? Here are some tips.

1 Drive slower. Driving slower can cause less slipping and better traction.

2 Don’t floor the gas. Flooring the gas causes spin outs and other problems.

3 Consider chains for heavily snowed in areas get chains for your tires.

4 Rocking. If you get stuck while in ice try to rock your car back and forth to free the tires.

5 Antifreeze. Even though most cars have antifreeze some may not install antifreeze it helps.

Using these five tips you should be able to drive safely to school and even to the mountains. Next time you are on a skiing trip make sure to use caution and drive slowly, don’t floor the gas, consider chains, rock the car, and antifreeze. Also don’t forget the all important seat belt. Next time you are driving somewhere use caution and slow down.

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Social Media’s Effect on Politics

In a recent release, Twitter Chief executive Jack Dorsey announced that Twitter would be banning all political advertising from the site. This comes in the wake of Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, statements about Facebook’s regulation of ads’ verification and the decisions to not fact-check any political advertisements.

These events beg the question, how has social media changed the consumption of politics? It’s no secret that social media has been used to share, argue, and promote current politics, but where does the responsibility lie with the regulation on this information? The consumer of the information, or the platform it is on?

With the creation of the internet, globalization and the diffusion of information has dramatically increased the speed and amount of news that is broadcast around the world. Isolation from information is nonexistent in today’s world as long as a network connection is available. With this easy accessibility and rapid share, people post, like, comment, and promote the things they are invested in. Including and especially politics. By sharing politics through social media: news, articles, and websites reach thousands of people as digital “word of mouth” promotes re-blogging, and reposting across websites. All in the hopes to share opinions and to persuade others. However, with this accessibility across continents, there, of course, comes online political discourse.

Political discourse is a key part of sharing opinions, but online it takes on a whole other persona as the anonymity and distance of online interaction can be harsh and critical, while not always being entirely accurate.

In recent years, political campaigns have utilized the new tools that digital media provides. When YouTube was created in 2005, both local elections and the 2008 presidential election made sure to create new content that advertised their campaigns, and placed it in a readily available place.

In addition to politicians using social media to reach people, people themselves are organizing themselves over social media for political reasons. One example of this is the 2017 Women’s March that occurred in cities in almost every state: Washington DC, Houston, Miami, etc. Yet, even more than this march nationwide, it went global to cities like London and Paris. All due to how it was organized. Teresa Shook, after the 2016 presidential election, created a Facebook event page calling for a march on Washington in order to advocate policies such as Women’s rights, immigration reform, and other issues. Los Angeles Times reported that the morning after Shook created the page, she had over 10,000 responses to her event idea.  Eventually, through communications online using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and more, the Women’s March on Washington was organized not only in D.C. but also throughout the country and the world. This widespread presence is a feat in of itself, but considering that this took less than three months demonstrates the true power of how social media has changed the way the world interacts with politics.


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The Man Dressed In Crying Flames


The games had come to an end and being the games coordinator, I was to enter the arena to congratulate whoever was left alive on their victory. The reinforced metal door crawling open into the deathly quiet arena produced a bone-chilling screech that pounded against the thick metal walls like a sucker punch, only to be returned by the empty darkness shortly after. When the echoes eventually faded away the only sound left in the arena was the crumbling of the dead leaves under each of my steps. As the cornucopia Grows closer, I could hear the faint sound of metal clashing. Except it wasn’t intimidating. It sounded almost… inviting.

I continued moving forward crunch, crunch, crunch, ding, repeated over and over. Growing louder and louder until, finally, I reached the cornucopia. The sound of the metal had gotten louder. Yet in its deafening volume it continued to invite, growing louder and louder reaching a seemingly impossible crescendo. I felt my ears sending shots of pain through my body, I threw my head back and stared at the dark metal ceiling. I could feel my head pounding like how enraged waves of a tsunami crash into an unsuspecting city. Yet as the waves hurl towards it there’s nothing the city can do. Yet with or without the city the sound must go on. Then without warning the metal ceased to crash.

Replaced with the sound of a man walking towards me. I looked down from the ceiling almost forgetting where I was and what I was doing. The footsteps began to grow closer I could hear its feet hit the ground behind me. I began to turn around slowly, not in fear of what is behind me, but because of the shock of the sound being gone. My eyes finally focus on a man, about 6 feet tall, with broad shoulders and a commanding stature. He was well dressed in a velvet red suit and black dress shoes. He wasn’t walking fast, as if he knew I won’t run. Minutes felt like seconds while I watched this unknown figure stride towards me. Before I had time to think about what was happening the man is right in front of me. He was taller than I expected, probably being closer to 7 feet tall. What I once thought to be red velvet was an endless multitude of small flames covering the entirety of the suit. It almost seemed as if the suit was restraining the flames. The man also was not wearing shoes. Instead, an almost vortex-like outline of a men’s dress shoe was where his shoes should be. The man methodically reached his hand out obviously expecting me to shake it. Without thinking I went to shake his hand. His grip was firm, and his hand was unbearably cold to the touch. Then with a smile, almost sinister, he looked me dead in the heart and said:

“Congratulations, you made it!”.

Then it all went black. 

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I call it a blood sport, you call it the 2020 presidential election!

This upcoming November the American people will witness the world’s most cut-throat competition in recent memory. 24 candidates will enter the political sphere like never before. Their ideas, beliefs and very foundation of their character will be put under constant, unruly fire from opposition that is looking for any flaw in the armor of their logic. Opposition that with unprecedented speed and accuracy will shoot down any ideal the opposition deem untrue. Opposition that with no remorse, emotion or hesitancy will tear a whole man down, just to get one leg up in the race. A race that ends with only one candidate standing. We are talking about the 2020 presidential election.

I have been tasked with giving my opinions and predictions for the election. Now you see this is a very touchy subject for many people and I don’t want to ruffle any delicate feathers. So, I have decided to go about forming my predictions in the most unbiased way I could think of. So, I decided to plug in all the names of the 2020 presidential candidates into a Hunger Games simulator and who ever won got 1 point. To more accurate represent the candidates that have a higher chance of winning the election some candidates had double representation. In order to achieve fair results, the simulation was performed the exact same way 50 times.

During the first few simulations everything was proceeding more or less as expected, candidates such as Trump and Sanders began to run away with an early lead. Then simulation #5 happened. The game began just like the others, about 3-4 candidates died at the cornucopia, but most of them got away from the cornucopia unharmed. Early on the second day of the games Bernie Sanders stumbled upon some explosives in the forest. With his newfound explosives he would trek back towards the cornucopia looking for an alliance that was forming between 4 of the candidates. When Bernie finally found this alliance, Bernie began to hurled pounds explosives towards the campsite of the unexpecting candidates. That night 4 booming cannon shots were heard in the dark night sky. In simulation 5 Bernie made it all the way to the top 2 taking second place to Andrew Yang. As the simulations continued things only continued to get weirder. Due to having 2 Trumps there were many situations where Trump would end up eliminating his counterpart (I think this is a lot deeper than it seems).

After 50 simulations, 1150 dead candidates, 50 victors and one Bernie Sanders quadra kill we finally have the final point totals. Now without further ado lets get into the results. First on the Democratic side we had Booker, Buttigieg, Harris, Ryan and Warren all with one point; Bennett, Delaney, Gabbard, Messam and Steyer all earning 2 points; Bullock, Williamson and Yang getting 3 points; Castro and O’Rourke both came away with a respectable 4 points and finally Bernie Sanders being the Democratic leader securing a staggering 7 points. On the Republican side of things there were only 4 candidates and 3 of them only got one point, these being Stanford, Weld and Walsh. Now Donald Trump, he had a very impressive showing scoring 6 points, he could have very well have won the whole thing if it wasn’t for him literally shooting himself in the foot. There were 12 different simulations were one of the Trumps killed the other.

Congratulations to Bernie Sanders on a game well played. Honorable mentions to Beto O’Rourke for having the highest kills to death ratio and to Andrew Yang for winning a game without killing a single other candidate. On a more serious note, as funny as putting all of the candidates into a Hunger Game simulator is, we have to remember why the hunger games exists in the books, for entertainment. One of the worst things we could have in the modern day of America is if we allow politics to get to a point where we are pinning candidates against each other for nothing other than internment. This will lead to something known as reality show politics. Where legitimate candidates that would make a great president are scared away form running due to the constant pressure they would be under to provide entertainment. This will lead to a more divided America and overall a worse day to day life for the American people. We need to treat politics more like what it is and less like a form of entertainment like a reality show.



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Do desk arrangements in a classroom affect your education

Have you ever been a basic classroom lined up in the same straight rows in the same assigned seat, going through the exact same routine everyday in class? If you answered yes you’re just like every other high school student in the world. Is going through the same routine in the same setting everyday healthy and help better the learning process.

As a high school student, I will attest that isn’t good for bettering your education. There’s nothing different and exciting about class, its just the same thing everyday and losing student interest fast. A change in scenery on regular basis helps students become more involved with their peers and more involved with the content being taught.

Also having seating arrangements in a classroom is unhealthy for students. How is a student in the far back corner supposed to get the same attention and learning opportunities as a front row student? The answer is that he doesn’t. students need to be as close to a teacher as they can in order to learn to best of their ability. Changing classroom seating can give students that option.

One of my favorite and most memorable classes that I learned the most in was my English class sophomore year. Granted I had a very involved passionate teacher in Davis high Mr. Frey. But aside from that Mr. Frey had new desk arrangements almost every two weeks. It kept me involved it kept class entertaining and new and exciting, which translated to the content being taught, entertaining and exciting in class. It gave me more opportunities to step out of my comfort shell and meet new peers and create networking and relationships. And it gave me a better opportunity to be closer the content being taught.

Overall atmosphere plays a major roll in all aspects of life and can play an even bigger role in a classroom.

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The “art” of the DM: women’s perspective

What is the number one way that a man, or boys in this case, try to get to know a girl in this day and age? The answer is the DM. Boys have this belief that the way to connect and get to know a girl is through either Instagram direct messaging or the chat feature on Snapchat because the reality of it is, it’s convenient. It’s easier to text a girl and play mind games with her than to talk to her in person. Boys see the DM as a great way to get to know a girl, but how can you really get to know someone when there is a screen between you and that girl?

Boys think that DM’s are a great way to get to know a girl because they don’t take into the consideration the emotional toll it has on these girls. Girls are more considerate and emotional beings, that is a fact of life, and it will never change. The idea that girls and boys are just different emotionally from each other reminds me of the song by Dierks Bently called, “Different for Girls.”

“It’s different for girls when their hearts get broke. They can’t tape it back together. They don’t take someone home and act like it’s nothing. They can’t just switch it off every time they feel something.”

Girls think about the details and think about how their decisions effect others and themselves. Girls worry about the timing of the DM like if they should respond immediately or wait to respond to build the suspense that the boy puts them in, whether or not they should start the conversation, or, the worst of the all, when a boy leaves a girl on read.

It makes the girl wonder, “Did I do something wrong?”

“Does he not like me?”

“Should I leave him on read?”

“What is wrong about me that makes him leave me on read?”

The boys don’t see the frustration and tears that leaving a girl on read can bring. It is followed by countless hours of consulting family and friends, questioning whether or not they did something wrong, or if the boy is even worth the time. But the issue arises when the girl realizes it is not that easy to just let someone go. To a boy it is a one and done type situation, but for the girl it doesn’t end once the message is sent, it is a constant reminder that, “maybe I’m not good enough.” The DM and the instant messaging is causing girls to have lower self esteem because those messages matter to her, but he doesn’t feel the same way about those messages causing a fragile girl to question her worth.

Talking and messaging a guy should be about boosting self-esteem and being able to get to know someone, but, the fact of it is that, the boys just don’t care about it as much as the girl. Which brings me to the final conclusion that when they boy doesn’t care he is in control, leaving the girl an utter and complete mess following blindly to the control of a man or boy that in reality she hardly knows, but has developed this concern and care for them because of the ONE time he reached out to her.

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Why the College Football Playoff NEEDS to Expand

The same teams are selected for the College Football Playoff every year. Which is why Alabama and Ohio State are some of the most hated football programs in America. The solution: A playoff expansion.

People talk about a 6,10,12, and even a 16 team playoff, but the magic number is 8. 5 spots will be taken by power 5 conference champions, 1 by the best group of 5 school, and 2 by at-large teams. When great teams play great teams in college football, it produces a lot of money for the NCAA and entertainment for the fans.

“Imagine adding four quarterfinal games to the mix. That’s high-level football that would add another dimension to the postseason and America’s holiday season,” says Greg Wallace of Bleacher Report.

Adding another week of high caliber football games is the extra push through the depressing month of January that everyone needs. Not only will the College Football playoff give a better chance of survival through the Winter, but it will also give a better chance of survival to the underdogs.

The reason everyone loves March Madness is because of the Cinderella story teams defying all odds to make it to the final 4. Why not incorporate this in football with an 8 team playoff as well?

To quote Greg Wallace again, “Why fight it? Embrace the 8-team playoff system and the chaos that comes with it.”

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Drug take back day: get rid of your unused prescription drugs!

This Saturday, October 26, is the semi-annual DEA national drug take back day. What is it? It is a day in which people can dispose of any unused or expired prescribed medication that may be lying around their homes at official locations set up near them. The purpose of this event is to fight against prescription drug abuse by giving people a source to get rid of any spare substances that may be misused.

Does this actually work? Well, in April 2019, 17,885 pounds of unused drugs were collected at the collection sites just in Utah. The nationwide results were even more impressive. 468.72 tons (937,443 pounds) was collected from 6,258 collection sites across the country in April. That was just one of the take back days. There has been a total of 7 beginning in May, 2016.

Utah actively participates in drug take back day every time, and has many collection sites across the state. Davis County alone has about 20 sites at locations such as the Kaysville police station, Layton police station, Farmington police station, Hill Air Force base, and many more. With all these collection sites within a 10 mile radius, the hopes are high for good results for this months take back day. If you or your family members has unused and/or expired prescription drugs that could potentially be abused or misused, now you know of a few places to get rid of them, and maybe save yourself from the temptations in your cupboard.

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Millennials Under Fire


Previous generations have created chaos and unhealthy living expectations for millennials. Due to changes in society and technology each generation faces their own challenges, currently millennials are under attack. Society is trying to keep children safe. Individuals over protection of children affects their development. It is true that parents coddle, shield and attempt to keep the youth safe from uncomfortable and scary topics, but when they don’t perform to par, millennials are blamed for actions. Parents and guardians have unrealistic expectations and demand perfection from children without giving them the chance to learn and make mistakes. Older generations continue to judge younger versions of themselves and don’t realize the world is evolving. In this world, it is impossible for older generation’s actions and learning experiences to be the same as the millennials.  With the continuation of expected perfection, the millennial generation struggles with communication and independence.

An anonomys source claims, “Millennials communicate in a different way than previous generations. It is ok for us to be different.”

A vital developmental piece within a child is communication, parents create a standstill on development of skills because they feel the need to communicate for them. Peter Gray analyzes in “The Culture of Childhood: We’ve Almost destroyed it,” having kids communicate with peers helps them establish rules within themselves and to challenge to norms of their parents. College administrators attempt the continuation of protection from older generations negatively affects millennials communication and confrontation skills in the workplace.

Confrontation is scary but necessary piece of human interaction. Confronting their parent’s rules and finding their own allows them to find their voice. The lack of confrontation skills youth developed will start to change outcomes later in life.  Confrontation is an essential piece of authentic communication, without it, people will never reach the full potential of communication.

“If they would give us a chance, we would be able to prove to them we don’t lack communcation.”


Millennials are not given credit for the progressions they have instilled on world development. In all 6 articles, millennials are scrutinized for the way they live life and there is a lack of praise on evolution they have created for future generations. Millennials are technologically advanced compared to other generations. They have found ways to communicate effectively with one another through technology. Through technology millennials have changed the way that the world runs. This generation has changed the natural workplace, imprinting the idea to older generations of work-life-balance. Millennials are found to be much happier and more productive because they take time for themselves to participate in personal interests, social and family or leisure activity. As millennials are starting to enter the workplace older generations are shocked by the confidence and entitlement within this generation. These traits become a positive aspect within companies, millennials desire success and accolades. They want to be elite. Development within the workplace will continue to come with the competition of millennials attempting to reach the top. It would be beneficial for previous generations to see research on how millennials have changed the way the worlds narrative is written. Millennials are continuously evolving and adapting to the changes within the world and paving a road for future generations to live an authentic life.



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The Joker

Joker is the newest adaptation of the classic story of the clown prince of crime. However, the caped crusader is not in the film, the story instead revolves around Batman’s arch-nemesis The Joker. Joker stars Joaquin Pheonix as Arthur Fleck, a mentally ill man living with his mother in Gotham. The Joker has been an agent of chaos in previous comics and movies, with the new film being no different. It shows a man’s descent into insanity and how the wrong circumstances anyone can go mad.

The film follows middle-aged Arthur Fleck who is a shy, unconfrontational man who suffers from pathological laughter where he bursts into random fits of laughter when under stress. Fleck works as a clown for hire and is often bullied and ridiculed because of his status. As an already mentally unstable man, Arthur is tossed aside and crushed by society and the higher class of Gotham.

Arthur accidentally starts a revolution among the poor of Gotham by killing 3 higher class citizens as they assaulted him on a train. Becoming the face of this revolution empowers Arthur to embrace his insanity.

Pheonix does a flawless job expressing the madness of the Joker. From his eerie body language to his uncontrollable laughter, he plays a man grasping on to his last bits of sanity. His descent to madness is enticing, yet hard to watch. Pheonix was so dedicated to the making of the film he lost 52 pounds to look more like the clown.

“Having that level of control over yourself is liberating, but the initial weight loss was tough to handle.”

Said Joaquin Pheonix when asked about his weight loss. Phoenix went on to say:

“once you reach your target weight, I don’t know what happens, it’s incredible. You start to feel energized and excited.”

Todd Phillips’s newest adaptation of The Joker is an enticing, gripping,  and moving story with a great plot and amazing actors. It is definitely a story worth watching.

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Justin Biebers’ Christmas Album

Justin Bieber has been a sensational artist in the 2010’s decade. His last real album was released on November 13, 2015 called ‘Purpose’, with 93% likes and it made his career take off like crazy.

“If this gets 20 million likes Justin Bieber will release an album before Christmas,” Justin posted on October 27, 2019.

“Share it, Like it, post it in your story, I gotta see the demand. I love you guys, pumped for it! I’m almost done but your support will make me move faster,” the caption also said.

Justin’s new post is in the millions already and is drastically climbing by the minute. Justin’s newest single called ‘10,000 hours’ featuring Dan and Shay, a newly rising Country band, and Hailey Bieber, his wife, in his music video.

“We wrote this song about our wives, and we’re glad that it means as much to our fans as it does to us,” Dan said.

On October 10th, the song reached 33.3 million U.S. streams… in just a week!

Justin says that there is no set release date yet, but if his post gets to 20 million, in return he will make the album before Christmas. Our goal as his fans is to get him to the 20 million!



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The tradition of booing in Orchard Farms

As Halloween approaches, the tricks begin. A very common game played in the Orchard Farms residency is what we all know as “booing.” Booing is when you leave a treat at a neighbors house and run away leaving the people who got Boo-ed wondering where it came from, then they put a sign on their door letting others know that they can’t get boo-ed for a second time. Some great things to boo people with are things like candies, small knick-knacks, candles, and maybe some cute Halloween decorations.

Booing has been a tradition that has been popular everywhere.

“We don’t know exactly how this game was started, but neighborhoods around us have been doing it for over 20 years,” says beenbood.com.

The Orchard Farms neighborhood has been enjoying this tradition for years now, and it’s something that is passed down through generations for everyone to enjoy from young to old.

Booing has brought together lots of families and friends to enjoy the seasons festivities together as a community. Without some of these activities togetherness wouldn’t be as possible as it is today. So go out and find some treats to go boo your neighbors!



Boo Basket Printable + Gift Ideas Round-up

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The Art of the DM: Mans Perspective

Picture this… you are a male attracted to women. You are on Instagram. You see the most beautiful girl you have ever seen in your life. You look at her  page. You see that she likes dogs and her family. You contemplate if you should reach out and talk to her, she seems really cool from her page but there is only one way to know for sure, so YOU slide in her DM’s.

DMing someone you find attractive has been around since it was invented. It gives everyone a chance to shoot their shot and try and get out there in the dating world.

“I felt like it was my only way to connect. And she was Hot!” Stated Davis High Senior Isaac Whipple

It’s hard to argue with that logic. How can someone even connect with someone that they have never met. It’s really their only option.

Obviously, not all people agree with such a statement.

“I think its weird and creepy if you don’t know them.” Explained Carston Christensen.

A lot of people would agree with Carston because you never truly know who is trying to hit you up, it could be a 60 year old man that made up a random profile of a young girl.

“It kind of depends on the person.” Stated Sophomore Hannah Lindsey.

This begs the point the question of “Who Is” the person.

On the other hand there are the upsides. If the person is real you can see what they are interested in and if your interests are similar. It gives you an idea of how much you have in common and how much you could get along with the person. It is a kind of background check that can be very helpful before going all in with someone. If you know they are crazy from their Profile it will save you the time of finding out in person. When Sam Heath was asked about sliding into girls DMs he said

” I like it a lot actually, it was a lot of fun”.

Sliding into DMs is a tool that you can use to make connections with people that you might find out you are compatible with and can have fun with and maybe get in a relationship with.


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Tutorial Papers: Motivation or Segregation?

Everyone knows the tutorial paper system, but the question is, do they really serve their purpose? Every Monday, a paper for every student at Davis High is printed out with their grades, either brown or yellow like they are a fate determined IQ. These papers are then handed out on Wednesday during homeroom with the intent to help students.

The problem is the color of the papers are almost as defining as a student ethnicity. Students with A’s and B’s in all their classes get a brown paper, and those with a C or lower in any class get a yellow paper. So, do the colors of tutorial papers motivate or are they some modern segregation?

Tutorial papers are meant to motivate students with lower grades to raise them. The purpose of tutorial is to catch up on missing work, and tutorial papers give students a rough outline of what they need to do to raise their grade. The goal is for students with a yellow paper to want a brown paper.

Some students don’t like the tutorial paper system because they think it is an embarrassing way of showing grades. Many say that it is a way of separating the “smart” students from the “dumb” ones.

“When I get a yellow sheet it makes me feel bad about myself.” As explained by Truman Nickle.

The school is very much in support of helping grades. However, a public display of what a students grades are can be demeaning.

“Putting everyone’s grades on the same color paper, but having the teacher check which classes need attention would be a better way of helping students stay motivated without exposing them.” stated Charity Maynes, Senior.

So, is the tutorial paper system really as bad as some make it out to be? Maybe, but it really just depends on how you look at it. All in all, it’s not the papers that matter, it’s about using the time we have in tutorial to get better grades.

There is no remorse behind the intent. BUT, is there a better way?

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Addams Family, old or New?

Everyone has heard the infamous family from the television show ‘The Addams Family’. It is almost synonymous with the holiday “Halloween”. The Adams Family has multiple renditions and the question of which is the most thrilling is always up for debate. The newest version was a movie that was released on October 11th, 2019. There has been a lot of mixed reviews about the new movie.

Some people really enjoy the movie, while others believe that it didn’t do the original TV show Addams Family, released September 18th, 1964, justice. As with anything it is incredibly difficult to accurately re-create the original which was very popular.

The New movie is also being compared to the more recent Addams Family movies, The Addams Family, released November 22nd, 1991, and Addams Family Values, released November 19th, 1993.

Some popular reviews from online, are not too happy about the new movie. Though popular it was quite clearly did not live up to the hype.

“Like Uncle Fester’s misguided and malodorous attempts at charm, The Addams Family ain’t quite what it could have been.” According to Bob Hoose, from the website “Plugged in”. 

Others were pretty disappointed in the storyline of the movie as well.

“The Addams Family has an overly processed outre harmlessness. It’s so busy treating its famous domesticated ghouls as icons that it forgets to rediscover what’s memoral about them” As stated by Gwen Gleiberman, from the website “Variety”.

The reviews show that though it did not meet expectations. It was in turn popular due to its popular name.

While some reviews are flat out upset and disappointed, some people quiet enjoyed the humor of the movie.

“As a big Addams fan, all I wanted was for this film to match the humor of the 60’s TV show and 90’s live action movies. And to me, this film did just that; I was laughing hysterically so many times…” as stated by Cjmoore, from metacritic.com

Have you seen The Addams Family? Did you like or dislike it?

In your opinion, how does the new cartoon compare to the 60’s TV show, and the 90’s movies? This movie was quiet a risk, as the plot is very different compared to the previous versions of it. Nevertheless, The Addams Family is a great movie, that really stands out in the crowd. Just the name alone peaks curiosity during this Halloween season.

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Why join the military?

The military is a government owned force (generally) that keeps our country, the United States of America, safe and free.

Here is a breakdown of the different branches of the military:

Utah’s National Guard – a special force owned by the governor of Utah to protect our state.

Army – A force used to protect our entire country on land.

Navy – the military personnel who are in charge of what goes on over seas.

Air Force – a branch that specializes in sky operations.

Marines – the task force who over-go both the land and sea operations.

Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) – those who deal with and despise of toxic materials such as bombs. I personally have a lot of military family but have only had one pass away after serving at the age of 32, an EOD warrior.

Coast Guard – a military form of transportation normally associated with the sea being a part of the navy

Marine Corps – A unique branch of military that is on not only one, but all three, land, sea, and sky. However, they are topically on land

Keep in mind that a lot of this is going to be very difficult and that there is so much more to it than a cool uniform. People are risking their lives for us every single day and yet so many of us take it for granted.

”I did not have the pleasure of meeting you, however, I know several who have.  The many kind words they spoke were a tribute to an extraordinary man, patriot, HERO.  My words can not express the gratitude and respect I have for you and the sacrifice you made.  My children will grow up in a better place due to your heroic actions.
Thank you and God Bless
The Plendl Family”
– kind regards to David Benjamin Lyon on his obituary page

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Being Concussed in Modern Society

With the rise of studies and the dangers involved with concussions. It is becoming a big topic especially in the sporting world. How are young developing brains being affected by concussions and is it ok for them to be attending schools and continuing in sports after being concussed.

Parents would probably agree that their children should be done with athletics after a concussion out of sheer protection for their own flesh and blood. However, its not that easy for the athlete to give up something that they have sacrificed countless hours to progress in the sport.

For me personally being a football player, playing under the lights in front of a crowd, with all your brothers at your side on a Friday night, there’s no greater feeling that I have experienced so far in my short life. And I say so far in my life because I still have a lot of life to live. The concern is clear: will concussions will affect the rest of the life I live? And if the adrenaline and high of being a high school jock is worth a lifetime of brain damage and pain that can prevent you from the things that really matter.

I am a high school athlete and right now in the moment I would say it is worth the risk, because I love the sport that much. I read my sophomore year a book called “The Alchemist” where there is a quote about a man that may face imminent death, his response was somewhat prophetic: “Today’s as good a day to die as any.” In other words, whether our lives are threatened by sickness, concussions, or car accidents. We can’t predict what will happen next. If a professional dictates that you are good to go. Then why not? #YOLO

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The truth about vegans

Being vegan means that you don’t eat any meats, poultry, seafood, dairy, eggs, and bee products, and even the delicious milk chocolate candy bars you get on Halloween.

Since I am not vegan, I wanted to learn more about it, so I took the opportunity to ask Lance Brown some questions about his vegan life.

“My favorite vegan food would have to be a vegan beyond burger with vegan cheese and veggies on it,” he stated.

Being vegan  would be one of the hardest challenges for some. Most couldn’t even attempt giving up meat because of their eating habits, but for my good friend Lance who goes to Davis High School, it’s a piece of vegan cake. He has been vegetarian for two and a half years, and vegan for one and a half years, and has embraced it into his daily life.

Lance Brown is just like any other normal teen and loves hanging out with friends, mountain biking for Davis High school and with his dad.

“Vegan quesadillas, I have them all the time because of the ease, it’s just a tortilla, vegan cheese and then I add guacamole on it,” Lance replied when asked about his favorite food.

“I wish I could eat animal products all the time, but I don’t want to,” he stated when asked if he would ever resort back to eating animal products.

He sees himself resorting back to vegetarian sometime in the future, but he doesn’t think he will ever eat meat again. For some, one of the hardest parts of being vegan would be what your friends and family thought or not being able to eat some of the foods they make or going out to eat. Lance shared his family’s view of his veganism.

”My parents are pretty cool about it and my Dad was a vegan before I joined, and he encouraged me to be vegan, but never forced me to. My Mom is okay with it, but can get frustrated with dinners and sometimes wishes I would eat meat.”

He then proceeds to tell us how much it has changed his life.

“I have lost 60 pounds in the past 3 years combined with exercise and I feel better than ever, my energy has gone up, my acne has gone away and I just feel good about myself and what I’m doing to help the environment.”

If you want to learn more about vegans or are looking into being vegan, find Lance in the hallways at school and ask what being vegan means to him.

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Is dance an art or a sport?

Dance! The art that EVERY culture has in some form or another. People have been dancing for centuries, from folk dances all the way to the creation of hip-hop in the streets of the Bronx. Over time it’s progressed from free-styling for fun to creating a piece to be showcased, to break dancing being considered for the 2024 summer Olympics. All of this begs the question, is dance still an art? Or is it a sport?

The definition of a sport is, “an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.” That means it’s institutionalized, there’s an official league that sets the standards that everyone is required to follow. There’s low autonomy, expressiveness, spontaneity, and separation from life.

By that standard, dance is a sport. Moreover, there are dance competitions ranging from the state to the world level, and the scoring is the same. On World of Dance, one of the upcoming and growing reality dance competitions, competitors are rated on how well they display technique, choreography, creativity, and overall performance and stage presence. Hollywood Vibe, a national traveling dance convention, and competition rate its competitors on the same standards, as well as music and costuming.

Additionally, at this point dance almost becomes a science. Dancers have to be aware of their lines, what angle their body’s at, if their hands are fisted or bladed; if their feet are together or apart, and where their head is supposed to be looking. They also have to know which count their hitting, if it’s a beat or a snare if the move is tight or smooth. They’re even told what their facial expressions should be. While these things are important whether the routine is being judged or not, it becomes increasingly important when competing for first place in a competition.

On the other hand, dance is essentially the portrayal of an idea.

“I think that’s the most important thing, is what can they say and how can I help them say it. My little kids, I know theirs is going to be strong, and bold, and loud. I know that my older kids, theirs can be that too, but I also like to think about what they have a hard time saying.” Aaleiyah Laumua, dancer and choreographer, says that when choreographing a routine, she thinks of the vibe.

That’s where the art part comes in. When dance is used as a way to express a feeling. When it’s viewed as an art, there is more freedom to showcase your individuality. You’re allowed to really feel the music and connect the message of the song to what you’re feeling in the moment. You’re allowed to use your body to say something, to project what you’re feeling and thinking to the audience and latch on to them, connect with them in a way that is unexplained.

“It’s a way for me to express what I feel, to use the words when I can’t say it. Dance helps me to feel understood by myself, by other people. It’s something that people can relate to, even though they’re not going through the same situations. You can just grow and learn, use your voice, find who you are, be a different person to different songs,” Aaleiyah expressed.

The value of art within cultures and society should not be overlooked. It is a universal language, allowing everyone to say what they want, or understand its beauty. It is a bridge connecting all people, cultures, and societies.

“Art is what brings out the deepest root of our body, which is love. I feel like we are all capable of loving and having light, and art can allow that. Art can bring out the best, and help us understand our weaknesses and insecurities, the darkness that we hold and can remove to find more light. It allows unity. If I walk into a room, anywhere, and we’re all dancing, I feel like that’s my family. I feel like in that moment in time I matter because we’re all doing something we love. That’s why it’s so important because nowadays all we do is just separate people. If we understood the beauty of art, we could all see that our differences are what brings us together and can build a strong community.”

So yes, dance is both an art and a sport, depending on the context of the situation. Either way, whether you’re competing on the World of Dance stage, or jamming out in your room to your favorite song, dance is appreciated and valued by all.

“When y’all get on the stage with these artists, y’all are not just props. Y’all are the icing on the cake. Y’all are the beat to the heart.” As Missy Elliott said in her video vanguard award acceptance speech.







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Rock-N-Rolls Best Kept Secret!

The list of Beatles are as follows John Lennon died in 1980 by a mentally-disturbed fan, George Harrison died in 2001 because of lung cancer, Ringo Starr is alive and in his late seventies, along with Paul McCartney who is also in his late seventies. However, this is not what it appears to be, what if evidence suggested that Paul actually died in 1966 being replaced shortly after? This is known as the Paul Is Dead conspiracy.

So what is this evidence? In multiple songs, hints to this can be heard. Some in plain audio and some reversed. Some of the most famous songs with the messages are “I’m So Tired”, “Don’t Pass Me By”, and “Revolution #9”. The most famous being Rev #9, this song was a very experimental song that most people skip in the album however it is the most important. During the song, the repeated phrase “Number nine,” when played backward, becomes “turn me on, dead man.” There’s also a lot of recorded conversation in this music-free track, much of which has been taken by listeners as clues to Paul’s crash and death: “his voice was low and his eyes were high and his eyes were closed” and “his legs were drawn, his hands were tied, his feet were bent and his head was on fire and his glasses were insane. This was the end of his audience,” and “My wings are broken and so is my hair. I’m not in the mood for wearing clothing.” You can also hear the crash, a fire, sirens, and Paul screaming “Get me out.” This is a lot of evidence hidden very cleverly.

The funeral procession on the cover of Abbey Road appears to be the Beatles walking across a street, however, it is more than meets the eye. In November 1966, McCartney had an argument with his bandmates during a Beatles recording session and drove off angrily in his car, crashed, and was decapitated. To spare the public from grief, or simply as a joke, the surviving Beatles replaced him with the winner of a McCartney look-alike contest. “A DJ put all those signs together: Paul with no shoes [on the cover of Abbey Road] … and the Volkswagen Beetle. Then there was a Magical Mystery Tour, where we three had red roses and he had a black one. It was just madness … There was no way we could prove he was alive.” said Ringo Starr. Another example is the interpretation of the Abbey Road album cover as depicting a funeral procession. Lennon, dressed in white, is said to symbolize the heavenly figure; Starr, dressed in black, symbolizes the undertaker; George Harrison, in denim, represents the gravedigger; and McCartney, barefoot and out of step with the others, symbolizes the corpse. The number plate of the white Volkswagen Beetle in the photo was identified as further “evidence”, the characters representing McCartney’s age “if” he had still been alive. That the left-handed McCartney holds a cigarette in his right hand was also said to support the idea that he was an impostor.

This is some extremely detailed evidence that some people believe however this story is just presenting the facts and has nothing to do with beliefs.

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Shoplifting thief caught in kaysville just last week

Shoplifting is a major problem every year,  there is a loss of more than $10-$13 billion dollars. So when you put that milk chocolate snickers bar in your pocket is it worth the risk of having the police called or are you gonna cough up that $1.04?

People think that shoplifting saves you some money which it could, but once they catch you and you can get a fine up to 150- 500$ its called a civil charge and the stores are allowed to do it and they can call the police.

Shoplifting isn’t just stealing items, it also includes, hiding an item to avoid paying for it,  This can include altering price tags, manipulating merchandise, and putting goods into different containers or packaging to avoid paying all or part of the purchase price.

I just live in Kaysville Utah where there are Mormons everywhere, but even when it comes to shoplifting, I have gone into the gas stations and I have witnessed people shoplifting and them getting busted and then the police come or they just ban you from the store. Some people get lucky and do not get the police called and do not do it again but then there are the people who get the police called and still do it again.

When you walk into a store the first thing that the people working see is you, what your wearing and your appearance, Most the time its people aged 15-25 that they especially watch. When you walk into a store and you’re a teenager you get watched while you’re in there. When you go into Harmon’s grocery store in station park and you’re a teenager they have people that follow you around just to make sure.

I interviewed Isaac Whipple and asked him if he has ever witnessed shoplifting in the Kaysville area and he stated

“Just the other day at R&Bs gas station he saw someone shoplifting and the manager working put the kid  in a headlock and called the police and the kid was fighting to get away and then got away and ran, but when Whipple was done getting gas he went out of the gas station and went 2 blocks east and when I passes the kid, I saw 3 police officers talking to him”

The craziest part is it happens daily all around us,  would you rather ask your parents for 4.00$ or have the police or store call your parents and have them tell them you were shoplifting? think about that next time you shoplift.


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Vaping dilemma: pro or con?

A lot of people are discussing the topic of vaping, or Juuling to be more exact. It has become a very popular activity, especially in social situations. It’s said to be much safer than cigarettes, but that’s very debatable by many people. The truth is, in the past, when vaping was first invented and becoming popular, they didn’t know enough about it to say whether or not it was harmful for your body. The smart thing to do would be to make the assumption that since they don’t know enough about it, it shouldn’t be inhaled into your body. It’s a similar situation to cigarettes in the 80’s- not enough was known about it, so it was assumed to be safe. It was harmless and made you feel extremely relaxed.

“It can harm the developing brain of kids and could affect memory and attention. It is also very damaging to unborn babies. Pregnant women shouldn’t use anything with nicotine,” stated webmd article.

With the information that it can affect unborn babies negatively and cause deformities, that should be enough evidence that it must not be something we, ourselves should be inhaling into our own bodies. Like it was stated in the first paragraph, there isn’t enough evidence and research on vaping, therefore we should stay far away from it.

There’s also evidence stating that 14 people have died from Juuling alone in the US, and even more cases from vaping. That number will keep increasing if people continue to Juul. There was a post on VSCO stating that someone had been in and out of the hospital due to Juuling. They stated they had been Juuling for 3 years, and it filled their lungs with fluid and they would continuously cough up blood. The doctors would send them home because they had no way of helping them, so they had to continue to be miserable with no solution. They also said that they would be sitting in class, and randomly start coughing, and with that, they would also cough up blood.

“It came out my mouth and nose,” they stated.

They referred to it as a “death stick”. If that doesn’t convince anybody to stay highly away from it, I don’t know what will.

Knowing that I used to be a vaper/”Juuler”, I know how dangerous and addictive it is. I still catch myself using Juuls every once in awhile, because the addiction speaks to me too strongly. This is a real serious problem, and it needs to be addressed- especially to the youth and teenagers.

The last point I have to make is the fact that they’re selling fruity/candy flavors. That targets children and teenagers extremely- knowing that the law states you have to be 19 or older to buy their products, they don’t stop others when they recognize a fake id, because they want to sell the products. They also very well know that any teenager could contact a 19 year old to get their goods for them. It’s so unsmart and straight up evil.

Those are my thoughts on Juuling and vaping- the Governor of Utah is trying to ban all vaping juices, and some people fully support that decision. It is destroying the lives of people on this earth by the minute!


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How the season change affects your mood

During the September and October months, Davis county prepares for seasonal change from summer to fall. With these seasonal changes comes chaos with the preparations for colder months. Some things that may occur during these times are things that may effect your mental health, such as seasonal depression, and they may make activities that you usually enjoy not as appealing. There are about 3 million cases of seasonal depression per year. It usually starts in the fall and continues into the winter months.

“My mental health improves because fall is my favorite, Halloween, wearing warm clothes,the cold,” says Talia Swindell.

Some people’s mental health improves during this time. It could boost their mood as well as improves sleep, helps you burn calories, and it helps with your allergies. With limited sunshine our bodies produce less serotonin and more melatonin, making us less energetic. Lower serotonin levels are linked to depression. The reduced sunlight disrupts your body clock, drops your serotonin levels and may lead you into feeling depressed. Aerobic activity for 20-30 minutes of activity a week can improve cardiovascular health.

Some ways to deal with seasonal depression include going outside more, doing sports such as skiing, indoor swim at areas like surf n swim,  medications, and therapies.





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Will “The Crucible” Cause You to Hang in Confusion?

The Crucible written by “Arthur Miller” is a play about the Salem witch trials. The Salem witch trials was a huge mass panic in a holy community called Salem, this mass panic was because of witchcraft. However, the only person in the entire story who practices anything close to witchcraft is Tituba, a servant who knows voodoo magic.

Is this a hard book to read? In my opinion “no it is not a hard book.” Is it confusing? “yes.” The author expects you to know certain things before reading. The author also blames small things on multiple people and since you only can read what the characters are saying it is extremely difficult to know who did something. The author also hints to important character flaws and strengths without saying it in any way. An example of this is mannerisms and the way that characters word their sentences.

The book is very easy to read, the figurative language is almost nonexistent. This book focuses on the idea that what the character thinks is true is a reality in that person’s mind.

Overall this book is a light and fun read to anyone who is into puzzles and problems. This book unwinds into a huge puzzle that is fun to solve.

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The Opioid Crisis: Utah’s rising epidemic

The United States is facing an increasingly problematic issue that poses a major threat to many people. Recently though, teens have entered the scene and it proves troubling for many.

The Opioid Crisis has significantly been rising in the past few years. So where does Utah enter into this? Utah has ranked top 10 in the country for overdose deaths for the last ten years. The National Institute on Drug Abuse stated that there were 456 deaths related to an opioid overdose in 2017.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse also reported that, “Every day, more than 130 people in the United States die after overdosing on opioids.” This is a somber fact that should inspire us to try and do something to stop the opioid crisis from spreading even more.

“From 2000 to 2015, Utah experienced a nearly 400% increase in deaths from the misuse and abuse of prescription drugs,” stated the Utah Department of Health. This has pushed Utah to take significant steps in decreasing overdose deaths from opioids.

The Utah Department of Health has received funding to address the opidemic. They have also been distributing Naloxone, which has contributed to saving lives. The department has funded community clinics, substance use treatment facilities, and community organizations.

Teens in Utah have been abusing prescription drugs that contain opioids. They abuse these prescriptions because social media portrays it as popular and normal, they are looking for acceptance with their peers, have a lack of confidence, or are simply going through a rebellious phase. Opioids can also be unintentionally abused if teens are recovering from a sports injury. They may become dependent on it so that there isn’t a lot of pain.

Teens and adults should seek out help from a trusted adult or professional counselor if they are dealing with opioid addiction. Seeking out help and gaining support from family and friends will help teens on their road to recovery.





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Spooky movies to watch this Halloween

Here it is, everyone’s favorite season: FALL! You know that means, here comes the pumpkin spice lattes and sweaters. Another thing that comes around this season is Halloween! The holiday where scary movies and haunted houses reside. What’s your favorite Halloween movie? Are you into scary stuff or are you more laid back? For your convenience, here are some of everyone’s all-time favorite Halloween movies:


  1. The Conjuring-2013 Rated R
  2. Scream-1996 Rated R
  3. It-2017 Rated R
  4. The Exorcist-1973 Rated R
  5. It Follows-2014 Rated R


  1. Halloween-1978 Rated R
  2. Get Out-2017 Rated R
  3. Scream-1996 Rated R
  4. The Babadook-2014 Not Rated
  5. The Ring-2002 Rated PG-13

Blood and Gore:

  1. Dead Alive-1992 Rated R
  2. Tokyo Gore Police-2009 Not Rated
  3. The Evil Dead-1981 Rated R
  4. Hostel-2005 Rated R
  5. Blood Feast-1963 Not Rated


  1. Hocus Pocus-1993 Rated PG
  2. The Nightmare Before Christmas-1993 Rated PG
  3. Halloween Town-1998 Rated TV-G
  4. Casper-1995 Rated PG
  5. Monster House-2006 Rated PG

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Fighting the flu: Tips to staying healthy during the flu season

As we transition into fall and winter, the flu season approaches fast. School is in full speed and there is more of a chance of catching and spreading the flu. So what can we do to protect ourselves from falling ill to the flu?

The best option would be to get vaccinated against the virus, but there are many additional options to fighting the flu.

Washing your hands often can help in protecting yourself from the flu. You should especially wash your hands after coughing, sneezing, or before eating.

Don’t be tempted to share things with your friends or family, as that is where the germs can really spread. Try to avoid being near people who are already sick, as well as large crowds.

It is very important to get plenty of sleep. If you are feeling run down try to get more sleep,  as less sleep weakens your immune system and makes you more susceptible to the flu or other viruses. Not getting enough sleep can also affect how fast you can recover from an illness if you do get sick.

Getting enough exercise will help keep your immune system strong to defend against the flu. Drinking plenty of water will keep you hydrated. Make sure you are eating healthy and getting enough nutrients for your body. Eating more protein and antioxidant-rich foods, such as whole grains and walnuts, will help you fight the flu virus.

Learning to protect yourself from the flu and other colds will help reduce the risk of catching an illness during the fall and winter seasons. Remember to use your best judgement and be cautious throughout the flu season. Don’t get caught with the flu when you have the means to stay healthy!



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Handwriting: Is the art of cursive going extinct?

In elementary, I was taught how to write in cursive. I loved seeing the curves and flow of this specific
kind of handwriting. I kept at it, and now I frequently write in cursive. A few months ago, I asked my
little sister when she was going to learn cursive. She gave me a confused look and replied saying that her
school wasn’t teaching it anymore. I was genuinely shocked!
What has made schools consider eliminating cursive? Is it the influx of new technology that no longer
requires handwriting? Schools have been removing handwriting classes in favor of typing lessons since
computers and laptops have become more dominant in schools.
Learning to write took up a large portion of our earlier educations, but now learning to type is a fast
process that allows us to get things done quickly. Although the thought of achieving things faster and
more efficiently seems appealing, taking the time to handwrite something gives it a personal touch.
Handwriting a paper, note, or letter takes more time and energy, but it shows that it is important to us.
Therefore, it is more meaningful to whomever it was written for.
Typing up a paper is an easy task to accomplish, but writing takes skill, especially to make it look neat
and legible. There are many benefits that can come from handwriting. Handwriting activates areas of
the brain that typing does not. Handwriting may also contribute to helping children and students
becoming proficient in writing and reading.
People in our day and age have also lost the skill to discern handwriting and handwritten documents. It’s
a sad thought that people can’t understand handwriting from less than a century ago.
Handwriting should be viewed as an endangered art and be given more thought into the significance it
has on the world.

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The Villain of the NFL?

Antonio Brown has absolutely rattled the world of sports. Antonio Brown, once Pittsburg’s star wide receiver, has now joined the NFL’s most hated team. Brown had a falling out with the Steelers organization and requested to “get out of the town.” Brown’s management teams first option was the New England Patriots. The Steelers shut that down quickly due to the fact that the Patriots are in their same division, and because AB couldn’t get to his preferred destination. He then went to the Oakland Raiders.

While in Oakland he was more of a headache than an asset. AB started off the pre-season without being able to play because he had frostbite in both his feet. When he was able to start playing, they wouldn’t let him wear the helmet that he preferred because it wasn’t up to code with the NFL’s standards. He held out for a long time because of the helmet issue and received a lot of criticism for his stance on this because people felt like he was complaining about nothing. When he finally announced that he was going to play, the Raiders organization fined him for his holdout. This was the boiling point for Antonio, and he wanted out.

Antonio Brown had a fight with the GM and said some racial slurs and threatened to fight him. AB consulted a social media specialist to try and get released as fast as possible. AB recorded a phone call he had with John Gruden, where Gruden told him to stop and just play football then it was posted on social media. Brown’s plan worked.

Saturday morning Antonio Brown was released from the Oakland Raiders. Everyone was happy because they wouldn’t have to hear about the, “cry baby” for a while until he became another team’s headache.

At 4:10 p.m. ET on Saturday, Antonio Brown shocked the football world and became one of the most hated players in the NFL. He joined the NFL’s most hated team, a complete dynasty, a team that already seemed unstoppable with the likes of Tom Brady, Julian Eddleman, Josh Gordan, And Phillip Dorsett. Antonio Brown is now a Patriot.

The Patriots Started off the season with an absolute dominate performance of the Steelers with a score of 33-3. The patriots looked like they don’t even need Antonio Brown, but with one of the best receivers in the league their offense will be seemingly Unstoppable.

The New England Patriots are the best football franchise ever. They have won two of the last three super bowls while going to all three. They have the best quarterback to ever do it, Tom Brady. He has more rings than the Steelers, who have the second most rings in NFL history after the Patriots.

The Patriots take a lot of criticism for being so good and for taking players who cause other team’s headaches. The culture of the Patriots is very important to them and they wouldn’t let anyone change it. If you don’t mend into the organization, you are gone.

New England is known for taking players who have “problems” and that no one really wants because the are too much of a distraction. Randy moss was one of the best receivers ever but he was really mouthy and no one wanted him. The Patriots got him, and in his first year with them he got 23 touchdowns, his career high.  Just a few years ago the patriots picked up Josh Gordon, he has been one of the best receivers in the game since he joined the league in 2012, but he was a “problem”. He broke the NFL’s substance abuse policy. He was indefinitely suspended by the NFL. After he was reinstated, he was traded to the New England Patriots. He is now back at full strength and is right back where he left off.

Antonio Brown was a Patriot for about three days before being accused of sexual assault. This just adds to what comes with Brown, and the timing of this allegation is very peculiar. Brittney Taylor has accused Brown of sexually harassing her three different times from 2017-18. The question rises why didn’t she come forward at an earlier date? Brown has been a huge name in sports for many years, so why does she come out when there is already a lot of hate around him with all of the team switching drama? Brown has come out and said that these allegations are false, and that he is going to fight the case and countersuit her. Supposedly Brown and Taylor were involved in a consensual relationship and anything that happened was consensual. Taylor is asking for money damages by saying that, she has been too afraid to come forward before now. Brown will not go to jail, even if he is found guilty. The Patriots are still not sure if he is going to play on Sunday against the Dolphins. Bill Belicheck has said,

“They are taking it day by day.”

If any organization can deal with all the crazy drama that comes with Antonio Brown, it is the New England Patriots. They have the most experience out of any organization and have done an amazing job with rehabilitating players and keeping their culture the best in the League.

Is Antonio Brown Guilty? If the Patriots can’t rehabilitate him, then who can?

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European Life

I recently had the opportunity to go to London and Denmark with my parents. There are a lot of cool things I noticed that are pretty contrary to things we do here in the states.

When we  left the U.S. we stopped in New York because we had a layover. We then had another six and a half hour flight to London. When we got there we were very tired from our flight and our body clocks were off because it was 6:00 in the morning when we got there. But that didn’t stop us from touring the city.

I was amazed at all the architecture because a lot of it was very old and Victorian era buildings. I was also shocked by how clean the city was compared to some of our big cities here in the states. I also noticed this in Copenhagen, Denmark, but even more so. It seemed like they took the time to care for their cities and streets and make sure all of it was clean and welcoming in a sense.

The second thing I noticed was portion sizes with food. They eat a lot less than we do, and it shows. I noticed how there were considerably less obese people. It also seemed like the food all over the place was more clean and healthy. In grocery stores, convenience stores and just anywhere you can get snacks or food, there is way less sugary products and more healthy options.

But most of all it was a great experience to see how different they live than we do. I am serving an LDS mission in Denmark in June, and it made me so much more excited. I truly can’t wait to get back to Denmark.

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To stay hydrated, get a Hydro Flask!

The average person needs to drink 64 ounces of water a day. The most convenient way for people to stay hydrated is carrying a water bottle with them throughout their day. With all the different brands & styles, who’s to know what kind of water bottle a person should get?

Fear not, for Hydro Flasks are easily the best water bottles out there. The classic, sleek design makes for easy personalization. There’s something for everybody with the wide variety of colors & designs. Many people choose to accessorize their Hydro with Flex Boots, different colored caps, & lots of stickers.

Some might argue that Hydro Flask’s biggest competitor, Yeti, makes better water bottles. That’s absolutely incorrect because Hydro Flasks are easier to carry and come in more customization styles.

Junior Robin Nelson says, “I love my Hydro Flask more than my life. It’s my favorite color, & it keeps my water cold. I’m running to dance & even if I have to leave my water in my car, it’s still cold.” She ends with this, a steely glint in her eye really showing how strongly she feels. “I hate hot water.”

Do yourself a favor, & toss out that old excuse of a water bottle & get yourself a Hydro Flask. They’re available at a number of retailers, including Tilly’s at Station Park. Stay hydrated!

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The debate that’s breaking all of our hearts

In 1973 the supreme court ruled in Roe vs. Wade that abortion is legal and the rights of the woman. Recently those ideals have been questioned and people are wanting them to change. There are at least 8 other states who have limited abortion laws  and are wanting to overturn the supreme court decision in 1973. In Georgia the governor, Brian Kemp, just passed a bill that stated you cannot get an abortion after a heartbeat is detected which can be as early as 6 weeks. 17 states are considering passing the heartbeat bill. In Alabama the governor, Kay Ivey, just passed a bill saying you can’t get an abortion after 6 weeks even if it was incest or rape. The consequences for getting an abortion can be prison time for 10-30 years.

The pro-life or pro-choice debates have been going on a lot in the past week and there have been a lot of people putting their opinions out on social media. I think one thing that is not talked about enough is that pro- choice doesn’t mean “pro- abortion.” I think that you can support freedom of choice but that doesn’t mean that you think that abortion is a “good thing.” One of the best things about the United States is that we have the freedom to make decisions for ourselves and our own family. The frustrating thing about what is going on right now is that the government is imposing themselves on the personal decisions of a family. These new laws are not only taking away women’s rights but family rights as well. As much as there needs to be restrictions on abortion the laws in Georgia and Alabama are too much because they are basically forcing a pregnancy.

People will get abortions for many different reasons and it’s not fair to assume that any situation is the same. Every family or woman that decides to get an abortion goes through different situations and nobody will know why they made the decision they did, and because we have the right to privacy they don’t have to talk about it. There are so many grey areas when it comes to abortion and it’s no one else’s choice to decide whats best for the woman or the family. As a citizen of the United States you have the right to choose what you do with your life and nobody should be able to take that from you.

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Is Dating a Thing of the Past??

Do people still go on “dates” anymore, or do they prefer to just hangout in large groups?

Technology has changed the way people date. Texting makes it easy to get to know people without something like going to dinner and a movie. Dating is a more classy way to get to know someone you’re interested in. A lot of people, though, have not been on a real date and have just adapted the idea of just hanging out. It is more comfortable, and there is not as many awkward moments typically.

Hanging out is a good way to get to know someone better. This can get you to the point where you can comfortably ask them on a date. Dates are not a thing of the past, they are just less frequent because of technology and the way people socialize now.

On the other hand, some may consider it to be a thing of the past because kids now-days are more interested in the superficial parts of dating and being with someone for a while. They focus on other things like school, or they don’t focus on anything at all. I think that kids are losing the desire to be in long term relationships. These days kids like just hanging out instead of organized dates.

I think dating is both modern and a thing of the past because of the way dating has evolved these days.

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Graham Jarvis: Best in The World!

#1 in the world, Graham Jarvis is the best extreme enduro-rider in the game today!

Born in England on April 21, 1975, he has been riding his whole life. He won his first trials event when he was only 10 years old. He continues to live in Yorkshire England today, traveling around the world riding. He rides a Husquvarna 300TE.

Extreme-enduro is a pretty new sport that requires riders to try and ride through seemingly impossible terrain. The terrain covers about everything from boulders, mud, steep rocky inclines, to man-made obstacles like log piles, motorway barriers, large rocks, and tractor tiers.

To be able ride these conditions, Graham Jarvis has to do a lot of modifications to his bike. He has lightened the suspension, added on a FMF exhaust pipe, he uses Hinson basket, and his clutch is made to be able to take large amounts of stress (like when he races in Erzberg).

Erzberg is an Austrian motorcycle enduro-race that began in 1995. It’s held annually in either May or June. It’s held in an open pit mine. At the beginning of the race about 500 riders start from crawling up the walls of the mine. One of the hardest sections of the race is called Carl’s Dinner. In the 2015 race the very first to arrive to this section was Graham Jarvis.

Graham Jarvis has won the 2013, 2015, 2016, and 2017 Erzberg.

He has also won the

Red Bull Romaniacs – 2008, 2011,2012,2013, 2016, 2017

Hell’s Gate – 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2017

Roof of Africa – 2013, 2015, 2016

Red Bull Sea to Sky- 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015

Scottish Six Days Trial – 1998, 1999, 2004, 2006

And that’s why Graham Jarvis is the best in the world!

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IT Chapter Two

The IT Chapter 2 trailer was recently released and all you need to know is it looks amazing.

Stephen King’s “IT” which was written in September of 1986 and was made into a movie in 1990. Director, Andres Muschietti took it into his hands to revamp this twisted thriller. The first chapter of IT was remade and released in 2017 and it was just as good as was hyped. The director did a very good job of bringing modern horror and fear to the already familiar face of Pennywise and all he is.

The second Chapter is set to take place with the characters being kids in the first who are now adults. Pennywise is resurfacing after his 27 year hibernation period to get his revenge, after the kids escaped his grasp in the first.

The beginning of the trailer takes place with Beverly back in Derry at the house she grew up in. An elderly women now owned the house and invited Beverly inside for tea. Beverly starts wondering and looking at the pictures on the walls and sees the face of the infamous clown. At this point you’re gonna have to go watch this hair raising trailer to get the full effect.

This movie is becoming more and more hyped with the release date being so far away. Strong recommendation to go watch the trailer and to see it in theaters come September.

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The music we listen too

Throughout the world and history music has been and still is an extremely important part of humanity. Proof of its existence since the beginning of man has been discovered.  The oldest instrument, is a bone flute from a cave in Germany, carbon dates to 35000 years ago. The first complete musical composition is the Seikilos epitaph its written on a gravestone that resides in modern day turkey, and has been decided to be from the first or second century AD.  the first known written song is cuneiform, a Hurian hymn written 3400 years ago. The credited founder of music itself is Iranian king Jashmid, with his rule during the eliminate empire that existed from 2500 BC to 644 BC, but presumably it existed before then because humans have had vocal chords longer than that.

Quite clearly music has had a major influence on our world. In modern times though, hymns, operas and classical music were the most significant as it started out, but, as we progressed, so did music, leading us to the 1,264 genres we have now.

It has been used a long time as a way of helping to get through work. A great example of this is music that slaves would sing while on the plantation, though just songs at the time, the significance of African american culture in music is substantial. so substantial that in my age group the genres of music they are accredited for is most listened to.

Here in Davis high, I took a poll of 60 students and the outcome of the best wasn’t surprising. Coming in first was rap, with just over a third at 22 people voting it as their favorite. A tie at second place, with country and punk rock with 14 people each, though both of these are much lower nationwide, in Utah culture seems to make them popular. A three way tie comes in at 3rd place, with rock, alternative, and electronic all having 3. Though in third in this sample, nationwide in all age groups, rock makes up 21.7 of favorites, which put it in first. What was even more shocking is what came in last, pop with only 1 person saying it was their favorite, because nationwide, its only 1.6 percent less than rock, so barely number 2.

The United States is a very diverse place, with diverse music choices. My sample did not really reflect our nation at all of all ages, and not too similar to our age group too. The culture here in this area of Davis country though, the culture is very different from the rest of the United States, so maybe its that influencing our favorites, or maybe its just something else.

Whatever it may be, and whatever your favorite genre may be, in the long run it doesn’t matter as long as you like what you listen to.

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Game of thrones: the best show ever?

While going through your daily lives, it is likely that you have heard of the hit show Game of Thrones. The enormous fan base produces a very outgoing, persistent, and obsessed demographic. If you have not ever watched the show, hopefully this article can provide insight on why people become so addicted to it.

Game of thrones started off as a book series by George R. R. Martin. The first book in the series came out in 1996 and became vastly popular prior to the release of the second book. Shortly after the drop of the book on the market, it swiftly became a New York Times best seller with thousands of people reading the adventurous tales of George R. R. Martin.

Game of thrones is well known for the medieval political drama and deep character development. You will constantly hear fans talk about events in the show like the red wedding and lots of the dramatic scenes. Most of the well known characters include, Khaleesi, the mother of dragons, and Jon Snow.

The amount of viewers recorded on the show is truly incredible. An average of 18 million viewers per season. The amount of viewers for each season trumps the populations of countries like Greece, Portugal, Cuba, Israel, Hong Kong, and New Zealand.

If you have interest in game of thrones, I recommend it tremendously. But you might want to hurry up, the last and final season of the show, season 8, is out and the show is almost at the season finale!

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Effects of Social Media

In today’s world, social media is one of our biggest forms of communication and entertainment, but has anyone really thought of the side effects of constantly being in a digital world of measuring up to other people and constantly comparing.

Social media is often a place where people only share the good side of things. A lot of the time when people post things on social media they are looking for likes and comments on their posts. This has been proven to raise endorphins and give a temporary rush of happiness or adrenaline. This is why when people are away from their phones, they feel a sense of withdrawal and can even have symptoms of anxiety or depression.

Social media is also a place where a lot of negative can be. People feel a sense of security when they are behind a phone screen or computer screen. This is why people will comment or post nasty things that tear others down and make people feel not good enough.

Social media is also taking away our basic ways of communication in person. We are not branching out as much and having face to face human interaction. This is not teaching the younger generation of kids how to talk with others and read emotions because often times, you can not see emotions through the other end of the screen.


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