What is special about the US?

The United States of America can seem like a very big place, full of wonders and a proudly place to call home, and it is. But, for the people that somehow had the opportunity to visit other countries, experience other cultures or might not even be Americans and still  live here, trust me, the world can be a lot bigger from their eyes.

In this story, we will record the mainly differences between Americans and the rest of the world, with some of the Davis High 2018-19 foreign exchange students and Mr. Frey, the Journalism and English teacher. When it comes to food, America is known for the famous “I’m lovin’ it”. But, if you notice, the grocery stores have a multiple variety of foods, seasonings and beverages from other countries too.

“There is a big variety of foods from other countries in our culture, it is like a melting pot of cultures.” said Mr. Frey.

“I really like the variety of fast foods…and the huge supermarkets with a lot of choices of spices and stuff like that.” said Oliver Zens, from Germany.

” Even with the variety, food back home is way healthier. People eat more veggies and fruits, when here is way more burgers and fries, and there is also a lot of processed and canned foods, which is not very common in other places, said Pedro Silva, from Brazil.

When it comes to the American culture, what they have to say is:

“I would consider people in Mexico more welcoming than Americans, it is very common to talk with people you don’t know very well and get invited over to their houses.” said Frey.

“The religion in Utah makes things very different from other places. But, if you look at the hole US, people are more into sports during High School. There is also a lot more of school spirit than there is in Germany.” said Oliver.

”It is noticeable that Americans are very respectful, but people in Brazil are way closer to each other and festive than in the US”, said Pedro.

No mater where you came from, cultures will always have time to be appreciated for being unique.

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The Truth of Being Vegan

Vegans are all for saving animals, but are they really saving them in the long run? How educated on veganism are vegans themselves? Let’s view the facts.

A vegan is a person who does not eat animal products. Some vegans also do not use animal products, but not all. To find out more about the lifestyle of a vegan, Lexi Turley, the Davis High tennis coach, was interviewed for more information.

Coach Turley became a vegan five years ago when she was 19 years old. She said her reasoning behind her decision was to help improve her performance in college sports. She is an example of a vegan who still uses animal products.

She explains that going vegan helped her feel better and healthier. She also says that it improves her mental/emotional state of mind. Although there are pros to veganism, she also stated the cons.

“It’s awkward when you go on dates.” says Turley.

She says that even though there are some restaurants that have vegan alternatives and meals, not all of them do. She also comments on how it’s difficult to travel to different places and how the price of buying natural and organic food is a contributing difficulty.

Her advice to anyone interested in being vegan or any beginners is to research. She explains the importance of being prepared for this new lifestyle.

So to anyone curious about veganism,

“Try it!” Turley encourages.



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Super Bowl 2019

Many bandwagonners are thriving with the win of the patriots during the 2019 Superbowl. There were a lot of unhappy fans this Super bowl weekend. The Tom Brady dynasty continues as he wins his 6th super bowl. It was a very boring defensive game with the Pariots barely squeezing past the Ram 13-3.

Elijah Arkoudas said, “I was not happy with the outcome of the Super bowl. I am sick of Tom Brady and the Patriots.”

The Super Bowl was a very overhyped game this year. There were not very many exciting plays in the game.

Elijah said, “my favorite play was the 65 yard punt”

Reagan said “my favorite was the opening kick off”

Another big topic of the Super bowl was the halftime show. There were performances by Travis Scott, Maroon 5, and Big Boi. It was a very good half time show with all three performers doing really well.

“It was my favorite half time show ever. Travis Scott killed it,” commented Elijah.

“I loved the halftime show! Adam Levine is a good looking man,” agreed Reagan.

Chase Potter also had good things to say about the halftime show. “I liked the halftime show. I have seen better Maroon 5 didn’t sound that good. Travis performance was good but he needed an auto tune mic.”


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NFC Championship no call sparks controversy

On January 20, 2019 the New Orleans Saints met the Los Angeles Rams in the NFC Championship game. The two teams played at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana. Both teams are known for their high paced and explosive offenses.

The Saints jumped out to a quick lead in the first quarter with score of 13-0, but the Rams were not going to quit just yet. The second quarter had the Rams written all over it. They scored 10 points to shrink the gap in the  game going into half time.

Fast forward to the fourth quarter. There is about one minute left and the Saints were marching down the field. It is third down and 7 yards to go until they are on the goal line. The ball is hiked and Drew Brees drops back to throw to his wide receiver and right before he could catch the ball he was hit hard and put on his back.

Normally this would be called a pass interference and would have been an automatic first down. Instead, the referees did not call anything. This sent many people into a spiral of emotions and especially anger. In a statement from NFL commisioner Roger Goodell he says ““The refs in New Orleans made a big mistake at a lousy time. I feel awful for the Saints.”

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Superbowl 53 does not go “Sicko Mode”

It is often said the universe will end not with a bang, but with a wimper, and this is true for the universe of the NFL. With it being the lowest scoring Super Bowl game in history, the Patriots victory over the LA Rams in Superbowl 53 proved that suckers will watch anything for the chance to see a funny Doritos ad. Not to be dramatic or anything, but I would rather watch grass grow than re watch that game. While the game was lackluster to say the least, the real upset came during halftime, where Pepsi took an halftime show that was projected to flop, and somehow made it even worse than everyone anticipated.

The setting for this years Super Bowl was Atlanta, a city known for musical pioneers such as Soulja Boy, Migos, Usher, and John Mayer. So when people were speculating who would play in this years halftime show, many were expecting a musical spectacular filled with stars that put the city on the map, instead they got Maroon 5 and 45 seconds of Travis Scott. So first lets talk about Maroon 5, a band whose primary demographic is edgy fifth graders and moms that sing along to songs played over the grocery store PA system. When you google “Musicians from Atlanta”, you will not find Maroon 5 anywhere on that list, and this angered a lot of people. In fact, 117,077 people signed a petition urging the band to drop the gig, they obviously didn’t, so now Pepsi had a serious public relations problem on their hands. So the Pepsi Co. board of directors decided to bring in rapper/singer Travis Scott to find a compromise that would potentially please everyone, while this would have been a good idea on paper, in practice it fell a bit flat.

After an uneventful opening from Maroon 5, the screen suddenly cut to a scene from Spongebob wherein Squidward must direct an orchestra to perform at an event similar to the Super Bowl. Many wanted them to play the song featured in that episode in memory of Spongebob creator Stephen Hillenburg, who passed away less than a year ago. What people actually got was reused animation from the show, combined with the starting notes to the mega hit song “Sicko Mode”. This cut to an outside view where a “meteor” was hurtling towards Mercedes Benz stadium. This then cut to a lot of fire being used on stage, and Travis Scott appeared in a fake crater surrounded by fire. He then proceeded to sing 45 seconds of “Sicko Mode” half of which the broadcast was silent because it had to be censored, and the entirety of which was off key. He then disappeared, only to be seen again at the end of the show. Then Maroon 5 reappeared and proceed to also sing off key. Some guy came in on a Cadillac and a huge fur(?) coat and sung a song I’ve never heard. Then Maroon 5 was back, for some reason Adam Levine took off his shirt and proceeded to continue to sing off key. Seriously, for a guy that makes a living criticizing others singing on “The Voice”, hes not a good singer.

So that was this years Super Bowl, the highlight of which was either Adam Levine’s Everose Gold Rainbow Rolex Daytona, or the unreleased Air Jordan 1’s and 6’s he and Travis Scott were wearing.

Oh and the Patriots won (Of Course).

Also, Tom Brady frenched Patriots owner Robert Kraft on the lips, which would be totally acceptable, if there wasn’t a 40 year age difference and the weren’t both married.

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Referees create problems

There have been many missed calls and calls made in crucial times of sports games, but over the last couple months referees of sporting events have been heavily under fire due to calls being missed or made. Some of the calls that have been under the sporting world’s spotlight include, Kevin Durant’s save against the Houston Rockets which lead to a mid-range shot by Stephen Curry to send the game to over time, as well as the pass interference no call on a 3rd and 10 in the clash between the Rams and the Saints, which could have changed the outcome of the NFC championship game as well as the outcome of the Super Bowl. Referees have been making such calls for a long time and will continue to based on biases and dislike towards certain teams, but the question is, should there be consequences for these actions?

“I have to stop and realize I can’t control the call, I just have to play game,” said senior, Max Isaacson when asked how he felt when a ref makes a bad call.

The current system for all referees across all sports will always needs improving even with the “newest” and “best” technology. The current system is allowing referees to get away with whatever they want with little to no consequence. These referees need some form of punishment on if they effect the outcome of sporting events, whether its a fine or a suspension, etc., or even an incentive for making good calls throughout the game. If these changes are made it will make it more enjoyable for fans.

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Why This Year’s Oscars Will Be More Monumental Than Ever Before

On February 24, 2019, the 91st Academy Awards will be held in Los Angeles, California. This year’s Oscars will prove monumental with the many exciting and surprising twists the film industry and movie-goers alike will experience as they tune into the awards.

This year there are 8 nominations for the most prestigious and sought after award: Best Picture. Three of these nominees are making history. Black Panther is the first ever super-hero movie to be nominated for best picture, Roma is the first film created by Netflix nominated in this category, and Spike Lee, director of BlacKkKlansman, is receiving his first nomination for best director. The other nominees for best picture are Bohemian Rhapsody, Green Book, Vice, The Favourite, A Star is Born, and BlacKkKlansman. Each of these have at least 5 nominations in different categories.

Another thing that is setting this year’s awards apart from other years is the lack of a host. Kevin hart was picked as the host back in December, but soon after stepped down from the role due to the re-surfacing of homophobic tweets by Hart from 2009-2011. He apologized for his tweets, and stated that he was not going to host because he did not want to be “a distraction on a night that should be celebrated by so many amazing, talented artists.” This will be the first time in 30 years that the Academy Awards will not have a host.

With all of the snubs and surprises this Oscars has in store, it should be an exciting night.

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Zac Effron, Nick Robinson and more spotted in Utah

Park City becomes Utah’s own “little Hollywood” during the week of Sundance Film Festival. The festival lasts two weeks and is full of movies, musics, panels and parties. On average, 46,660 people attend the festival.

Celebrities roam the streets of Park City while fans follow. I talked to one of my friends who attended the festival and she told me this: “I just walked into a coffee shop and saw Nick Robinson (starred in Love Simon etc.)  just standing in line.”

The stars were up in city supporting their movie’s premiere. One of the more famous films that premiered this Sundance was “Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile.” It is a film about Ted Bundy, shown through the eyes of his girlfriend Liz Kendall. Zac Efron was the main star in this film, so a lot of fans were up in Park City enjoying his movie and trying to catch a glimpse of the famous actor.

The movies at Sundance are usually controversial documentaries, just like the one about Ted Bundy. It brings a unique crowd and lots of argumentative reviews and reports.

All the films are competing for five different titles. US documentaries, world documentaries, shorts, spotlight and premiere. The competition is good, but the movies are even better. So grab some popcorn and head up to Park City for the Sundance Film festival next year 2020.

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How does Social Media Affect Teens Today?

We all know how much beauty and social standards are changing everyday. But the question is, why? In truth, there’s an impact that gets overlooked on a daily basis, and its affecting people more than we realize.


From a young age, girls begin to pay attention to their peers and they compare themselves to the people they are surrounded by. As we grow older, we are exposed to more and more technological advances, one of the more recent being social media. With social media being a larger part of our lives nowadays, the children and teenagers of today are always seeing new posts and images depicting women that are considered ‘beautiful’. The main problem is that these images have been edited to enhance certain features and adjust certain parts of the body until it is pleasing to the photographer/editor. These standards and features that are considered beautiful are usually unnatural, and girls are growing up believing that “This is what boys will like.”, “This is how I can fit in”, “This is how I become perfect.”

Noemi Kunkel is a junior here at Davis. When asked about how she feels about social media, she shared, “I scroll through and I see girls that are model status, and I understand that that’s their best day, but like, my best day is like their worst day, and sometimes that’s hard on my confidence.”

She has been using social media since she was about 12 years old, and though that is a short amount of time, it has still affected her in many ways. The overall effect that was seen through peers has been negative. Yes, positive things can come from social media, but for the majority of everyday users, the effects can quickly turn to the bad side.

Most people believe that the only people really negatively affected by social media are girls. But that is so far from the truth.


Reese Castagno, also a junior, has been using social media on a daily basis since he was 8 years old. He has a slightly different perspective,  by being a model through social media. He shared his insight on the affects of social media, stating “Instagram and Facebook are becoming toxic.” Reese shared a lot of good advice about how to avoid the negative effects of social media.

“Just be nice to people. Put good energy out there. No one has a say over what you can do. You have to start to learn that what they say doesn’t matter, and just be confident in who you are as a person.”

Though boys don’t have exactly the same emotions and standards attached to social media, they are still affected more than we realize.

I talked to our assistant principal, Mr. Brad Chapple, about the affects that he has seen social media have on students over his years of being an administrator.

“I have mainly seen a major increase in anxiety and depression. I’m not saying that everyone who uses social media has anxiety and depression, but it has been an increasingly serious issue through the years.” Mr. Chapple explained. “When using social media, we are comparing ourselves to people at their best.” He made it a point to say that we are only going to be sharing the things we want people to see, which wasn’t he case towards the beginning of social media.

How to avoid these issues can be debated for hours, but overall, the one main thing we can do is become confident in who we are. Social media cannot change who you are as a person, and if we try to let other people pictures change us, we ultimately become a copy of someone else when we were born to be originals. Stand out and be different! 🙂


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Guns: are they good or bad?

On Sunday, January 13, 2019, there was a shooting at Fashion Place mall in Murray. There were no casualties, but two were injured, and one is in critical condition.  

On January 13, 2019 at 1:30 p.m., four shots were fired outside of the Fashion Place Mall in Murray, Utah. Only two people were injured, a man and a woman, both taken to Intermountain Medical Center for treatment after the shooting. The woman was shot in the leg and has been discharged. The man’s wounds were more severe, he was shot in the back and is in critical condition (https://www.sltrib.com/news/2019/01/13/police-gunman-large-after/).  

This shooting was not aimed to harm the public, but rather a confrontation of two rival gangs, one of them being the Florencia 13 gang. While police have arrested members of the Florencia 13 gang that were supposedly present during the shooting, they are still looking for the shooters (https://www.deseretnews.com/article/900051349/police-make-3rd-arrest-in-weekend-utah-shooting-at-fashion-place-mall.html).  

This kind of violence is not new. In fact, there have already been 19 mass shootings in the US in 2019 (https://www.gunviolencearchive.org/reports/mass-shooting). The Parkland shooting and the Borderline bar shooting in 2018 sparked the gun law debate, and these recent shootings have just added fuel to the fire. 

Right now, in Utah, current gun laws require a person to go through a detailed background check in order to purchase a firearm. Utah is required to contact the BCI, or Bureau of Criminal Identification, who will look for a criminal history and warrants. A person cannot buy a gun without going through this process. 

People in Utah are allowed to open carry so long as they have a concealed carry permit. Thy have to be 21, go through a background check, complete a firearms familiarity course approved by the BCI, and pay $57 in order to obtain a concealed carry permit.  

A person has to be 18 in order to purchase a rifle, and 21 to purchase a handgun. 

Given the current laws, there are still pushes from both sides: those pushing for gun reform and those who want to keep it the way it is. While both sides are notorious for coming off as extreme, both sides want the same thing: a safer community with less mass shootings.  

“The difference about us is the way we go about it,” stated an undisclosed source. His ideas center around a “balance between self-protection and self-rights.” Teaching everyone proper firearm safety and storage, and to not be afraid of guns is his approach. “It’s not the guns that are the problem it’s the people that are using them.” 

The other side is for more gun reform. While they recognize that guns are not the only factor that go into these mass shootings, gun reform will possible help decrease the level of destruction left from them. Their ideas are enforcing universal background checks, ban military grade weapons, and ban large capacity clips.  

While both sides have their own opinions and ideas, its only when they come together will they be able to solve this problem. “It’s not a binary solution. This solution isn’t the perfect solution, and I think it’s important that we incorporate both sides ideas for this solution. Otherwise it’s not going to work,” commented Julia Last, an activist to end gun violence. 

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6 ways to Prepare for College as a Senior in High School

Preparing for college can be stressful, here are 6 ways to prepare for college now!

  1. Retake the ACT as many times as you can! This is huge if you are looking for a good scholarship to pay for college. Even one point can be the difference of hundreds to thousands of dollars.
  2. Submit your college applications and scholarships EARLY! The high amounts of stress are not worth it, this is not a time to procrastinate.
  3. Visits the colleges that you got accepted to! It is important to know exactly where you are going in order to chose the school that is best for you and your career path.
  4. Become comfortable with technology and make sure you are ready for the work load! College can be an amazing experience, as long as you are prepared for what is coming. There will be a lot more work in college, and preparing for that can make or break the experience.
  5. Develop communication skills! You are going to be meeting a lot of new people, and getting along with them is important. Communication is key when it comes to professors, employers, and peers.
  6. Lastly… Make time for fun! Yes, it is essential to do well in your studies, but you can’t do that if you don’t have a little fun sometimes. College can be overwhelming but when you take care of yourself and your mental health the stress is significantly less.

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Why rap is an underrated genre of music

There is a lot of people that don’t enjoy or listen to hip hop or rap music, for many different reasons, but this genre and style of music is much deeper than some of the songs you hear on the radio. Many people like to say rap music is “rhyming and poetry”, and not all of the rap music nowadays is like this, but some of these artists are brilliant and creative and talented, just like other music stars.

These artists also find a way to rhyme many different words with meaning behind what they are saying. The things these rappers talk about have never been spoken about by anyone else, they show you their point of views on their struggles and what it took them to be successful.

Rappers such as Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Kanye West, A$AP Rocky, Kid Cudi, and many others find new sounds, flows, and styles for their music. The songs they create might be vulgar, but these are words they chose to describe what they have felt or what they are feeling. If your looking for good music to pump you up for whatever reason, rap music is the best option.

These artists like to collaborate with each other and other artists from different genres, including Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, and U2. Try something new, listen to some of these artists music with an open mind, and guaranteed you will learn new words, experiences, and issues.

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Coca Cola or Pepsi?

Since the dawn of time there has been a debate that will be deeply discussed, is Coke or Pepsi the better drink? These 2 sodas have had a legendary rivalry for over an entire century. Some people have very strong opinions on this topic, and some people can’t even taste a difference between the 2 and don’t really care. Both of these companies are huge and multibillionaires.

Out of all of the carbonated soft drinks in the market, Coke controls 42%, while Pepsi controls only 30%. Take what you want from this, but most people are more drawn to Coca Cola from their personal preference. If we are talking about how much each has sold, in the last decade, Coke has increased in sales, while Pepsi has dropped.

The health differences between the 2 is that Pepsi tastes sweeter, therefore having more sugar, caffeine, and calories. Coke on the other hand is higher in sodium, tasting more like vanilla than Pepsi.

On the business side of things, PepsiCo is a larger company than Coca-Cola, almost doubling Cokes total revenues. PepsiCo has 64 billion dollars of revenues in their most recent quarter. Out of the 7 random students I asked which one they like more, only 1 said they like Pepsi over Coke.

All of this is obviously personal preference and what you prefer to drink, but it seems like Coca Cola is more liked and successful as to Pepsi.

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Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, a discussion

The modern day version of The Twilight Zone, Black mirror, has recently come out with a movie on Netflix. But not just any movie, a choose your own adventure movie. Everyone remembers the choose your own adventure books from when we were kids. It was exhilarating to feel like you were in control of what the main character did, and how the story played out. Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is the first movie to venture off on the choose your own adventure path and does it in a highly entertaining and mind-boggling way. (SPOILERS AHEAD) 

In the beginning, the decisions we make for him are pretty miniscule ones. At first, I was pretty confused as to why they’d want me to choose what Stephan eats for breakfast and what music he listens to. I figured, those things are so miniscule, why does it matter for the story? But the writers knew exactly what they were doing. As we see later, Stephan starts to lose his mind based off the little things. He notices that he isn’t controlling any decisions: whether they’re big, life-changing ones or small, insignificant ones. (Like whether to eat Sugar Puffs or Frosties for breakfast.) Once I got to the scene where Stephan voices those concerns to Dr. Haynes, it came full circle for me, and I could tell that nothing in this movie is put there by accident. The exciting thing about all these choices was that every time you made a decision, you got new content and unraveled more and more of the story. Even going back and making the same decisions would somehow unlock new choices and new adventures. But each path always came back to the same main endings. 

After many, many viewings of Bandersnatch and me obsessively trying to find every possible ending, and see every possible scene, I’ve decided there are no happy endings for Stephan. I desperately wanted there to be one, but Stephan always either ended up dead, in jail, or being lied to by everyone around him. The different endings all seem to come back to one scene: when Stephan nearly destroys his computer, then looks up to the ceiling and asks whoever is controlling him to give him a sign.  

Any time we told Stephan that we watched him on Netflix, he would either lose it and fight his therapist and his dad, or he would find out he’s been in a film studio this whole time. If we showed Stephan the P.A.C.S. sign, he would lose it and kill his father, then call his therapist and threaten her life, which gets him landed in jail. Bandersnatch is released unfinished, and everyone hates it. If we give Stephan the White Bear sign, he realizes he isn’t in control, and you get the choice to kill the father. Either option gives you a dark path, and only on one path is Bandersnatch ever appreciated by audiences.  

The only path that Bandersnatch a five-star review from the strange review channel that was always there at the end was the path in which Stephan kills his dad, doesn’t bury him, and changes the game to be less confusing. We get a scene from the present where a new coder is re-remaking Bandersnatch. Some theorist say that the coder is the daughter of Colin and Kitty, since she mentions her father was a coder who had a copy of Bandersnatch, which had been recalled once everyone found out Stephan was a murderer. This ending is interesting and seems to imply that the game is cursed. The coder is shown trying to run Bandersnatch this time, it is the movie. It crashes, and she destroys the computer. It seems that anyone who delves too far into the world of Bandersnatch is met with horrible fates. 

As Ahbed, a beloved character from the TV show Community, would say, the last ending was definitely “the darkest timeline.” This ending seems to start with the moment Stephan is watching the tape that Colin leaves for him about the author of Bandersnatch. He is realizing that he isn’t in control, and you are given the choice to pick up a family picture or a coding book. Choosing the picture sends you on a journey down “the darkest timeline.” Earlier in the movie when we learned what had happened to Stephan’s mom, we get a flashback of Stephan looking for rabbit under his bed. An odd choice pops up when the mother asks if Stephan is coming with her to her parents’ or not: you can only say no. This early choice that was really only one option put an inkling of suspicion in my head during my first viewing. Could we somehow come back to this moment and unlock the option yes? Can we somehow save Stephan’s mom from going on the late train that crashes? Could this be the way to giving Stephan a happy ending?  

Stephan goes to open his dad’s unsettling vault, I knew that I must choose TOY as the password. I knew the rabbit must be in there and that this would somehow lead to Stephan finding it when he was a kid. Sure enough, if you tell Stephan to type in TOY, rabbit is sitting in the vault. There is a flash back to him searching for rabbit under his bed. My hopes were flying high. This must be the timeline to save Stephan’s mom! He will finally be happy! But no, I was most definitely wrong. Stephan finds rabbit, and his mom asks if he’s coming. On this, I was correct. A new option comes up for you to say yes. I was elated! Stephan‘s mom won’t be late! Instead of this, Stephan’s mom says the gut-wrenching words that they will miss the 8:30 train and will have to take the 8:45. This moment tells all the viewers that Stephan didn’t make his mother late. His resentment towards his father for hiding rabbit all these years was unneeded. Stephan’s mother was going to be late and take the 8:45 train no matter what. And now, we have unknowingly steered Stephan into taking that fateful train as well.  

This ending is final. Stephan and his mother crash and perish on the 8:45 train. The future Stephan dies instantly because of this. This scene was very emotional for the viewer because we know that while we thought we were saving the mother’s life, we really ruined the family and left Stephan’s father alone. The movie gives no more options for going back, which is even more interesting. All of our options had been in the future except for that one, and so there were no more choices to make, and we are forced out of the movie. 

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch was a rollercoaster of emotions and suspense. We are in charge of unraveling Stephan’s life story. We oversee his career and big life decisions. And because of that, we feel responsible for all of Stephan’s unfortunate endings. It’s frustrating and exciting at the same time. Even though we never get to give Stephan a happy ending, it seems we were never meant to. Stephan sums it up in one of his quotes, that he figures out he gave the player too much choice, when really he needed to only give them the illusion of choice, but the game would bring them to the same endings every time. That is exactly how this movie played out. Like I said before, no detail in this movie was there by accident, and that is something I can really appreciate. 


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Diogenes, the cynic philosopher that does not care about what think

Diogenes, also known as Diogenes the Cynic, was a Greek philosopher and one of the founders of Cynic philosophy. He was born in Sinope, an Ionian colony on the Black Sea. He is credited with his massive contributions to the philosophy of cynicism; a Greek philosophical sect that stressed stoic self sufficiency and the rejection of luxury. He believed that personal happiness is satisfied by meeting one’s natural needs and that what is natural cannot be shameful His life, therefore, was lived with extreme simplicity and without shame. It was this determination to follow his own dictates and not adhere to the conventions of society that he was given the nickname of “dog,” from which the name “cynic” is derived. He lived so strictly to this maxim that when he saw a child drinking from his hands, so he threw away his cup and said, “A child has beaten me in plainness of living.”


For Diogenes the simple life meant not only disregard of luxury but also disregard of laws and customs of organized, and conventional communities. The family was viewed by Diogenes as an unnatural institution to be replaced by a natural state in which men and women would be promiscuous and children would be the common concern of all. Though Diogenes himself lived in poverty, slept in public buildings, and begged his food, he did not insist that all men should live in the same way but merely intended to show that happiness and independence were possible even under reduced circumstances. He was a firm believer in self sufficiency, or the knowledge that within oneself holds all the means to achieve happiness. He deeply resented the ideal that you had to conform to social expectation to achieve happiness.


He should this deep resentment for social conformity by urinating on those who insulted him, defecating in the theatre, and pointing at people with his middle finger. He was a self-appointed public scold whose mission was to demonstrate to the ancient Greeks that civilization is regressive.. He also lived in a tub on the side of the road. He would cuss those walking by and beg for his food. He had a simple diet of onions and water and lived up the ripe old age of 89. Legend says that he simply got tired of living and decided to hold his breath until he died. He gave instructions that when he died he wished his  to be thrown outside the city wall on his death, so wild animals could feast on his body. The Corinthians erected to his memory a pillar on which rested a dog of Parian marble.


Diogenes was great at scorning his contemporaries. The school of Euclides he called bilious, and Plato’s lectures a waste of time, the performances at the Dionysia great peep-shows for fools, and the demagogues the mob’s lacqueys. He used to also say that when he saw physicians, philosophers and pilots at their work, he deemed man the most intelligent of all animals; but when again he saw interpreters of dreams and diviners and those who attended to them, or those who were puffed up with conceit of wealth, he thought no animal more silly. He would continually say that for the conduct of life we need right reason or a halter.


Despite his lude and rather inappropriate behavior the people of Athens loved Diogenes a great deal. They loved him so much that when a young child broke his tub, they whipped him and granted Diogenes with a brand new tub.


Aside from his ridiculous behavior Diogenes actually had some interesting and useful insights. Diogenes said that there was one only good, namely, knowledge; and one only evil, namely, ignorance. Being asked whether death was an evil thing, Diogenes replied, “How can it be evil, when in its presence we are not aware of it?” When someone declared that life is an evil, Diogenes said,

“Not life itself, but living ill.”

Diogenes was asked, Why do people give to beggars but not to philosophers?

“Because they think they may one day be lame or blind, but never expect that they will turn to philosophy,” Diogenes replied.

Being asked what creature’s bite is the worst, he said,

“Of those that are wild, a sycophant’s; of those that are tame, a flatterer”.

When asked from where he came, Diogenes said,

“I am a citizen of the world.”

To a young man who complained that he was ill suited to study philosophy, Diogenes said,

“Why then do you live, if you do not care to live well?”

When asked what was the proper time for supper, Diogenes replied,

“If you are a rich man, whenever you please; and if you are a poor man, whenever you can.”

A student asked to borrow a book, he replied:

“You are a silly man. If you wanted figs you wouldn’t be satisfied with painted ones. But you take no notice of the practice of virtue and study only those who write about it”.

Friends of Diogenes wanted to ransom him, where upon he called them simpletons;


“for”, said he, “lions are not the slaves of those who feed them, but rather those who feed them are at the mercy of the lions: for fear is the mark of the slave, whereas wild beasts make men afraid of them.”

When asked what was the right age for marriage, Diogenes replied:

“For a young man, not yet; for an old man, not at all.”

When asked how he would like to be buried, Diogenes replied ‘face downwards’, when asked why, he explained that the Macedonians were rising in power so rapidly that the world would shortly be turned upside down and he would then be the right way up.


Diogenes could very well be the most interesting philosopher the greeks had to offer.  He lived had a refreshingly simple and honest lifestyle that no one today is likely to accomplish willingly. He taught us t that human life is fleeting and it doesn’t matter if you’re a great conqueror like Alexander or a cynical philosopher like Diogenes, one day you’ll be dead and gone. Another lesson we can learn is to live a simple and humble life, despite machinery that gives abundance we are left in want; through the teachings of Diogenes we can learn how to live happier life with less. We also must learn from Diogenes to have humor in our lifes despite his primitive conditions, Diogenes spent his life worry free with a good dose of humor. His outlook in life is considered to be one of the main reasons behind his long life. His disregard for what those around him can help us in reducing social fears. His indifference saved him a lot of time, worries, grief, and even jealousy. He wasn’t dependent on any personal possession or power, he wasn’t relying on anything for his happiness. Instead, he was happy with just the mere idea of being alive. Learning from Diogenes, we must also strip off our desire for material things if we really want to be happy. If we rely our satisfaction on the amount of money we have or how powerful we are, we’ll never feel content with what we have and or lifes. Most importantly we must learn to question authority. When the great conqueror Alexander the great stood before him, offering to him anything his heart could desire, all Diogenes had to say to him is that Alexander step out of his sunlight. All authority must be questioned, there should always be an opposition to authority. The presence of opposition ensures that nothing is passed as such without any friction. This keeps a check in the ruling authority.


We should attempt to implement these lessons to our lives in order to be more fulfilled and experience all the joy that existence has to offer us.


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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is the best superhero movie of all time. Here’s why.

When the amazing first trailer for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse came out, there was no doubt in my mind that we were in for something special. The art style was striking, the original music was banging, and the main character was finally Miles Morales! I was instantly in love. Some people were a little more hesitant than me, and for good reason! It was a Sony Animated film. The creators of the Emoji Movie. That’s no good. This is also the eighth Spider-Man movie in under two decades! (If you count Venom.) Do we really need another one? Those are all good points, but I remained optimistic. Now I have seen it. I was not prepared for how amazing it really is. This is not only the best Spider-Man movie to date, I think it might be the best superhero movie of all time.

When people talk about what the “best superhero movie of all time” is, there is always a constant group of movies that get mentioned. The Avengers, Logan, Deadpool, Guardians of the Galaxy, Iron Man, Spider-Man 2, Captain America 2. My personal favorites are The Incredibles, The Dark Knight, and Unbreakable. These movies are all amazing, and definitely deserve to be in the conversation, but none of them do what Spider-Verse does. All of these movies take the source material and “movie-ify” it. Something like The Dark Knight takes something as outlandish as a rich orphan fighting an evil clown in a bat costume and makes a prestige crime drama out of it. Captain America: The Winter Soldier takes a story about somebody who wears the American flag fighting magic Nazis and makes a political thriller out of it. Spider-Verse takes the movie and comic-ifys it. It is a movie that stars a talking superhero pig. And it isn’t ashamed. It embraces the weird aspects and the emotional aspects of the comics, the outlandish characters and the grounded characters, the supernatural and the mundane.

Miles Morales is the main Spidey this time around, and he is one of the most genuine and charming protagonists I’ve ever seen. From his little mannerisms and quirks, to his complex relationship with his dad and uncle, Miles seems like a real person with real problems. He deals with his newfound powers in a very realistic manner, and seeing him slowly get the hang of them is really satisfying.

It took the filmmakers an entire year to get ten seconds of animation that felt right. They wanted the perfect style, and they got it. Into the Spider-Verse has a really interesting and unique style of animation that fits the movie perfectly. They use 3D animation, but they style it like 2D animation. They manipulate the frame rate and add a butt ton of neon to make the movie feel like it has jumped right from the comics. It feels like if Disney’s short film Paperman took LSD. It is glorious.

Disney’s Paperman (2012)

This movie could have easily been a complete mess. There are so many characters to introduce, so many plot points to go through, decades of material to pay homage to, and thousands of fans to appease. But Spider-Verse is so masterfully created that it manages to feel packed, but never cluttered, intense, but never overbearing, funny, but not so much so that it neuters the impact that the emotional scenes bring. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse might be perfection. Go see this movie.

Also the soundtrack’s dope.


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