Davis XC Region: Can They Continue the Winning Streak?

This upcoming Wednesday, Davis High’s Cross Country team will be competing for region along with seven other schools. Davis will be defending the tradition at Layton park, which is right across the street from our bitter rivals. It has been around ten years since Davis hasn’t advanced, so the pressure will be on for them to continue their dominance.

A lot of the students that go to Davis High are running in Cross Country, and every week they talk about all of their positive running experiences. Each week you can hear their excited and nervous comments, but the hype has never been as real as it is now.

“It’s one of our last races. We have state in two and a half weeks and NXR in November, so it’s like my last chance to PR (personal record),” commented Colby Cox, cross country workhorse.

For many kids like Colby, it will be a final attempt at a personal record, and a last chance to make an impact with their team. Hopefully these kids do make a impact, continue the dominance of Davis High Cross Country, and defend the tradition.

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Davis high football preview: Davis vs. Freemont

Davis High Football Preview

Davis Vs. Fremont

This week the Davis Darts play the Fremont Silver wolves, going into this game both the Darts and Silver wolves have an overall record of 4-4 and are 4-2 in region play. This is also the last regular season game for both teams, it will make a big difference for the postseason for both teams. Both teams have the same records, so this will affect the seeding heading into the playoffs greatly. Both teams will make the playoffs due to the new rule instated this year that every team gets a playoff game, but your record affects your seeding. It is an away game for Davis. Last year Davis played Fremont for their homecoming game and lost 21-14 it was a very competitive game last year and that competitiveness should carry over into this game and be a competitive game once again.

Both teams are very good and have playmakers at their skill positions, but what will come down to who wins this game is who can win at the line of scrimmage. Who can open run lanes and dominate the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball, it will be very cold so running will be very important, although the skill positions are important for this game especially when it comes to securing the ball winning at the line of scrimmage will ultimately decide the fate of the game.

This will be a very good game and make a big difference for not only seeding but momentum heading into the post-season, everyone remember to go and support and go darts!



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2019-20 Cross Country

The 2019-2020 Davis High Cross Country team is a very dedicated and motivated team. The team works very hard and practices multiple times during the week after school.

Mr. Timothy, a coach for the cross country team, said, ” My favorite thing about it is pushing yourself physically, doing things you didn’t think was possible, achieving goals, and staying fit.”

Another student athlete on the team, Griffon Karras,  says he has been running since freshman year and  loves it because he gets to run with his friends.When asked what the team was working on, Lily Prisbey said, “We are working on mental toughness and working together as a team. Our team motto this year is ‘puntos’ which means together.” Lily Prisbey’s least favorite thing about cross country is, “the amount of time it takes up; it is time consuming.”

With regions approaching on October 9th, the team’s goal for regions is, “Boys being region state champs, and girls being top three,” says Coach Timothy.

The team together has been working hard on their practices, setting goals, challenging themselves, prevailing, and there is no doubt that they will perform to the best of their abilities with all of their hard work they put into it.

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Homecoming Review/Weber Preview

This past week the Davis Darts played their homecoming game against the Syracuse Titans. Davis lost with a score of 38-6. Bridger Hamblin, the quarter back for the Syracuse Titans, was a fearless player in the game against the Darts. He was practically the entire offense for the Titans, he truly was a Titan on the field. He had 149 yards in the air and 165 yards on the ground.

The MOB was a big part of what made the game memorable. The student section really was, “MOB DEEP!” The game was a, “gold-out,” and the students really brought school spirit from chants and cheers to tortillas and water flying through the air. The intensity and energy of the MOB truly does make or break the football games at Davis High because even though we lost, the MOB makes it a good game and a good turn-out for all in attendance.

This upcoming week, the Darts will be playing against the Warriors of Weber. Weber has an overall ranking of 5-2 with 4-1 in Region and Davis has an overall ranking of 4-3 also with 4-1 in Region. This week’s game is an away game for the Davis Darts, and the student section will be decked out in, “pink-out,” attire in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. Davis will need to work on their defense to win this week’s game and qualify for play-offs. Good Luck this week Davis!

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Golf Birdies through the Season

The Davis High golf team has done it again, winning region and representing Davis well. The golf team has been tearing it up all season and punching their ticket into state.

The team got very high hopes for state after breezing through region play but fell just short to Lone Peak in State. After the first day it was anyone’s game. Davis was just six strokes behind the leader in Lone Peak. Unfortunately Davis took second falling twenty seven strokes behind Lone peak after the second day.

Jack Sargent is one of the best golfers in the state and showed it at the tournament. He was just four strokes out of having the best score in the whole tournament. As a Junior the sky is the limit.

“I feel like state went okay, none of us played our best but we played well enough to take 2nd,” Sargent stated.

The team did very well for not playing their best. Sargent has a whole other year as he is a junior this year. He told me what he thought they needed to do to get better for next year:

“I feel like if we continue to practice and become closer as a team we will be better on the course and more motivated to do well for our teammates.”

Sargent really enjoyed this season and was happy with being able to achieve some of the goals he set and making a run at state is always a great experience.

Sargent is a much better golfer than our beloved teacher Mr. Frey. He destroyed Frey the one time they played and Frey even contemplated quitting golf.

The golf team has been on the rise for the past two seasons and we are very excited to see where they end up next season.



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Homecoming Preview

This past week the Davis Darts played their Football game against Roy High School. This was the Homecoming game for Roy which brought a good energy to the game. Davis won the game with a score of 34-20. The game was a “neon-out” for the student section and even though our student section was small in numbers the game was full of school spirit and energy. Special shout out to the students who made it out to support the Darts.

This week the Darts are playing their Homecoming game against the Syracuse Titans. The Darts are leading in region and Syracuse is the main contender against Davis for Region Champions. Spencer Ferguson, touched on the fact that, the players need to clean up their mistakes and focus on the game in front of them. He also expressed that the game this week against Syracuse is going to be a tough one, but that if, “we want it more, we will win.”

The Homecoming Game will also feature Senior Night for the senior football players. This will also be the last home game of the Dart’s Season. This night allows the senior players to be recognized for all their hard work and accomplishments in their high school football careers. These seniors are recognized by announcing the players before kick-off and walking across the field with their parents.

This is going to be a game full of energy and excitement for the players, students, and parents. This week’s game will be a, “gold out” game for the student section to share their school spirit and support the Davis Darts. The MOB is a crucial part of the Davis High Experience because of the hype and intensity they bring to each game. Let’s bring that energy to this week’s game and continue to do so in the future season, toward Region Champs.




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Girls tennis takes region!

The girl’s tennis team took first place at region this past Thursday, September 26, and to say they were excited is an understatement.

“They were so ecstatic. They were euphoric. We had a five minute team hug,” reported Lexi Turley, head tennis coach.

The girls worked hard leading up to this. The only changes they made were with their doubles teams, ended up taking home a region title for both of their doubles teams. Other than that, it was all about practice, practice, practice. They had a great preseason, which carried over into region.

While tennis is an individual sport, the girls have great team moral. They support and cheer each other on through thick and thin, and, at they end of the day, they know they’ll always be friends.

“They are great team players. It’s an individual sport, and we win or lose as a team. They always play team. They have high energy, and their work ethic is unbelievable.”

Right now, they’re getting ready for state, and things are looking good for them.

“We are just focusing in on small changes. For the most part we’re building off of a season full of work. Now is not the time to make many changes. We’re just going to go in with a lot of energy and a lot of belief in each other.”

State is this Thursday and Saturday at Liberty Park in Salt Lake City, so be sure to come out and support the fierce tennis team!

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Davis high Girls Soccer team Presses onward to make it to finals

This year the Davis high girls’ soccer team is striving to make it to the finals. Davis High School is known for its success in sports and playing under pressure.

The trick for the team winning their soccer games and having fun playing is, the teamwork and relationships the team has; the Davis high Girls soccer team has a connection like no other team and bond like they have known each other for years.

When I talked to the team captain Reagan Neuenswander, she stated that the Davis High girls’ soccer team won their last soccer game which was Tuesday September 24, and we played Clearfield Davis won 3 to 0. The teams overall record is 6-2-3 but the team thinks they can pick it up and hopefully take it to finals.When I asked Neuenswander what the team can work on, she said

“We could improve finishing the ball when we get opportunities.”

When I asked how the team did last year compared to how they are doing this year, Neuenswander said,

“This team has more talent and more potential than last year’s team did, and she thinks they will make it to finals.”

The next girls soccer game will be this Thursday, October 3rd. Make sure to come and support your lady darts! #MOBDEEP

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Davis High girls’ soccer team fights to keep the dynasty alive

Its no secret that the Davis High girls’ soccer team has been a force to reckon with in the past, winning a handful of state championships and even being nationally ranked at number one and winning the national championship.
But the real topic is if they can keep their hunger for winning alive this year. Student-Athlete Ruth wright said that the girls’ soccer team started off strong with a few consecutive wins and were looking good but the last few games they have struggled a little bit more in region.
“We have a really tough region this year and everyone is competing.” Stated Ruth.
In 2019 UHSAA decided to introduce a new playoff system this year using RPI from the state rather than using top teams from each region it really shakes up the competition and provides everyone with a chance at a State Title.
The teams overall record is 5-2-2 but the girls are confident that they can pick it up and finish off the season well and grab a strong seed in the playoffs.
Aside from the team’s success on the field they also succeed in the relationships they make as teammates off the field. This Chemistry has been developing for some of them for over three years.
’We get along really well and all love being together and having fun.” Stated Ruth.
All in all, this soccer team is a tough bunch of girls and excited to play and is force to reckon with when everything is executed.

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How par has the Davis high boys golf team gone this year

This year the boys golf team is looking to add another region championship to the trophy case. Some of the key components will be there top players including Preston Wallace, jack Sargent, McKay cook.

McKay Cook one of the top players on the Davis high school golf team and he had a few things to say about what they could work on going into this year. In reference to their performance Cook said that he leads very well but he doesn’t finish as well as he would want to, he also said the team can work on are there finishes.

When asked about what they execute well and things he likes about playing golf. Cook said:

“The thing I do the best is I can hit the ball pretty dang straight”

Cook went on to say that the team leads very well also. McKay also said that he likes to go and play away more than playing at home because he gets to play on different golf courses.

At the last boys golf game at Syracuse we won, and Jack Sargent played the best. We are still undefeated this season. If you want to watch the next boys golf game, you can catch them Monday the 16th playing against Roy playing at Roy.

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Peter Stevenson on track to shatter the previous receiving yard record

Peter Stevenson a senior graduating in 2020, is a captain on the 2019 football team. It is anticipated that he will beat the record of receiving yards that was set previously last year by Trey Baggett. The darts have taken on four teams so far this season, Stevenson has 463 yards so far, Baggett had 735 yards for the entire season last year. If Stevenson stays on track keeping his average amount of yards per game, he is going to beat the record.

Stevenson’s has really enjoyed being a senior and a captain this year.  “I really like making an impact on the players.” Stevenson tells reporters. Many of the younger players look up to him as a role model. He loves that atmosphere of being on a football team, being around friends, and FNL. That is what he is going to miss most about playing on the high school football team.

As the Darts take on the Royals this weekend, Stevenson claims that something they could improve on is not letting mistakes get to there head and being able to start of the game stronger. Before the game he will be an encouragement to the team.

When preparing to take on the team on Friday he will prepare for the game in a few ways. He usually gets taped first and then jams out to music. “It helps me not think as much and chill out.” Stevenson says. Right before the game he likes to say a prayer.

After graduation Stevenson plans on serving an LDS mission, then when returning he hopes that he will get to participate and play football at a college level.

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Davis football can’t recover from Lone Peak’s fast start

The Darts fall to Lone Peak Knights on Friday November 2nd because of a surprise kick return right off the bat.

As we all know The Darts were beaten by The Lone Peak Knights and that means they’re out of the playoffs. The Football team had an amazing year we won 4 of our 7 games and some were close and others were a blowout. Compared to our previous years this is one of the best years The Darts have had since 2012 which was the last time they made the playoffs.

Max Tupola said:

“The Darts performed very good this year, better then most people expected us too”

Max is a line backer on the team and he had played almost every game and he said:

“The teams biggest weakness in my opinion is staying focused and driven at the games, I just think we need to improve upon us getting closer and being better friends with the guys around us and staying motivated”

The Darts had exceeded expectations this season and they only lost 3 games which is very good. The game against Lone Peak was a blowout, the score was 34-6.  The Darts couldn’t catch up after the surprise kick return right after the game started, this is what Max has to say about that:

“We started out really slow, our heads showed up a little late to the game and we just had bad stuff happen super early in the game.”

The Davis High Darts had one amazing football season this year, from a booming student section called The Mob, to the amazing D’ettes and Cheerleaders who work hard every week to make games fun and exciting, and our amazing football team who trained their hardest and got us to the playoffs. The student body is excited for more football games next year and everyone hopes it will be another good year for The Darts!

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Davis Darts Year in Volleyball

Davis High School’s Volleyball team has had their ups and downs this year. With many wins, and a few loses, we reflect back on this 2018-2019 Volleyball season. Davis played their best at every game they had. Going to state is always a goal. This year despite the Darts well fought games, we did not end up making it to state. This year Volleyballs team was fantastic, every year there is improvement, every year is different. I asked team members Emily Weeks and Eva Mecham about their experience on being a part of the team.

“I think we did really good. As a team we could have been better, but we were still really close to each other and worked well together. We started off the season rough but we got better and we became closer and better as the season continued. We improved the most on mental work, because all sports have the aspect of mentality. We got better at having the mind set in being more positive and wanting to be there and play volleyball really makes a difference on how you play. I improved the most on understanding the game better. I only played one position but our coach was really good at helping us learn all the positions. We all understand the game very well and I got good at noticing more things. My favorite thing about Volleyball has to be the friendships and just being able to know if I need help with anything they are there for me. Half the girls are math geniuses and I know if I need help they will be willing to help me.”- Eva Mecham

“I think we improved a lot on how we communicated with each other and  how we worked together as a team. I improved a lot on serving and getting to know new people. I’m going to be a senior next year so I’ll have more responsibility which is fun, and I like to plan things so I’m excited for next year. Our goal next year is to make it to state.”-Emily Weeks 

As we reflect back on this years volleyball team we have learned many new things and made new friendships that will last a life time. Other schools better watch out next year, Davis is gonna be one to put up a hard play.

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Davis Football: Pass Protection key to punching ticket to Rice Eccles Stadium

This Friday, November 2nd, Davis will make the hour trip down to Lone Peak High School and face them in a state qualifying football game. This game is round 2 in the state finals, and this year is the first year in many that Davis has gotten this far.

Lone Peak High is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to football. They have had many victories and have records of impressive plays. One in particular is their record of sacks per game, averaging out at 5. This poses as a bit of a threat, but Davis is optimistic. Coach Carl Harry says for us to keep a strong offense against them: 

“Our running backs just have to be efficient with pass protection. We gotta work hard and work as a unit.” 

Davis has the skill and team ethic to pull it off. When it comes down to it, there are two keys to beating Lone Peak this week.  

“Play a mistake free game and stay disciplined in our assignments.” Coach Harry says. 

If we focus on these keys and keep up the amazing work that has been put in recently, Davis has a great chance of reigning victorious. We can be a match to Lone Peak. 

Davis has been having a great amount of success over our past few games. One area of the team that has been growing in skill lately is the receivers. Davis’s receivers have attained this growth by going back to the fundamentals of their play. During practices recently, they focus on catching first, tucking away, and then running their play accurately. Precision has been a key proponent in the receivers’ practices lately. 

Despite the teams’ recent successes, coaches still need to push the players to grow each practice. When it comes to who needs to step up this week for us to beat Lone Peak, Coach Harry says 

“The whole team.” 

Lone Peak has depended on a strong run game from Mason Wake who is already over 1,000 yards rushing. The Darts Senior Captain Max Tupuola to help stop the run. Tupuola was the leading tackler for the Darts until his injury.

The truth is, when a unit, or team, steps up and pushes themselves, victory is easily attainable. When our teams work together smoothly by practicing efficiently, we grow and bring home more wins. Davis’s football team has proven themselves time and time again. This Friday is another chance for them to prove that Davis is an outstanding team.


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Davis Football breaks a 6 year playoff curse with win over Hunter

To start the third quarter of a tied football game flags fell from the sky like rain. Sidelines were erupting and players were losing their composure.

“Our coaches told us to play each play as if the game was zero to zero, regardless of penalties.”

This helped the Darts maintain their heads to avoid further penalties that clearly plagued the Wolverines with 6 personal foul penalties in the game including two on their coaching staff.

Davis hasn’t won a playoff game in 6 years and the curse has been broken. Davis beat Hunter last Friday 27-14 to move on to the next round. The game was all tied at 14 going into halftime and had very high tension for trying to win the game. Elijah Arkoudas said:

“At halftime the defense came in and we made changes and switched up positions so that we could guard their receivers better.”

The defense came out on those changes and didn’t allow any points in the 2nd half. The offense came out and scored 13 points to put the game away. Davis had the ball on 3rd down and inches up six and when everyone thought they would simply control the clock Clay Bayard made a gutsy call to go for the endzone which shocked the defense. Garrett Larson then threw a deep ball to Trey Baggett and he hauled in to give the darts a 13 point lead. Trey was asked about that play and he said:

“I was just so hyped and wanted to go celebrate with my teammates. Then once I got over to the sideline I started to realize that we had pretty much secured the game.”

Trey added:

“It was a great feeling. Especially since it has been a while since we’ve won a first round game. It’s been a goal ever since I was a little kid to win a high school playoff game.”

Carston Christensen said the the keys to the win were that the offense started to maintain drives in the 2nd half and got points on the board to put it away. There was a great vibe coming away from the game and them winning the first game in 9 years.

The last time the Darts behind The Wolverines in the playoffs they went on to play in the State Championship in 2009. The Darts hope to repeat that same success this year.

This was a landmark wins and the Darts plan to carry their momentum to the second round this Friday at 4:00 against the Lone Peak Knights who also have a season record of 7-3.


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Women’s volleyball, the road to state

The Darts suffered a hard loss against Fremont last Tuesday as Wolves came on top with a score of 3-2. The Darts are currently in progress of trying to make state, and this game did not help them in any way. It was a heated set of games, as it came down to the winning game to break the tie of 2 and 2. The Darts barely lost with a score of 11-15. This has hardly affected the Darts, as they are back on their feet and ready to beat Syracuse on the 25th. 

Davis High Women’s Volleyball has been doing well this season with a winning record of 15-12. This Thursday, we play Syracuse at their home court on the 25th. It will be an intense game as they are a power house with a record of 22 wins to 5 losses this season. As Davis is on the edge of going to state or not, this could be their chance to get in. The team has been practicing harder than ever and is ready to get the win. Katie Corelli (the powerhouse sophomore of the varsity team) is determined to win. Katie plays outside header and has a heavy spike. Katie will be doing her best on Thursday and keeping her team motivated with her high energy and potential. 

“The games are always intense and nerve racking, but it’s always a fun environment and exciting to compete.” – Katie 

Katie says that this game is their way into state, and she is confident that they are going to win. However, the odds are in the Titan’s favor as they have home court advantage and the crowd cheering them on. However, the Darts are determined to win and move on to compete in state.

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Davis Cross-Country Team Scores Big Points at State


The Davis High cross-country team as well as all the other cross country teams in Utah met at Sugar House Park in Salt Lake City to compete for the state title.  

Members of the Davis team agreed that Davis did well. Jacob Halverson, a member of the team said,

“We did good but not as well as we could of.”

Halverson also explained how the Cross-Country team trains for meets.

“We go on long runs and do speed workouts.”

Competitors meet at Sugar House Park and run the perimeter of the park as well as an additional 100 meters. Davis gave it their all and the Girls Cross Country team took 4th. Ellie Lundgreen took 1st. Although the season is over the team will compete at NXR or Nike Cross Region which will take place in Arizona on November 17th.

Hope Preston a member of the Davis Cross Country team said,

“NXR is a fun race, but its also really competitive”

She explained that after NXR, “The top four from NXR will go on to compete at NXN,”

NXN or Nike Cross Nationals will take place in Oregon.

All can agree that the team had an excellent season. Good luck at NXR!



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Davis Football wins late thriller

Last Friday, the 12th our team fought tooth and nail for a really close win of 13-12. Towards the end Ethan Earnshaw, blocked a field goal securing the team a spot in the playoffs. When Parker Last was asked what was going through his head in that moment he stated:

“The whole team was ecstatic, we were yelling and screaming. I was so happy!” They were really prepared for the game and knew that both them and the coaches put a lot of time and practice into it all to prepare the team for any situation they’d be in.

This game was not won without much effort. Every day the team practices for at least 2 hours, on Mondays they install things they need to do for the game. Tuesdays they go through everything, Wednesdays they clean everything up and make it look nice.  And Thursday, the day before the game they do a walk through and make sure they are completely ready for the game.

When asked what their greatest strength is as a team, most players agreed with Last when he said:

“We really function as a team. We’re all there for each other, and there’s no one person trying to take the spotlight. We’re all in it for each other.” One of their main goals for the season is to “make a good run in the playoffs.” Last states. “I feel like we lost a couple of games in region that we should have won. And we’re going to see how far we can get in the playoffs, we are going to get to the University of Utah and win championships.

Although this was an amazing win, the team isn’t done yet, they plan on winning clear through championships. Things are looking up for the Davis High football team as long as they stay functioning as a team.


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Girls Tennis has Some Unexpected Troubles but Leaves State With 2nd Place

The Girls tennis team recently had a very successful state tournament this last weekend, taking 2ndoverall. The Girls Had high hopes to take first this year, but with the earlier mess up of the lineup, getting first turned to be a much more difficult task than it seemed. The Girls put up a considerable fight and should be incredibly proud of what they accomplished this year. Each of the girls had their own struggles that they fought hard to overcome. When asked about some specific struggles they endured during their matches, a few of the girls had some inspiring answers.

Sarah Major and Abbie Dana took the first place spot in the First singles position, seemingly with ease, but it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows for them either.

“Some of our sets were close, we had two matches where the set scores were 7-5. A way to make sure we were the ones to win was our teamwork. We had to be there for each other and work as a team to win.”

Abbie Dana said in regards to her doubles partner, Sarah Major.

“Doubles is a team effort and we had/have been working hard on making our playing styles work together.”

When asked about individual struggles, Sarah’s response provoked some interesting insight into to the mind of a tennis player.

“A challenge for me was frustration with myself and me not meeting my own high expectations when it really mattered, even if they were little mistakes that didn’t drastically affect the outcome of the match.”

Though the mental aspect can be difficult to overcome, Major also gave some insight as to how she overcame the frustration.

“I think I overcame it by remembering that I didn’t want this state win to be branded with frustration like it was last year. I was there to have a good time and play my best tennis.”

Juliana Cooksey, the first singles player, also put up an incredible fight, she played to the best of her ability and should take pride in what she accomplished. The second Singles player, Autumn Eaton, also fought hard to overcome some challenges.

“A challenge was probably playing different types of players each round. I overcame it because of all the practice I’ve had and realizing that not everyone is the same player”

Mikaela Laws, The 3rdsingles player, also had challenges to overcome, though her struggles were much different than the other players. After her very first match that lasted 3 hours, her energy level was completely drained, both mentally and physically. To add to this amount of fatigue, as she walked off the court she noticed a sharp pain in her left quad. A few weeks before, she had partially torn her left Quadriceps and though she thought it had healed by now, it seemed that it had not healed as quickly as she hoped. After some examination it was said that she had re-injured her leg, to the point where lifting her leg was excruciating.  Yet she had to quickly wrap it, take some ibuprofen, and she was off to her next match.

“She had a painful injury that happened unexpectedly, she could have given up and not even tried but she killed it. She pushed past the pain obstacle over and over and gave it her all.” (Kierstin Laws)

Though Laws was visibly in pain and was struggling to sprint, the fire inside of her did not cease. She fell several times because of the injury but didn’t fail to get back up time and time again. The line judge on the court constantly told her she had the option to forfeit, take a medical break, and just to give the other girl the win. She refused to let this happen.

“I didn’t want to walk off that court knowing that I didn’t even continue to try, that I just said to myself ‘well, I’m injured, I know I’m not going to win because I cant run to the ball, I might as well give up now’ I knew that I would regret it, It wouldn’t be like me to not use every ounce of myself that I had left. What ended up happening was that I just kept telling myself that one day I wanted to look back on this and say ‘ I fought through pain and tears to play that match, I did the absolute best that I possibly could and I regret nothing”

As for the 2nddoubles players, their teamwork and compatibility is constantly surprising us.  Elle Ferguson and Elle Dunyon are both sophomores that are new to the team this year, and being on varsity your first year isn’t an easy feat.  From the first time they practiced together it was obvious they would make the perfect pair, and that they did. The girls were constantly supporting and cheering each other on.  They seamlessly claimed, revived, and hit incredible shots. “Our support for each other and our strong team relationship helped us to work together as a team and get far in state. WE played some girls who played differently then we are used to so we had to adjust to their style of playing to overcome it.” (Elle Dunyon)

Tennis is an incredibly challenging sport, both mentally and physically. The physical demands that come with being able to constantly and quickly change directions are extremely high. You must also be able to spring into action to get to short balls, and perfect the ability to quickly have perfect technique, as one tiny mistake could drastically change the outcome of a shot.  The girl’s tennis team was phenomenal and the things they accomplished and overcame have made this a year to remember.







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Davis volleyball team wins against Clearfield

The girls’ volleyball team won their game against Clearfield on Tuesday, October 16. This was a good game for Davis, they started out strong in all three matches. It was also extra celebratory, because it was senior’s night at Clearfield. All the Davis seniors were given a rose before the game.  

In the first match, Davis went on a 6-point run right at the start. It was mainly back and forth throughout the game. Davis went on a 4-point run towards the end of the game, and Clearfield went on a 4-point run right after. Davis ultimately won the match because Clearfield made net violation, 25-15.  

Liv Watts scored the first point in the second match. After that it was back and forth until Clearfield got ahead with a 6-point lead. Davis made a comeback at 11-20 by going on an 11-point run and won the match, 25-23.  

The third match started out back and forth until Clearfield pulled ahead. Davis stayed behind for most of it, but the girls caught up with a 4-point run and a 5-point run later in the game. Davis won the match, 25-19.  

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Girls Soccer: Darts rush farther into the playoffs with upset over American Fork

With the away win against American Fork last Thursday, Davis has cemented itself as not only a contender in the coming games, but a contender to win it all by the end of the season. This win has came on the heels of an extremely successful season for Davis; a team that has come to be feared by many in the Utah girls soccer circuit. But how did Davis come out on top, and how will they continue to dominate the game?

In order to understand how our girls have continuously won games and taken names we need to look at their fast scoring strategies. In the majority of winning games, Davis has scored an equal or greater amount of points in the first half when compared to the second half. This has two main benefits that allow the team to continue to win, first it allows the team to score while their are in peak physical condition. A long soccer gain can have massive negative physical and physiological effects on players, and due to this it makes sense that Davis has been so successful.

By outscoring their opponents in the first half, it makes it so that the opposing team has to try and fight through their fatigue in order to catch up to Davis, something that often proves too difficult for even the most experienced teams. The second benefit is that it allows Davis to relax during the second half, so that players are better rested physically and mentally for the games ahead.

But lets move specifically into last Thursdays game where Zoe Jacobs and Allie Heath both scored in the first half to give Davis the 2-1 lead. Then, the defense kept the advantage in the second half as the Darts upset top-ranked American Fork to advance to the 6A semifinals.

Davis’ strategy, worked perfectly to their advantage in this game, as it proved too much to hand for the top ranked team. An upset like this means that Davis is officially on the radar for all remaining teams in the playoffs, but if they can continue to perform like this, then we should all expect a brand new trophy at Davis in a matter of no time.

The Darts play again Tuesday October 16th at Juan Diego against Layton at 6:00 in the State Semi-Finals

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