Debate Silver and Black tournament: a bust or a must?

Davis High School’s debate team went to Silver and Black a high status debate tournament that was held at Corner Canyon High School in Draper, Utah. This tournament was a very competitive tournament that lasted three days: Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Many schools from out of state came to the tournament including schools from California, Georgia and Wyoming.

This is the first time the debate team has been to this tournament. The team wasn’t as successful at this tournament because this tournament attracts a more progressive debating style. Progressive debate is when debaters have more advanced arguments and will typically talk faster than in an average debate. The Utah debate circuit debates in a much more relaxed style than progressive debaters.

“It was a good learning experience, I didn’t expect to win but it was fun,” stated Porter Archibald

The team thought it was a good experience to go to the tournament because they gained experiences that they don’t typically get in their own debate circuit.

“The tournament was better than I thought it would be,” explained Bryn Montierth when asked about the tournament.

Bryn Montieth made it to some of the final rounds at the tournament, this is very impressive because at this tournament last year there were very few people from Utah that made it to the final rounds. Bryn was a quarter finalist, which means she got 5/6th place out of over 70 entrees in her event Lincoln Douglas.

The Davis High Debate team had a great time at the tournament and hope to go the Silver and Black tournament again next year. It was a wonderful experience to expand the knowledge of the team.

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Davis High School’s Band ends with a bang in Disneyland

Davis High School’s band season has come to an end. The band ending with bang by going on a huge trip to Disneyland. The band left on Friday to compete in the state tournament in St. George. The band had a great performance with 90.6/100 points and took 2nd place.

“It was our best run yet!” exclaimed Isaac Christensen, a tuba player in the band.

The next day the band had a region tournament against the western region of the United States. At the region tournament Davis High competed against 33 other bands. Only 10 of the 33 bands could go to finals and the Davis High Marching Band took 6th place.

“The band is amazing!” said Morgan Mojica, a student body officer.

After the band performed in St. George they went to Disneyland to do a studio recording of a combination of Disney songs from movies like: Tangled, Thor, Toy Story, and The Lion King. Some said that this was a very emotional experience and had many students in the band tearing up or crying.

“The trip was so much fun. Senior year everything is so emotional,” explained Kennedy Mckenzie, who plays the saxophone, when asked about the trip.

While the band was recording the color guard was doing a dance clinic in Disneyland and then got it recorded that same day. The color guard team had only 1 hour to learn the routine before they were recorded. The student body officers went to a leadership clinic. In the leadership clinic they learned about the leadership skills of Walt Disney.

The students on the trip all had a good time. The trip to Disneyland was for sure one to be cherished.

“It was weird to see everyone get back on the bus with $200 custom lightsabers,” said Jacob Thayne, when asked about the most interesting part of the trip.

The trip to St. George and Disneyland carries many sentimental memories for everything there. Most can agree it was a great way to end the season.


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FEA Conference

This last week, on November 14, Davis High’s Intro to Education Class had the opportunity to attend the FEA (Future Educators Association) Conference at Weber State. This was an all day conference that these students were able to attend to get a feel for what it is like to teach, the additional education ahead fo them, and scholarships available to these students.

The keynote speaker at this conference was, Sheldon Cheshire, a professor at Weber State in the education department. He spoke about the importance of being an influential teacher to your students. He used Mr. Feeny, from the tv show Boy Meets World as his example. He expressed that Mr. Feeny was the perfect example of an influential teacher because he cared about his student’s inside and outside of school, he was able to create a relationship with his students while still being able to discipline when necessary.

In simpler words, Sheldon Chesire said, “Be friendly to your students, don’t be their friend.”

He then went on to say that students should learn to be grateful for the teachers that showed this kind of compassion and concern toward their teachers, especially students that pursue the career of an educator.

After Sheldon Chesire concluded his speech, the students were then split into four groups to attend four 2o minute workshops, centered around specific aspects of teaching and education. These workshops included, teaching students with disabilities, the role of teachers is to push students toward success not stunt their growth and success, the fact that laughter and fun is essential to a classroom environment, and respect among student and teacher relationships.

The conference then concluded with a question and answer panel with representatives from the education program at Weber, the Dean of Weber, and students and professors participating in the education program. They answered questions about admission, scholarships, and educational careers.

Rebecca Calvillo, a student who attended the conference stated that, “They talked a lot about the TH-Bell Scholarship and the fact that their are TH-Bell Scholarships available for specific schools and that you have to apply for those specific school scholarships. I didn’t know that before attending the conference.”

Finally the presenters provided a free lunch for the students at the conclusion of the conference. This was a great opportunity for the students pursing a career in education because if offered them the opportunity to ask questions and learn insight on this career path.

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HOSA Blood Drive

Have you ever gone to a blood drive to donate blood? Well, if not, you have a chance to donate blood to help save lives on Wednesday, December 4, 2019. HOSA, or the Future Health Officials will be sponsoring the drive at Davis High School in the cafeteria from 2-6 pm. Donating blood saves lives!

Blood drives are very important and necessary because every three seconds, someone is in need of blood. Such people would include those being treated for cancer, cardiovascular and orthopedic surgeries, and patients with blood disorders. One out of every three people need blood at least once in their lifetime. People usually need donated blood if they are ill or injured or are in need of a transfusion.

Mrs. Kurtz, the adviser for the HOSA club encourages students to come to the blood drive.

“It’s the right thing to do. This time of year is when people are the busiest, the number of donations go down, and the need for blood goes up.”

The holiday season is the busiest season of the year, and people cannot make as much time to come donate blood. That does not mean the need for blood decreases.

“Blood drives are important for HOSA because it incorporates service into the club and the drives are related to the medical field, which HOSA members are involved in,” continued Mrs. Kurtz. “It also gives them experience in the medical field.”

The donated blood will be given out to a variety of hospitals such as Primary Children’s, Intermountain, and LDS hospital. Students can also go donate blood at ARUP Blood Services centers in Salt Lake City and Sandy, or at Red Cross facilities.

Donating blood goes to a variety of recipients, but 20% of the blood is given to children. You may have doubts about going for a variety of reasons such as fear of needles or not having enough time. This needs to change. About 39% of the population is eligible to donate blood, but less than 8% do.

Giving blood is very noble, but as mentioned before, only 39% of the population is eligible. Check requirements for your age to become a blood donor before you go to donate blood.

This holiday season, come donate blood and save a life! And don’t worry, because giving blood won’t cost you anything! Go and see Mrs. Krutz in room 2416 for any questions.


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HOSA Blood Drive

Have you ever gone to a blood drive to donate blood? Well, if not, you have a chance to donate blood to help save lives on Wednesday, December 4, 2019. HOSA, or the Future Health Officials will be sponsoring the drive at Davis High School in the cafeteria from 2-6 pm. Donating blood saves lives!

Blood drives are very important and necessary because every three seconds, someone is in need of blood. Such people would include those being treated for cancer, cardiovascular and orthopedic surgeries, and patients with blood disorders. One out of every three people need blood at least once in their lifetime. People usually need donated blood if they are ill or injured or are in need of a transfusion.

Mrs. Kurtz, the adviser for the HOSA club encourages students to come to the blood drive.

“It’s the right thing to do. This time of year is when people are the busiest, the number of donations go down, and the need for blood goes up.”

The holiday season is the busiest season of the year, and people cannot make as much time to come donate blood. That does not mean the need for blood decreases.

“Blood drives are important for HOSA because it incorporates service into the club and the drives are related to the medical field, which HOSA members are involved in,” continued Mrs. Kurtz. “It also gives them experience in the medical field.”

The donated blood will be given out to a variety of hospitals such as Primary Children’s, Intermountain, and LDS hospital. Students can also go donate blood at ARUP Blood Services centers in Salt Lake City and Sandy, or at Red Cross facilities.

Donating blood goes to a variety of recipients, but 20% of the blood is given to children. You may have doubts about going for a variety of reasons such as fear of needles or not having enough time. This needs to change. About 39% of the population is eligible to donate blood, but less than 8% do.

Giving blood is very noble, but as mentioned before, only 39% of the population is eligible. Check requirements for your age to become a blood donor before you go to donate blood.

This holiday season, come donate blood and save a life! And don’t worry, because giving blood won’t cost you anything! Go and see Mrs. Krutz in room 2416 for any questions.


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HOSA Blood Drive

Have you ever gone to a blood drive to donate blood? Well, if not, you have a chance to donate blood to help save lives on Wednesday, December 4, 2019. HOSA, or the Future Health Officials will be sponsoring the drive at Davis High School in the cafeteria from 2-6 pm. Donating blood saves lives!

Blood drives are very important and necessary because every three seconds, someone is in need of blood. Such people would include those being treated for cancer, cardiovascular and orthopedic surgeries, and patients with blood disorders. One out of every three people need blood at least once in their lifetime. People usually need donated blood if they are ill or injured or are in need of a transfusion.

Mrs. Kurtz, the adviser for the HOSA club encourages students to come to the blood drive.

“It’s the right thing to do. This time of year is when people are the busiest, the number of donations go down, and the need for blood goes up.”

The holiday season is the busiest season of the year, and people cannot make as much time to come donate blood. That does not mean the need for blood decreases.

“Blood drives are important for HOSA because it incorporates service into the club and the drives are related to the medical field, which HOSA members are involved in,” continued Mrs. Kurtz. “It also gives them experience in the medical field.”

The donated blood will be given out to a variety of hospitals such as Primary Children’s, Intermountain, and LDS hospital. Students can also go donate blood at ARUP Blood Services centers in Salt Lake City and Sandy, or at Red Cross facilities.

Donating blood goes to a variety of recipients, but 20% of the blood is given to children. You may have doubts about going for a variety of reasons such as fear of needles or not having enough time. This needs to change. About 39% of the population is eligible to donate blood, but less than 8% do.

Giving blood is very noble, but as mentioned before, only 39% of the population is eligible. Check requirements for your age to become a blood donor before you go to donate blood.

This holiday season, come donate blood and save a life! And don’t worry, because giving blood won’t cost you anything! Go and see Mrs. Krutz in room 2416 for any questions.


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Medical Anatomy Class, Get Ahead in Your Medical Career!

Here at Davis there is a Medical Anatomy class available for students to take to earn science credit in high school and at the college level. This helps elidgeble students to get ahead in persuing their medical career. It offers students education about the primary elements of the medical field. Being able to take this class at the high school will save students money because it costs more in college. Medical Anatomy is a wonderful way to get a good look into what life would be like in the medical field. It also helps students understand their bodies more.

Rachel Bennett says,”it counts as a science credit and it is way easier then your other science classes like chemistry. Not only that but it also counts as a CTE credit and scinece credit in both high school and college.”

Taking the Medical Anatomy class is a great way to get a college science credit.

After talking to a Former Medical Anatomy student, Gracie Melton, you get a better perspective of this class.

She noted, “The class was hard, but the teacher did a lot of things to make it easier, but there was a lot of information we had to learn.”

Along with that she said you learn about several aspects of the body and it gives you a greater perspective about your body. Gracie then talked about the benefits that comes with taking this class,”The benefits of taking the class if you learn about your on body and if you are going into th medical field you need to take it.”

This class is a great class to get into if you are planning to go into the medical field. It is highly recommended for students to take to receive college credit and figure out if the medical field is even for you at a low cost.

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Chess Club

Have you ever wondered what the most exciting, under the radar club at Davis is? The answer is the Chess Club. Chess Club, a phrase that is often thrown in with “uncool,”crowd of people. However, through research, I conducted, on the Chess Club, I could not have been more shocked with the amount of passion and “coolness” that was exhibited by these students.

If you have not had the opportunity to watch these students, then you’re missing out. The Chess Club only in its second year of development is growing rapidly and has a lot of exciting plans for its up coming future. Isaac Chamberlain, a junior at Davis high and the club’s president, stated, “I’ve got a lot big plans to expand the growth of this club and try and start competing against other schools.”

Being a student who moved from Fremont recently said he has, “connections with friends at Fremont and other schools involved with chess, that he thinks would be more than willing to having some exciting friendly competition with rival schools.”

The chess club is also working vigorously with the administration to make the club well-known around the school and the district to be able to compete.The club is welcoming and open to all newcomers and invites everyone to come and have some fun playing chess, Isaac said, “your experience with chess doesn’t matter either, all members are welcome!”

The Chess Club is looking for members and would love for all students to join with a steady number of 10 members already  on the team. The Chess Club is doing really well, but still has plenty of room for new people to join, compete, and, most importantly, just have fun. If you’re interested, talk to the Chess Club’s advisor, Mrs. Ray or the Chess Club’s president Isaac Chamberlin. Both are extremely nice and more than happy to give the information needed to be apart of the Davis High Chess Club! Both Isaac Chamberlin and Mrs. Ray have already done so much for this club and are excited to see what the future holds for this young, growing club at Davis High.

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Pickle Ball Club

The Pickle Ball club at Davis High is ballin’, and they want you to join them.

Pickle ball is a sport that kind of came out of nowhere and into popularity around the beginning of 2019, a lot of people play it now—mostly middle age women—but it’s a fun sport for all to play. The club at Davis High is a little more intense than most players are though. It is an open club, and the clubs members are just there to have fun, but they are pretty competitive.

The club is run by Megan Tarbet, who doubles as the yoga teacher at Davis. Since pickle ball is a fairly new sport, the club is only 2 years old and does not yet compete in any state wide competitions. This is a real fun club to participate in when looking for a good time. It is actually a really fun spectator sport as well. This club is for anyone who likes to be active and has some time after school to go play pickle ball at Barnes Park. Pickle ball is similar to tennis and is very easy to pick up, so it’s a fun sport to play for everyone.

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Mountain Biking Team Spotlight

The Davis Mountain Biking Team is rolling through the competition. With the season ending, the team is happy with the work that they’ve put in.

“I really enjoyed being on the team, and (is) excited for next years season,” said Daniel Knowlton.

The team has done a great job at every one of their races, and had another one on the 27th. The Mountain Biking team is not actually a team funded by the high school, it is a club that is run by Mr. Costley, a government teacher here. They have a race most weekends, and are competing against others as well as their previous times.

This club has a growing popularity with a lot of new arrivals this year. The team is open to anyone who is willing to buy their own equipment and find transportation to races. Races are held at various places around Utah and sometimes even out of state. A popular place for the team to practice is at Snowbasin, during the summer.

This is a fun activity for anyone who likes to ride and be outside. The sport is dangerous, and injuries are not uncommon. Teams use protective clothing and guards to minimize chance of injury. The team this year has been relatively injury-less on their win streak.

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What’s the scoop on the Davis High Marching Band season?

Davis High arguably has the best music program in the state, among other insanely talented programs at Davis. The Marching Band is no exception. It is made up of some insanely talented musicians who spend months and months making a masterpiece to compete with. It takes insane talent with one of the most rewarding outcomes.

It starts in June, just a week after school ends. Students learn how to march and play while marching. They condition and march parades until the end of July: this is the summer season.

Then, the fall season starts, and this is the competition season. There is a week long camp in mid-August where they spend 14 hours a day (7 am-9 pm) for 5-6 days out in the sun learning the field show. They rehearse and the music and drill for 2 straight months until competing in October. Davis competes against other bands almost every week in October and a week into November.

The last week of the season is the first week in November, and it is state finals and regional finals. The marching band goes down to St. George and competes for state and region for a whole weekend, and then they come home and that’s it.

It’s one of the saddest things to end the season, mainly because you just spend 5 months dedicating all of your time and energy, working around school and work and homework and other commitments.

“You learn to find joy in working hard and realize that all the stress and pain and work was worth every second.” says Brett Knowlton, a Quad on the drum line.

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Davis Cup disappointment, AF takes first

This Saturday Davis cup started at 7 in the morning and went until 11 at night. The marching band prepared to play their field show and the adrenaline was high. The crowd goes insane as Davis starts to perform “Summit”. Many people thought that they had performed the best show yet, however many members had mixed feelings about how they did. Many members felt it was their best run through, but some felt they did not. overall Davis cup was a success however it is fairly disappointing to see that American Fork (AF) has taken the Davis Cup for another year.

The scores are broken up with an average score out of 100 with each judge having 2 boxes with 100 points making a total of 200 the average of the two scores are kept. The scoring was as follows.

6A Scholastic:

Lone Peak
Pleasant Grove

6A Open

American Fork

Davis tied with Westlake with a score of 89.512 out of 100. However, the marching band did take home the Outstanding Color Guard Caption Award. This is the first caption that we have received and the band went insane when they heard what had happened. The announcement went as follows:

“In third place is NO ONE!”

Everyone was extremely confused. The announcer then said that there was a tie. Everyone was surprised because this rarely happens, but overall this was a great Davis Cup.

At the conclusion, the marching band rushed the field and the trombones along with other sections started their traditions with AF the trombones being playing the song “Imperial March” and “Shattering Infinity”. This will be a Davis Cup to remember.

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The new Debate Coach at Davis High

BREAKING NEWS: Davis High School has a NEW Debate Team coach. The new coach is now Mrs. Leavitt. Leavitt is typically an English teacher but has advanced to new uncharted territoryand currently teaches debate 4th and 8th period. Leavitt is new to debate and has been adjusting as Leavitt also been learning to be a new coach. Mrs. Leavitt decided to coach debate because her son graduated and she now has time to give to the team.

“I had more time and I wanted to do something interesting and productive with that time.” Leavitt stated.

The debate team and Mrs. Leavitt have both had to make adjustments. Leavitt said one of the biggest adjustments she has had to make was getting used to staying later at the school. As a new debate coach Leavitt has made a list of goals she has for herself and the team. The list includes creating a safe and productive learning environment for the members of the team as well as more personal goals like gaining knowledge about debate.

“Mrs. Leavitt is awesome! She is very encouraging.” Jade Meyer, a sophomore on the debate team said.

The students on the debate team have had to make adjustments, but the team is overall happy with their new coach. Students have explained that she’s very invested in the team and has put a lot of work into understanding debate. They are looking forward to working with her this year.

Mrs. Leavitt talked about how the best part of being a debate coach so far has been watching the students encourage each other. She used the quote:

“Success breeds success!”

This is her motto about unity for the Debate team’s idea of teamwork. Levaitt also explained how she would love to grow the program more and get more students involved. She believes there is so much to benefit from being on the team.  We wish the Davis High Debate team a successful year with their new coach Mrs. Leavitt.

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The chemistry club is mixing up a good year

Chemistry… bleh… A word that makes most students think “sleep”. SURPRISE: There is a fantastic side to the numbers and tables we have learned to regurgitate. The chemistry is club is a club where each individual person has a certain skill. The club spends times working on innovative future projects based in the field of chemistry.

When interviewing them, they all were so eager to tell me all the things they love most about the club, and some creations they have made. The first kid showed me one of the most creative projects he ever made. This creation was a Solar Panel light he built that ran off rays of the sun. When looking at it, it almost looks like not even possible for someone so young to create. It causes you think to yourself how did he just do that with no power or batteries at all? Mind blowing… I know. You just have to remember that they’re extremely smart and have been doing it for years due to their passion for the subject.

In reference to their camaraderie as a club.

“I consider these people my family.” Stated one member of the club.

It’s curious how everyone gets along and teams up well. They were very eager to respond that when they get together they section everyone off in groups that have somewhat in common and know the same things. Once they do that, they are off and making more and more things.

In conclusion, the chemistry club is a wonderful group of kids who want to pursue there dreams as a chemist or whatever else they want to be. When they graduate it is most certain that they will due some special things.

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The Davis High Women Empowerment Group (yes, oppression still exists)

It’s no secret that women aren’t treated as equals to men. In society, men are given a head start and girls are forced to lag behind and pick up after them. To combat this, Davis High has a Women Empowerment Group that deals with oppression.

Many of the problems women deal with are discussed during these meetings. For example, one topic they discussed was about embracing yourself and accepting your flaws. Another discussion that has been held by the Women Empowerment Group is about not apologizing for everything you do, which goes hand in hand with embracing your flaws. In a world full of oppression and judgement it is important to know principles like these, and the Women Empowerment Group is the perfect way to apply these principles.

Going to meetings, and participating in discussions does not only help yourself out, but it can help others as well.

“It [the Women Empowerment Group] helps me feeling more capable in certain situations that come,” says Women Empowerment Group member Brooklyn Haycock.

Brooklyn also talked about her aunt and how she defied all odds to become a manager of a company as a girl and survived cancer. Because oppression exists, we needed more people like Brooklyn and her aunt to minimize the gap in genders that society has created. They are exactly the kind of people the Davis High Women Empowerment Group are creating.



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Press start on your E-sports experience

Hidden away, in a small hallway on the bottom floor of Davis high, is a classroom taught by Jason Scanlon. For most of the week, he teaches digital media and graphic design. But on every alternating Monday and Wednesday, he leads and directs the Davis high esports club. After some research and an interview with Mr. Scanlon, I’m ready to tell you all you need to know about the Davis high esports club.   

Before we get going, you might be asking what even is esports? To quote an article written by CNN’s AJ Willingham 

eSports describes the world of competitive, organized video gaming.”

Esports is not one specific game but rather a term used to encompass any and all competitive gaming. Games such as Fortnite, Call of Duty or league of legends and some of the more popular esports. You might not have known that games such as overwatch, CS-GO and even Clash Royal have esports scenes. Each one having thousands of dollars in prize money. Also, according to an article by Influencer, esports is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world pulling in a total of 215 million viewers in 2018 alone and predicted to be pulling numbers over 300 million by 2021. 

Now that we’re all up so speed let’s talk about Davis high’s esports club. I interviewed Mr. Scanlon to get all the info you’ll need. First where and when do they meet? Scanlon told me “The esports club meets in my room every alternating Monday and Wednesday.” Should I bring anything? Scanlon says “yes, please bring a good attitude.” What games are they playing? Scanlon’s response “We’ll be playing Halo, Super smash bros, Heroes of the storms and some other things here and there.” Consider joining the esports club if anything I talked about sounds interesting to you. Remember the club will be meeting on every alternating Monday and WednesdayEveryone’s welcome as long as you bring a positive attitude 

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DECA: the perfect place for future business leaders

DECA is a club for kids who have a future in the business and marketing world. The club goes to tournaments where they take a 100 question test on a given category, after, they are given a situation and prepare a presentation for a judge.

They have 4 tournaments this year, and they are hoping to do well in all of them. Charlotte Griffin, a junior in the club, said:

“I think we will do well in the tournaments, we have experience, and I think we have a chance at placing.”

Charlotte joined the club because she likes business and marketing, and she likes to practice those skills in situations in DECA.

“My favorite thing about DECA is the competitions, we get tot hang out, compare scores, and hype each other up.”

DECA is the perfect place for students who want to learn more about and get more experience in business and marketing topics. Playing different roles in business situations gives students a great opportunity to see if they really  want a future in a business or marketing career. If you are thinking about a career in this field, think about joining DECA.

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TEA Club: the lunch circle

TEA club is a judge-free 40 minutes. People are accepted no matter their personal beliefs, ethnicity, or sexuality.

“It is ran by members of the student body, and is a very good atmosphere for those looking to be more in the community or learn more about it,” explained Matt Ralston.

It is a very open platform for people who may be struggling with themselves, and anyone who wants to talk to people who could be having similar experiences and feel heard and love.

“We are just trying to help people be more comfortable with who they are and be open and able to talk about [what they would like to vent or get help with] it,” commented Hannah Barney, who is part of the TEA Club comity.

“It means a lot to me because there are a lot of kids out there that have a horrible home life and aren’t accepted for who they are in their families whether it be religion, trust, or any other reason, and its nice to see how happy they can be – that’s what really makes me the happiest is just seeing everyone else happy,” said Pheonix.

Everyone has had very positive things to say about the club and love going there to talk, eat chips and salsa, and get to know a variety of people.

“We talk about stuff and we eat salsa and draw on the board, basically just have fun like a bunch of teenagers hanging out,” commented Hallie Campbell.

It takes place every Friday during lunch in Mrs.Call’s room, room 2310, and everybody is welcome.

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The ASL club

The American sign language club is a club offered to all students in the ASL class. Its purpose is to help practice signing skills and meet other students. They do lots of fun stuff like play games, talk to new people, plan activities, and practice concepts and skills they learn in class.

The club has a good turn-out at each activity. According to Hannah Arnold, the club president, they have around 30-40 kids at each activity. With so many kids at each activity, there are a ton of new people to meet every time.

The club has a lot of fun things coming up. Once a month, the club has an activity at Pace’s in Layton. At this activity, they are not allowed to talk to each other, they can only sign. Sometimes, two people who are deaf will come to the activity and students can sign with them.

“It’s a great opportunity to see what deaf culture is actually like”. said Charity Maynes.

When asked about how the club is impacting the deaf community.

“It’s helping students at Davis become more aware of deaf culture and learn more about ASL.” said Hannah Arnold, president.

The ASL club is a great way to learn more about Sign Language, but if you want to learn even more, you can register for the ASL class.

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Davis High School Choir

Davis High School Choir

Wake up, eat, sing, repeat: Davis High’s choirs are preparing for a new school year! Davis High takes pride in the outstanding musical abilities of its students, especially the choir program. There are many things to expect out of the choir program this year. Performances, festivals, and competitions are being prepared for and are anticipated with great excitement. There are many pieces to the choir puzzle such as passion, excitement, and unity.

Passion in choir is essential to singing well and expressing to the audience the emotion of the songs. Loving the class and the music you sing is crucial to making the performance effective.

“I’m in madrigals and I love the creative and competitive atmosphere we have and how fast we move through learning music.” said Isaac Ferguson.

Learning the music is just the first step taken to love to the music you’re singing.

Excitement makes the choir class and performances much more enjoyable for the students and the audience. Anticipation has built throughout the summer of what will be happening during this school year. Riley Parker, Sophomore, said that the thing they are looking forward to most about choir this year is “choir tour.” Though unofficial, the choir has a flexible plan to go to California this year and sing on a tour.

Unity is crucial to making the music effective, meaningful and a beautiful work of art.

“The choir builds unity by bringing people with the same passions together to create something beautiful. We’re all painting the same picture and have bonded while doing so. For us to perform a well-prepared piece means to work together to covet a true work of art, and with that, we each leave a piece of our hearts on the stage. Nothing is more magical than singing next to your best friends in a room of people you love. Choir is the best!” said Mikayla Jensen.

Choir is an underestimated talent that many Davis High students have. This year holds many surprises and a lot of excitement to look forward to.


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Benefits of being on the debate team

We have all heard of the debate team. So how does one join the debate team? Go and see Mrs. Leavitt in her classroom and ask about the debate team or take the course. Joining the debate team reaps many benefits for students.  

Trevor Schwab, a member of the debate team, stated, “Being on the debate team helps students see the world from many different perspectives and helps to improve argumentative skills.” Participating on the debate team will also improve argumentative writing in essays for English and other courses. 

Being a member on the debate team allows students to build confidence and develop a determination to work hard in classes and other activities. Students will be able to think fast and respond appropriately and logically. Students will learn to form informed and structured arguments as well. 

Davis High’s debate team has been extremely successful in the past few years. “We have gone to nationals a few times and have done well in state. We are a very competitive team,” said Trevor. The Davis High Debate team is looking for more participants and to build their already impressive reputation.  

Debate skills can be useful when interviewing for jobs, conducting meetings, and doing presentations. Debate students will learn to think on their feet and gain leadership skills.  

When asked about why more students should join the debate team, Trevor said, “Debate helps make English easier as a junior and senior when writing argumentative essays. You get to meet new people and make friends. It also helps with reading comprehension and in improving your skills for the reading section of the ACT.”  

Joining the debate team will give students many rewarding benefits and life skills for the future. So, what are you waiting for? Go and sign up for the debate team. It will be a great learning experience! 


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Photo Club: Where learning new skills is a “snap”

Have you ever wanted to get involved in a fun, pressure free club? Do you want to make new friends, take pictures, and eat popcorn? Well, if so, then join Photo Club.

Photo Club is an after school club that helps students better their photography skills and to meet others with similar interests. There is a one dollar fee and the club meets after school on Thursdays in room 1223

The club president, Georgia Meacham, says it’s a great way to make new friends and have fun. There is absolutely no required level of skill to join. And there is usually popcorn, so that’s a plus.

The club activities are not class assignments. They often use the studio with different backdrops, lenses, and filters. They have lots of fun photographing different subjects and experimenting with different settings and adjustments for the best picture.

Georgia’s favorite part about the club is the environment. It’s a safe place where you meet lots of diverse people and have fun. You make new friends and learn lots of new skills. Georgia says, “You always feel comfortable, even if you don’t know anybody.”

If Photo Club sounds like something you want to try out, don’t be afraid to drop by on a Thursday after school. Everyone is very welcoming. If you want to find out more about the club, you can either talk to Derek Miller in classroom 1223, or talk to Georgia. Give it a try! You will most likely enjoy it and have lots of fun.

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Color guard: one of the best in state

State color guard competition just happened on Saturday, the 2nd of April. They had a successful tournament and got 4th place. The performance went great and they’re very happy with how they did.

The color guard team was at the competition all day. At the competitions, the team watch other teams until they perform later that night. The teams are divided into divisions of skill level. Davis color guard is one of the more advanced teams that were at the competition, which perform later at night. To prepare before they went on stage, they warmed up and got into costume.

They worked really hard for state this year. The team had practice every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for the past few weeks, working on getting the routine uniform and clean. The routine they did is called “We Believe”. It’s about a girl that is lonely, and throughout the routine she makes friends. The team uses different types of equipment in the routine, like flags, sabers and rifles. The team is proud of how they did even though they had a smaller team compared to other years.

Color guard is an under appreciated sport that is a mix of theater and physical activity. The people on the teams work really hard to be able to use different pieces of equipment. A lot of the girls that are on the team now have been on the team for years even before high school. The color guard team should be supported more especially after their impressive win.

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Spring Band Festival

The Davis Band Festival is right around the corner! That means the band members are in full swing preparing for this years event. The festival is on April 11th and will include many different styles of songs. Three different pieces include a march, a ballad and chorale. If the band gets good ratings, they will have a chance to move up to state. This is an exciting competition for the students to show all of the hard work they have put in during the year.

The band festival is geared more towards the winds, brass and wood instruments, but many other instruments are allowed to play as well.

“It is a time when the band members get really close to each other because we are spending the whole day together. It’s a really fun experience.” states Clarissa Ellen.

Many of the band members playing in this festival are returning, but there are a lot of new members as well. Mason Allen says that this is his 5th year doing the Band Festival.

Make sure to wish the band good luck at the festival this year for all their hard work!

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Davis Debate Takes the Win at Region

Our Davis Debate absolutely killed it in Regions at Clearfeild High School. Almost everyone from our school placed in the top 3 in each category. The event lasted from 7:30 am clear through to 11:00 pm. There are many category’s that people compete in at these events. Like, LD, PF, impromptu, and foreign extemporaneous speaking, etc.

“Getting 1st at region allows us the confidence and preparation needed to do our best at state.” said Levi Clark

This weekend at Davis will be state debate, and our debate has a high chance of winning because of how good they did at region!

Our debate is a very proud aspect of our school, it is taught by Mrs. Hendricks who also teaches English.

“Speech and Debate is a needed subject and team in school because it allows students to acquire knowledge on voicing their opinions, gain a greater understanding of the world and its events around them, and create a good learning and bonding environment.” confidentially said by Levi.

“My teammates are some of my best friends and I’m so thankful for that.” said Levi Clark

Good job debate at region, and good luck at state!


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Summit: DHS Field Show 2019

“Drum Major, is your band ready to perform?” Those are the last words before every field show performance begins for the Davis High band. The football stadium lights glare, the members get into opening set, the drum majors count off, and the music begins.

But as everybody knows, all great performances come with lots of preparation. And the first preparation for the 2019 band field show is learning the new theme. What’s the theme, you ask? Well here it is: Summit.

While the fall show won’t start until august, the band and color guard will start preparing early on. Last week, all the members were gathered in the band room to reveal their new show, Summit.

Even though nothing is permanent, the feature is said to be divided into 4 segments, called movements. Each movement will represent a different emotion or sequence in the show. Summit will be about climbing Mount Everest, and the four movements will reflect parts of the journey climbing the mountain, such as starting at base camp, beginning the climb, and reaching the peak of the mountain as the finale.

Auditions for this new field show won’t begin until the summer, when the basics are taught and simple parade tunes perfected. Summer training and a yearly band camp will make sure the band is ready for the show after the parades and summer season end. The Summit theme holds promise for a spot in the top for this band season.



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DTV News

Davis High School is home to many programs and clubs. At least every day Davis High will host or participate in a sporting event or extra curricular activity. Among those clubs are DTV. Originally founded by Terri Hall, it is now ran by Derrick Miller and his dedicated news team. What was once a school newspaper class, they are now a television station that reports and broadcasts anything from the local basketball game to current events around the world. They also spread word of new clubs and extra curricular activities going on at Davis.

“I love working with everyone, they are all so much fun.” says Maddie Mcbride.

Not only is DTV a news station, but a way for students to learn social skills and get a feel of how it would be to run an actual news team. It informs the team and the students of Davis High of the real world and brings them closer to relate in a more personal way. Unlike other news casts, jokes and skits are added by the DTV team as fun little twists, to entertain the school every week.

DTV allows students to be informed of the world around them, and what is going on in their High School. You can tune in and watch the news team in action every Wednesday during homeroom. They are also found on the Davis High News website.


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The Dart Debate Tournament

On Friday February 1st, Davis High School hosted the state renowned debate tournament, The Dart. The Dart is one of the biggest debate tournaments held for every year. Over 500 of the states most talented High School Debate Competitors gather round to compete in 12 events on that Friday. The day is not only well known by the competitors but as well as the hundreds of people who come to watch this amazing feat.

During the tournament one of the debates was if the U.S should end armed sales to Saudi Arabia. A first time topic at a debate tournament. Many people came to practice topics such as this, in order to get ready for region and state. Many don’t realize the logistics of running this debate tournament. Not only did the Davis High Debate team compete in the tournament. They were also in charge of dealing with missing judges, lost items, and other problems. With any tournament that has 600 people show up, you are bound to have problems. Despite the problems, The Dart was a success and many are already looking forward to next years debate.

Ethan Adler from Davis High placed 6th in the Lincoln Douglas debate.

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All State, not the insurance, but the Band/Orchestra Performance

On the 18th and 19th of January , members from the Davis High band choir and orchestra performed at the UMEA all state concert, in arguably the fanciest stage in Utah, the Abravenal hall.

7 members from band, 1 member from orchestra, and about 10 madrigals from Davis were a part of these performances. Each member aided in forming full size bands choirs and orchestras with members from around the state that took part in performing for most of Friday, and a small chunk of Saturday.

After interviewing one of the band members who went, Preston Parker, I learned many things about these performances. Preston himself is a trombone player, and has been playing for 6 years, this experience helped him get into this event. Him and a few other friends had a in Preston’s words an “all state party” where he and a few other band mates helped each other learn their pieces until they were able to perform under the view of a camera, then sending their video performance to the judges deciding whether they were good enough.

Preston was well qualified for this performance and played the audition piece well enough to be a part of this event, even though when I asked him about this years audition piece he told me: “This year I didn’t love the audition piece.”

His audition piece may not have been the best, but one of the songs he was able to play was very special. The song Amber Sky was commissioned, or made by request, for this performance, making him and the band the first who performed it. This song was being played for the first time when most of the band had seen the music for the first time, as most members sight read the music, which totally blew my mind.

The performance itself was all played very well, by the best from our state in high school. the Abravenal Hall was rightfully used for this event, because the talent of the performers deserves a stage like that.


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Davis D’ettes: The D’ettes rise up at state drill

Our own outstanding Davis High D’ettes competed at state this past Saturday, February 2nd. This was the first time in many years that the D’ettes have made it all the way to state, and they most definitely earned it. In the end, the girls placed 6th overall, making the school proud. The team worked extremely hard this season, taking home 2nd overall in region earlier last month.

The D’ettes have come a long way this year, pushing themselves past their limits and working harder then ever before. The girls’ hard work paid off, sending them to the state competition. Only a limited amount of Utah schools were chosen for the state competition: Davis, Copper Hills, Pleasant Grove, Hillcrest, Herriman, Layton, Fremont, Bingham, and Cyprus. After preforming three outstanding routines, the D’ettes placed 6th overall. When it came to individual sections, they came out with 3rd place in the dance routine. The team is most proud of this placement, and feels they did extremely well on their kick routine as well.

“Our highlight was mainly just being there and making it so far but we were even more happy hearing our name called for third place in dance routine.” -Makayla Littleford

Even though they broke boundaries with the school by going to state for the first time in many years, the girls are still humble and have certain aspects they’d like to work on to better themselves for next season. Technique in military skills and unity are among the techniques they feel they want to master for next year.

If you didn’t get the chance to see the D’ettes in action this year, don’t worry! They may be done with competition season but they still have a few performances left. The team trip to Disneyland is coming up and they perform at basketball games as well! This competition season has been an amazing one for the D’ettes, and next year will only bring more good things for the drill team!


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Davis Bands Concert

Last Monday, December 17, Davis high school’s bands had their annual Christmas concert.

“Concerts are always really fun to perform at because we finally get to share our gifts with our friends, family, and peers.” said flute and saxophone player, Gabi Boi.

To start off, the percussion ensemble took the stage with an amazing performance of  Patapan by Wallace/Brooks. It was near flawlessly done and wasn’t even their best played piece that night. They also played Little Jazz Drummer Boy by Brooks/Madill, 12 Daze of Christmas by David Steinquest, and Robin Laid an egg by Jesse Mattson. In the song 12 Daze of Christmas it was written to have twelve different time signatures to symbolize the twelve days of Christmas as sang in the original song. It was a really hard piece, but they rocked it.

Next the Jazz band came in and played Walking in a Winter Wonderland by Peter Blair, Greensleeves by Gregory Yasinitsky, and Drummer Boy by Rob Holmes. In each of the songs there was a part for a soloist

After a thirty minute intermission the concert band made up of Sophomores came in and rocked a performance of Polar Express by Jerry Brubaker, Gesu Bambino by Pietro Yon, and Holiday Portraits by Sean O’Loughlin. They were fantastic at Polar Express and somehow continued to wow the audience with an even better performance with each song.

Following the concert band, the symphonic band came in with An American Christmas by Robert W Smith, Angels sing by Bill Calhoun, and Carol of  the Bells by Sean O’Loughlin. They played each song with minimal mistakes and made their most difficult piece, carol of the bells, seem easy.

To finish off the night, the wind ensemble played their pieces Joy of the Seasons by Sean O’Loughlin, Viktors Tale* by John Williams, and O Magnum Mysterium by Lauridsen. On O Magnum Mysterium a special guest, clarinet player Dr. Hagan. She played magnificently and charmed everyone in the audience with her playing.

At the very end of the night the wind ensemble ended with Sleigh Ride by LeRoy Anderson. Santa surprised the audience and came onto the stage, he conducted the band leaving an exciting end to the performances that night.

The bands worked hard for several months and accomplished something truly amazing.

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Winter Wonderland Orchestra Concert

The chamber and concert orchestras of Davis High are putting on their annual winter concert tonight in the auditorium. These two orchestras have been working on their winter songs tirelessly each class period. Tonight, they will showcase the songs Sleigh Ride, pieces from the Nutcracker, Carol of the Bells, and a German Christmas Concerto, and well as others from the concert orchestra. 

According to chamber orchestra member Elise Hatch, the German Concerto has been the most challenging technique-wise out of the songs they have learned. Elise has a solo during this song, and says that the song isn’t necessarily challenging, it’s just slightly more difficult to remember all their techniques incorporated into the song. 

The orchestras each meet during one class period to practice.  

“We do scales as a warm up, and then we just play the pieces. We do sections which is just breaking off into different groups.” 

Elise Hatch says. Each section practices different parts of their songs after doing warm ups to get their hands, minds, and instruments ready to play the real thing. They’ve practiced these songs for months, and their hard work has almost come to fruition.

The song the chamber orchestra is most excited to showcase, according to Hatch, is Sleigh Ride.  

“Sleigh Ride is fun because we get to play it with the band.” 

Sleigh Ride will combine the musical talents of the chamber orchestra and our school’s state award winning band. This song is sure to be filled with emotion, excitement, and energy. It’s one you’ll want to be sure to catch! 

For those who don’t know, there are two orchestras preforming (and additionally, the band.) The chamber orchestra is one in which students must audition to be a part of. The concert orchestra does not require audition. Both are full of talented students who have worked hard to be able to perform in their showcase tonight.

If you want a night full of beautiful winter songs played by two wonderful orchestras and a band, make sure to tune in to Davis High School’s orchestra winter concert! 

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The New Magic the Gathering club

Magic the gathering might not be what you think, some might think it’s a gathering of magicians but no, it is a trading card game that is based around mythical characters a trading them to different people. but as for the club at Davis High you meet with other people from the school that play, and you can make a new group of friends to play magic with. The game in itself makes you think and is a very good way to improve your logical thinking, and it is also a very good way of making new friends and people to play magic the gathering with.

let’s start with what magic is, it is a trading card game where you can play against other people and use strategy to win. you also trade cards with one another to make your deck really good, so you can win games.

you might be brand new to magic the gathering and wondering if you need to know what you are doing to join the club. The answer is no you do not need to know the slightest about the game you can just show up and learn how to play, but what if you do not have cards? courtesy of Mr. Merrill you can have a free set of cards to get you stared into the magic the gathering club. so, you if you join the club you can get all set up for magic the gathering career.

The magic the gathering club is also a great way to meet people if you are new to the school or if you just don’t know many people. The club seem really cool and is a very good atmosphere to just have fun and learn something new. Another cool thing about magic the gathering is it actually gathers all sorts of people to play the game and just have fun with each other. Mr. Merrill also said that what makes it fun is “different for everyone”. so, you should try it out and see what makes it fun for you.

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Writers Academic one page at a time.

The writers academic club or simply writers club is known for creating stories and characters in the mind of high school students the club is made for those who want to express their writing to others. Whether its Si-Fi mystery, horror or fantasy there is a place for you at the writers academic club.

The writers club was created for those who love to write and create stories, the point was that Students could get writing and show others there work and learn to improve it. Ms. Newbold, who is the lead of the club explained that not only do you write stories but you compare and learn what others have to say about it, as well learn to improve it. Another great thing about writers academic is that you get to express your creativity and rather then just show it to a few you show it to many.

I spoke with a few of the writers club members about what they usually do and what stories they create, including the student president Alyssa Rayburn. When asked about what she as the student president has to do. “there is a lot that goes into it,” she stated “there is announcements, running the lesson, and fundraisers. She also teaches the lessons for the club they are currently learning about foreshadowing and building suspense.  She also told me that there are also t-shirts for the club that are open to buy. “The club is always open for new people who love to come and create.”

Another interview with member Riley Mendoza explained how the club works as well as what they mostly do and what they write and create.  Fantasy he tells me is the most common and well liked genre that they write. “Its not just about writing,” he says. “You learn about character development and world building as well review each others work to see how to improve and get the best out of your writing”.  Riley is also currently trying to get some of his work published as a book, he has enough to make two books out of five from what he tells me. The genre He enjoys most is fantasy and mystery.

The writers club is quite happy to include and others into the club or teach them the art of story telling. you also don t have to sign up to go to the club itself, you can show up anytime you like and leave you want to. Writers club starts 2:30 after school and ends 3:30 after school.



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Davis Debaters

The best arguers at Davis high are traveling down to Woods Cross this Thursday to compete with schools all over the state. The students from Davis have to be ready for anything that could come their way. It is completely random who they are going to face. The students could debate about two things, weather the public should have a right to know ought to to be valued above the right to privacy of the candidates for public office. Or weather the United States federal government should impose price controls on the pharmaceutical industry.

The Debaters have to be ready to argue either side even if they don’t agree with the side they are assigned, that is what makes it so challenging.

When asked about the competititon is going to be Wyatt Ko said

“The competition is not going to be way tough but also are not going to be pushovers so we have to be prepared”.

Jake Simms, a member of the debate team is predicted to take first in Lincoln Douglas debate.

Davis Overall should do very well in this tournament. The students have been preparing for this tournament very hard and feel like they are ready.

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A deeper look at the deep questions

As the Davis High debate team prepares for Northridge, debaters Wyatt Ko, Trevor Schwab, Jake Sims, and Alison Gee took the time to explain the intricacies of a debate tournament.

This week’s tournament at Northridge is on Friday, November 30th and Saturday, December 1st. The tournament will include policy, public forum, big question and Lincoln Douglas debates, as well as Cicero events (miscellaneous, entertaining events). All of Davis High’s debate team will be there, so it will be exciting to watch.

Lincoln Douglas debates deal with deep moral questions. The concepts and viewpoints debated are abstract and often have no exact right or wrong answer. Jake Sims has won four of the last five Lincoln Douglas debates, clearly showing his mastery of the event.

This week, the Lincoln Douglas debate will be about whether the public has a right to know about their leaders or if the political figures deserve privacy. This is a good view on the classic debate over security or privacy and it will be interesting to see how the debate plays out.

Big question debates are fairly self-explanatory. Similar to Lincoln Douglas debates, big questions involve deep concepts that require more than a short response to sufficiently answer.

This week the big question is if humans are primarily motivated by self-interest.

Public forum deals with practical matters. The concepts have clearly defined evidence and involve things such as economics. Public forum is a team event, so two debaters will work together to make a compelling argument.

The public forum debaters this week will be debating whether the government should regulate the prices in the pharmaceutical industry.

Policy debates involve real world governmental policies. The arguments consist of facts as well as how the policy could be done and the consequence the policy could have. Policy debates are supposedly the closest debate to real life, and policy debates impact collegiate opportunities. Policy is also a team event.

This week the policy debate is whether the United States should reduce the amount of immigration. This is a highly talked about topic lately and the results of the debate should be rather noteworthy.

With all that in mind, it is easier to appreciate the hard work that the debate team does. It will be exciting to see what happens at the Northridge tournament this weekend.

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What you need to know about FAFSA before FAFSA night.

If you’re a senior this year then you already know about this week being all about college, it’s called college week for a reason. The week has been all about trying to get seniors prepared for college by providing free applications, scholarship opportunity’s, and what may be one of the most important events, FAFSA night.


What you may be asking is “What is FAFSA?” FAFSA is an acronym that stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Now try saying that 5 times fast. FAFSA is used to help determine your eligibility for financial aid to help provide a stable situation for you as you attend the college of your choice. The US department uses FAFSA to your EFC, which is your Expected Family Contribution, which estimates how much you will be able to pay for college. FAFSA also allows colleges and universities to provide students with needs-based scholarships.


There are many things needed to fill out with the FAFSA form such as, citizenship status, financial status, previous year’s tax information, etc. While you can fill out the FAFSA application form at any time you will be able to fill it out here at the school tonight.


During tonight’s event there will be plenty of people to help you fill out the form and answer any question that you may have. If you don’t understand what something may be asking for there will be someone around to help explain it.


This is a great opportunity to get some extra help and to make sure you’ve got everything you need. While it is always free to apply for FAFSA you don’t always get this type of help and it’d be dumb to pass up such a great opportunity. FAFSA night is tonight, Thursday November 15th, from 4:00 to 7:00 PM. If you are a senior and can attend, you most certainly should.


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March of Dimes

March of dimes is a fundraiser that gives our community the opportunity to make a difference. One in ten babies are born prematurely. We can give their families the chance to find the tools and information needed for the health of their babies.

March of dimes was first started by president Franklin D. Roosevelt as a help for polio but as time went on it expanded to help the prevention of birth defects caused by premature births. In 2005, as premature birth became more of problem the March of Dimes main focus was research on the prevention of premature births.

In this last year, 90,000 families with a newborn in intensive care were offered comfort and information for their babies which later helped them to survive and to be able to live a normal life. These miracles happened due to all the donations they received. imagine how many more families they can help if you would donate, even if it is spare change it can make a difference.

This cause is even vital in our community.

according to environmental public health tracking, “9.4% of Davis county babies are born prematurely.”

This fundraiser even hits home for Davis High student Addison Spencer, “this fundraiser is important to me because my little brother was born prematurely.”

Us students can start donating and participating in this amazing fundraiser November 14th. This November is special because it will be the fourth annual World Premature Day. People will be carrying around baby bottles to collect spare change.

“As the adviser for FBLA, raising money for March of Dimes has opened my eyes to how many families are affected by the problem of premature babies.” says Mrs. Ward

FBLA every year partners with March of Dimes as a service partner. They have seen 15 million dollars and rising over the last 40 years. To get more involved in The March of Dimes fundraiser then go to

If you want to learn more about this cause or to hear some of the success stories that came from this fundraiser then go to We need your support!

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Marching Band takes off to Bands Of America

Davis High’s marching band has had a very successful year. This weekend they participated in a multi-state competition in Southern Utah. This is known as ‘Bands Of America’. It is a really big, and important competition that teams from all over- like California, Nevada, Idaho, Arizona, Colorado, work hard all season for this very moment.

Davis Highs marching band did very well this year. Placing 5th overall. Just ahead of us our rivals, American Fork coming 2nd. And the winning team, a school in California called Ayala. Our school has really shown a great performance, placing very well with hard competition all around them.

“Bands of America is my favorite! We all look so forward to it!” Tenor saxophone player Kennedy McKenzie stated. “We get really close as a team, and you make a ton of new friends!”

Bands of America isn’t just a really big event for these competitors, but its a really fun, and great bonding experience for the members on the team.

“Our team’s goal this whole season was to work hard ever day and put in the effort that leaves us feeling accomplished and super happy after competition day.” Another team member, Megan Muirbrook stated. “After bands of America, all of us as a team were left feeling super accomplished and happy, but of course there’s always that feeling of knowing we could’ve done better, and that there’s room for improvement.”

Like the many of us that were affected by the dividing of students at Davis High. A huge portion of the marching band go to Farmington High School now. This really affected the marching team, leaving them really worried and anxious at the beginning of the season. However throughout the season, with hard work and perseverance this years marching band has risen up and totally out-shined their expectations from the beginning. This year our team has done even better than the years before, and with this being their last performance, they’re all left being super happy and thrilled with the overall results.


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Nation’s new sport… Pickle ball

A new sport is beginning to spread through our Nation. Pickle ball is a new sport that has found its ways to the headlines today. Pickle ball courts are becoming a very popular spot all around the community.

Pickle ball is a very complicated sport, with lots of little rules. A couple of these complicated rules include; First, you have to serve the ball diagonally across the court, and you have to let the ball bounce before starting a volley. Second, each person is allowed two mess-ups, which means they will always serve at least twice. And lastly, there is a seven foot no-volley zone, where you are not aloud to hit the ball.

Here at Davis High school, a pickle ball club has just beeen established. It is run By history teacher, Megan Tarbit. Many students that have been playing pickle ball all summer, and students that have never played before have joined this club.

This is a very new club here at Davis High. Pickle ball became very popular over the last couple weeks of school last year and throughout the summer. Due to the sport’s popularity, some students here at Davis decided to start the club, because they enjoyed playing the sport.

Pickle ball was not a very well known sport until this boom. Nobody really played it. Just this summer, it seemed like many moms and families started playing together at Barne’s park. This influx of popularity has now made its way to Davis’s students.

If you enjoy playing Pickle ball contact Megan Tarbit for details, and go have fun with fellow students.

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