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Principal: Dr. Gregory Wilkey
Phone Number: 801-402-8800
325 South Main St
Kaysville, UT 84037

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The best places to ski and snowboard

Skiing and snowboarding is a big deal in Utah; with 15 major ski resorts scattered around the state, it’s something that a lot of Utahns do. With the Rocky Mountains running through the state, it makes for a lot of fantastic places to put a ski resort. There are...

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Tips to do well on the ACT

So many people stress about taking the ACT and how to get a good score, and there is no sure way to do perfect, but there are some tips to help. First off, choose your ‘letter of the day’, which is basically just the letter that you pick when you have...

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Symbolism in music

Sometimes when I listen to music, I really have to ask myself what it means. Most of the time, songs have an interesting, apparent meaning. Some songs though, have some of the deepest meanings there are. Sometimes it depends on the listener to interpret the meaning in...

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Procrastination: I’ll do it later

Everybody does it, and there seems to be no way around it for most people. Procrastination is a horrible thing, don’t get me wrong, but some people really do better when they’re pressured rather than over time. It’s kind of a “heat of the...

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